Hi all, back to a post about the look of my Sunday service look. Back to think of it that I always wear cute dress and cute look to church. I also less wear long pants go out because Malaysia weather always is so hot. You will be sweat and feel leg is so hot if you keep wearing long pants. That many girls you can see is wearing shorts and skirts go out lol. Actually cute look is my darling always love to see on me, so in my wardrobe I have many cute T shirts and skirt lol. I do have some flowerish girlish dress and sexy dress lol. But I thinking of maybe I stop wearing dress to church lar this week. I remember I got 1 American Apparel High waist long pants from Onezero10 by Melissa1010. I should wear it on Sunday lol! haha

It's time for food post again!! A working Saturday for me last week, have to wake early and go work again lol. I always can't wait for weekend to arrive so that I can go pak thor date with my darling boy. Today workload is a bit many until I don't have extra time to clean my room. Keep postponed many things that I have to do and March is coming then I will have a lots a lots of stuff to do also @@ We have not really have a actual pak thor since last week darling brother is along. So today baby boy bring me to Bangsar to have a relaxing date and lunch there.

Suppose baby boy wanted to bring me to Bangsar South to find a restaurant to eat. But we reach there find that the place is still new in renovation. Not many good place for dining but just office building lol. So we take a u-turn and back to Bangsar Village. The parking here is always limited and we are late for lunch as the time is already 2:30pm. Lucky we still got a nice place of parking at Bangsar Village carpark when we just turn into the parking lot lol. haha

We didn't have lunch there but when to opposite shoplot with many cafe and dining place. I choose a quite less crowded place to dine. I pass by the nasi lemak stall that is so crowed wish to try that next time because Nasi Lemak is one of my favor dish yummy! The cafe we choose is very relaxing and comfortable ya.

My 20 monthsary post is up! A bit late to post sorry ya because was quite busy and lazy to do anything lately, haha. Mainly spend many time at work and weekend spend time with family and lover. Then my private is only can be night but working at teacher need to wake up early. My sleep time have to be early also lol. Start to have busy life at school hope I can cope with my busy schedule and blog! Deep inside my heart I have a lot of post wanted to share with you guys.

This 20 months is kinda a special month, we didn't forget but as usual we did celebrate have a simple dinner together. I did told babe that our Valentines just pass then our monthsary day is here! haha On this 18th of the month we happen to have some argument and make us both unhappy. I was super sad and don't know what to do when my darling boy didn't choi me and I was alone doing my own stuff. I see the time pass and wonder how's the dinner and celebration. T^T

But my darling still bring me to dinner at 8pm at Full House at Wangsa walk. And we still didn't have any conversation and my heart really feel uncomfortable then.

Accessories Haul @ F Block

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 Hey all, just a short post about my last Sunday Outfit. I am serving last Sunday and wearing black lolol! Actually I wasn't black color lover but I know white and black is the common color you can see all the places and the outfit is a easy match color to all the others color! But since serving on stage ma, thought want to wear more bright color. I just got some accessories from F block during the Valentines and I think is good time to wear it with today outifit. A simple black shirt and accessories from F block! haha

Since today is black day, so I try using 3ce lipstick Pink Boom. Because having dry lips and less use lipstick so I don't dare to try a very bold color lol T.T I just try a lil bit of the color but it does not show on the photo. I shall a post about how I try and use 3CE make up product next time =D

Weekend dates ❤

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After Valentines date, the next day we are planning on date at E curve. Actually we are planning to watch a movie also that is call Bullets over Petaling Streets. Because I really love the main actress in that movie, she is so sexy and pretty! I super love her so much, baby know I love the main actress, 吴天瑜. He purposely buy the movie ticket and accompany me to watch. Luckily the E curve cinema got this movie. I was happy because my darling boy always know me the best and  always take me to do something that I always want to to.

I manage to finish my Valentines post by the Saturday just wanted to let him know he is very important to my life and happy to be with him. I don't like to write a long post about how my love life is haha. Instead I love to take photos and tell the story. I always believe that photo is better that word. Usually when I scroll through facebook I love look at photo that is amazing that is unbelieveable and you can know more about about other photographer work.


