Jung Won Korean BBQ @ Jalan Ampang

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Hi guys, food post about Korean Bbq that I went last weekend with friends. Its been long since I blog about Korean food. I have went to few Korean Bbq Restaurants but I always love Surawon Bbq. I still haven't find any nice Korean Bbq besides Surawon. Some other places serve quite expensive Bbq, and if you are looking really nice and affordable Bbq Surawon Bbq is really recommended.

Back to my post here, went here after the meet and greet session with Hello Kitty. When we reach here, was surprise to find a super nice and relaxing environment in all the housing area. Jung Won is really spacious and relaxing place. Show you guys their interior photo after my food photos.

Hi to all the Hello Kitty lovers, please be aware with this post because this post will have alot of cute and lovely photos of Hello Kitty. Stay Calm and enjoy the photo! 

If you have follow my instagram @sharonxx28 you know that I been to Hello Kitty Meet and Greet session at Pavilion. The moment of meeting a big Hello Kitty is really very excited and nervous. The session of Meet and Greet is on the 21th of September, the time they set is 1pm, 3pm and 6pm. Since after church we have lunch fellowship with my church friends. Basically 1pm and 3pm is not applicable for me =P After a short nap, I get ready and wanted to meet my all time favorite cute cartoon HELLO KITTY!

We reached there around 5:20pm, and the queue already start. I think I was on the forth or fifth already. Thanks for my baby boy because he fetch and accompany me. I kinda regret because didn't wear Hello Kitty outfit because I forget about the meet and greet session before that. I saw some of the girls really change to nice cloths and purposely wear some accessories with Hello Kitty. But nevertheless that is one Hello Kitty fan will have is, they always own one Hello Kitty stuff in their bag. So I have my Hello Kitty Perfume handphone case and one Hello Kitty keychain hanging on my Coach Bag xD

The BULB Coffee @ Petaling Jaya

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Hi peeps, is a food post today =D A really simple and short post. This small cafe is not really attracting instead is a small and relax cafe. We weren't really aware about this cafe when we are around the area. But to our surprise is was a cafe and really nice and relaxing as well. We were at Petaling Jaya is because my students went to competition near that area. Before we went, we drop by here and have our delicious lunch here.

But we didn't stay long in this cafe because I was rush to see my student competition. I still manage to snap some of their interior look in the cafe. We taken some light food at there as well. Their design is really simple but every thing you want in a cafe. They are available in this cafe.  Do drop by if you are around Petaling Jaya area! 

Hola, another OOTD post this month featured cloths from TokiChoi. If you have been follow my blog you have know that I been into Tokichoi product. That time I really crazy about the sales  that each of the clothes cost RM19.90 per piece and I bought a lot of their cloths. Until now I only have time to really have time to shot some of the product, LOL.

About the quality wise, I myself really love it because the quality is still worth and good. Here's some of the cloths I bought from TokiChoi. But because I bought it since July and mostly they don't have the stock already or the price is back to their original price already. Hope you guys like my post! 

Hi guys, a beauty review is up and sponsor by Natta Cosme. Thanks for their love always sponsor their wonderful product to us! This time Natta Cosme introduce a super cute product by Miss Hana. Their Lip Balm Crayon is really a cute and nice product to use. I have been using many Miss Hana product such as their eyeliner and some of their lips product. I am very happy because have the chance to try Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon.

Have you ever think of Lip Balm came with Crayon design? What is crayon to you guys? When we are still in primary school, we always use crayon during Arts period. It always been my favorite period during primary school. Since when we grow up, we didn't use crayon anymore. It has been replaced by water color or computer fill in color. When I received this product from Natta Cosme, I was really excited and start to thinking how should I draw their postcard as my childhood memory. If you guys are patient enough, you can see what I draw on the postcard in the end of my post =D

Ipoh One day Trip

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Finish my M boutique post and now will write a really short about my Ipoh trip. We basically went back to some of the nice places last year. But Ipoh street really do changes a lot. Some of the places turns out to be a crowded place and you can find a lots of new cafe at Ipoh too! But too bad we don't have a lot of time to visit the cafe after the M boutique. We did visit to The Lost World of Tambun Hot springs and Spa. The place I didn't take a lot of photo because my handphone keep it in the locker. That time was quite tired and quite late too. But the experience was really very enjoy and fun! Didn't went to hot springs for sometime and the experience is really relax. =D There are many people bring their family to the hot springs and the entrance for adult is RM20.