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1. 存钱当储蓄
2. 存钱旅行
3. 存钱自己用

储蓄是为了未来咯(结婚);旅行呢是因为有了他,我能够为所欲为到处旅行了;自己用吗,不要误会,我是一个爱网购的女生,我网购的钱大部分都是自己出钱的哦。除了外面SHOPPING都是他付钱,因为他总是有那种想法,不喜欢让女生给钱的精神!哈哈 但是网购我有时真的很疯狂,可以一个月一两百吧。然后因为妈妈其实超级反对我网购,所以我会把网购东西寄去他的家。所以久而久之,网购变成我上网之乐,也是有一段时间没有去好好购物。如果有去SHOPPING通常就买鞋子,首饰咯。衣服真的太多都是网购了,觉得超方便,如果真的太够力了,就得停一停了!哈哈

现在的我,也能在一年存钱可以买很贵的东西给自己,BUDGET 两三百。比如GUY LAROCHE钱包,DKNY香水。我知道可能对一些人来说真的不算什么,但是我能够拥有就已经很开心了。我真的没什么要求,但是如果我开口我知道我的他可以做给我。他一直很努力,他也不舍得我自己花钱买那么贵的东西。例如:第一个COACH的书包,都是他买给我的。我真的开心很久了! 然后我说我可以也一直COACH的,COACH的DESIGN很美啊,他就说不要啦,我希望可以买不同牌子的书包,结果今年就有个BurBERRY Frangance包包了。

我也会心疼他买那么多的东西。他每次都会把我所需要用到的东西准备好好给我,就算我只是一时说起,他也会尽量满足我。我就会觉得他太宠我了,等下搞到我欲求不满就惨了! 真的很谢谢他做的一切。我一直一直都会问她为什么要对我那么好,我通常也是不舍得花他的钱,但是他就会说喜欢就买给我的。

他一直都知道怎样让我开心,让我感动。有时自己做不到,然后觉得很愧疚,哈哈!我知道我不应该有这样的想法,但是我也是会怕自己做不到,所以只能一直一直爱他!要一起两年了,我们其实都很恩爱,每天见面,很喜欢抱对方。他那么大只真的很好抱咯,很舒服~我们啦。。其实应该是我很喜欢到处抱他的。我们有时也会吵架,因为他脾气比较臭,通常都是我做错事罢了。但是也是很奇怪的啦,明明有时他错,都是能够变成我的错的,因为他太厉害讲道理了 ,所以我每次输他。


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HAPPY VV DAY TO ALL~~ Because today is Chinese Valentine and Western Valentine today so the short form will come in VV day today! haha Happy Double Valentine to all the couples from all the world. If you are single don't worry be happy and don't worry ya, one day you will find your one and only appear in your life. I can't be thankful of what I have and God have given to me. Wonderful family and bibi in my life. It's feel so wonderful and happy every time I am with him. This year is our 2nd time Valentine together. I know our love is not that long like anybody who have been in 4-5 years relationship. But I always felt that our love can be forever and until the worlds end. haha!

[[ADV]] Style with Gucci GG

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Hi peeps, since last time I post my sets collage style with glasses with the Gucci GG 3579 pink retro sunglasses. I do style other sunglasses from Glassesonline as well! Sorry for a late post here, haha. Due to Chinese New Year I have delay this post until now only I update. This time glasses is Gucci brand as well but is more to casual and chic look with the glasses. You can wear it to your college, day out with your friend or even to work as well! 

Hi all, I will continue my Chinese New Year post until end of this coming friday which is the last day of CNY and it's Valentine also! haha The photo above is me and my darling first time jogging at Titiwangsa. I think I have stop jogging for few years also and now for a healthy lifestyle I have to start to do sport and jogging is one of my top favorite sport. haha! I am so happy because baby boy still accompany jog although he thinks that jogging is boring lol. I think mostly girls jog more than guy lo, because I am so poor in sports like badminton, ping pong and basketball. Jogging is the most easiest and relax exercise that I can only cop with it. 

Sorry for super late post because today already Chor 11 of CNY!! Hope can finish all my Chinese New Year post. I actually feel that blog is always the best way to write down what is happen to us on that particular day. Everyday is a memorable day when you are happily hanging around with friends, family and lover! So I think this is how my blog work out to be, a online diary for me =D But I did write some review about food and beauty product to boost up my readers for my blog also ya!

Back to the topic that I'm gonna write here, don't be surprise because even though I was like 21+ already but I think this place - National Science Center is applicable for everyone to visit. We did discuss where to go and Chew Aun just decide to come here! I been here since I am at Secondary school I think, not quite remember in what form. Today is a super hot weather, so I decided go for short pants and mint green color theme. We sit 1 car and it took about 20 minute to Science Center.

Selfie of the day #potd 
hey all, I will continue My Chinese New Year Post on Day 4. I just back from Melacca on Day 3 CNY. It was a bit jam but not a heavy want. We still reach Kuala Lumpur around 2 hour + of journey. Although we were a bit scare that when we back on a Sunday night will be terrible jam lar. But luckily just some of the area like Jasin and Seremban area will always be jam. We were all tired after hours of sitting inside the car. No joke, until my buttocks also pain already @@ When we are back from kampung, my mummy will bring a lots of stuff up to Kuala Lumpur and the car is basically pack with all stuffs xD Still we manage to move up all stuff in just 1 round and get to rest around 12am! LOL

The next day is WP replacement holiday ma, so is a no working day for me I just blogging half day through and went to Amanda's house during 3pm! Is my first bai nian house since I back from Melacca lol, haha. Although just 4 girls and 1 guy(my baby), we still let's go lar don't care how many people like that and we are here at Amanda's house!
Hi all, will be rushing to write few Chinese New Year post before Chap Gor meh(CNY last day). How did I actually spend my Chinese New Year though, it was quite red on the first day because something is coming!! LOL As first day thought to wear dress but because period is here so I have to wear normal shirt and pant on that day! My first day is actually quite bored + fun because I can spend my lunch time with my darling boy family and his 公公. I get a lots of angpow on that date lunch also! Although I can't wear dress on the first day but I manage to same couple shirt with my darling. haha

Although I am a Christian but I do celebrating Chinese New Year back to my granny 's house. Sinc my daddy is not around so we usually back to mummy side that is to Melacca. Although the Chu xi we plan to back to Melacca but things weren't as we plan. That is some problem came up and we manage to start journey at 1pm and reach Tangkak ( my Aunt's house) around 3pm. I feel so bless because I have my big darling here to support me and my family. I love his quote saying, Love me and must Love my family too!! 

My darling boy with his nephew.


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虽然有点迟去载她们,但是一切还是如我们所愿。可以一起聚会,见面聊天也很开心。我们当中虽然我只是比较会打扮,其实大家也是自然美女,不需要有太多的装饰也是美女一个!哈哈~ 这次我们到PAVILION是有点远,而且是傍晚才去。我觉得难得我们可以去远些的地方吃东西,感觉蛮不错嘛~呵呵。我们也逗了几圈找我们想吃的日本餐厅,到TOKYO STREET就找到了!日本餐永远是我的最爱,而且来到PAVILION我总是逃不了选择日本餐的咯。


我的SALMON SET, 我永远都是三文鱼最好~~哈哈。 卖相虽然有点单调,其实入口也是不错味!我没有把整碗饭吃完,只是一半而已~

Hi peeps, back at KL after 4 days 3 night staying at Melacca for Chinese New Year today is already Chor Sei and I am here blogging at home! trololol! haha Never mind it, I got my first ever sponsor from Natta Cosme for their new product from BeautyMate last week! Although I can't blog it before Chinese New Year but is never too late to blog either~ Haha! I am very happy and excited to blog about this my first collaboration with Natta Cosme =D