Early the next morning, we have breakfast in the hotel and went to M boutique. After M boutique, we mingle around the Ipoh small town. The famous Soya Bean, Kaya Puff and their Ho Fun! Among that area, there are many new cafes and pop up store open at there! The place is now crowed with many young peoples and it was very happening at there too!

hi guys, finally finish my Kuala Selangor 1 day trip post, now will write about my Ipoh trip. You can say that the first week of September really quite busy and the time during September passes so fast. Next week will be the last week of September already. School holiday is coming to an end and I still not ready for school yet. Leg sprained due to the dance performance, can't really stand and walk for a long time. The feeling is really kind frustrated when my leg keep pain when I am walking. Yesterday went to see doctor and apply the chinese medicine and the pain decrease.

The trip to Ipoh is a really a happy and wonderful trip. We went back to places that we went last year. We ate some of the good and nice food there. This time we even went to M boutique at Ipoh. I know this hotel through online. Their interior design is really pretty and antique. We didn't manage to stay in M boutique. Instead we just have our lunch here. When we came into the hotel, I was wow by the interior design of this hotel. It was really vintage yet antique design they have. The concept is different from other hotel and they have really put effort in designing their hotel room even shop and cafe! Because of their special and unique design of their hotel, many foreigners and outsider came to stay at M boutique just to see and take photos of their hotel. 

Lift and the vintage suitcase.
Yoohoo, finally have some time to update my blog. Because been busy on weekend and yesterday was my church 50th Anniversary. Finally it has come to an end, feel so happy and excited though. We been practice for few time before the real event, thanks God that our performance and dance are really great! I haven't dance for quite some time. But I still busy in work, student's robotics competition is so near. A bit stressed up in work but I will continue to pray and seek God for wisdom and patience.

This trip is a one day trip to Kuala Selangor. At first wanted to go Sekinchan but don't have time to go there because of my work. So we just have a short and near trip to Kuala Selangor. Around 50 minnutes to 1 hour journey, but there are a new highway and it can reach Kuala Selangor in a faster way. Our first stop for our trip is the Cendol Bakar near the kampung road. Because of our sudden stop, and Chew Aun car just turn in and hit a big stone to let another car turn out the road. But luckily my super big guy help to lift up the car Chew Aun's car finally manage to get off the stone xD

 Our Seat.

Back to School @ Ecole P

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Hola peeps, its been a great evening with my baby boy. Now busy blogging before I head of to bed xD Just finish my post about the 20 facts about myself and will continue to finish August food post with a BACK to SCHOOL theme @ Ecole P. Thanks to Adrian this small cafe is really very interesting and I think most of you guys already knew this place! 

Is my first time at Ecole P and the place is really blew me off with their really cute and nice concept design for adults like us. Their design really brings out the good memory when we were just primary school or even secondary school, haha! But the food is a bit pricey but if you are here to recall back your school time memory I guess it's still worth the price xD

20 facts about MYSELF

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Hi guys, I know I post this super late because keep been tag by my friend and buddy. I wanted to write it on my blog and share it out here. Thanks for tag btw =) Recently keep working and busy, don't really have time to think of other things. This week will be less busy week for me but just staying at home really bored me, LOL.

Stop all the ranting and let's see how long can I think of the 20 facts about myself, LoL


1. I am 23 years old. ( Still young and childish)
2. I am a teacher. (Believe it or not)
3. Blogging is part of my life.
4. I am in a relationship with the most cute guy on earth.
5. I am just 156cm(155cm) tall.
6. And continue to gain weight to 48kg(ohmygawd)
7. I am a real lazy girl who always looking for some simple way to make myself looks great. 
8. I always have difficulties to choose what to wear everyday**.
9. But I always love shopping online and ended up
10. Buying clothes that I rarely wear.
11. I still enjoy wearing new clothes.
12. I love showing off new clothes I just bought. 
13. I love purple and PASTEL color.
14. Real HELLO KITTY fans.( she's a cute girl, okay!?)
15. I didn't wear make up to work.
16. I am a Shopaholic!!
17. Taiwan & Korea accessories is the BEST!
18. I always tend to follow fashion trends, such as now is the Autumn season, just feel like wanted to grab a loafer and short boots for myself.
19. I am always careless and forgetful girl.
20. I am who I am now that God has created me as =D.


End my 20 facts and I think that 20 is still not enough for me. There is still more to share about myself. But the 20 facts is basically who I really are right now. Thanks for the reading! Till then.

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Yoohoo, another food post is here! I left some August post haven't write since is the second week of September already. Sincerely apologise but I'll be rushing out my post. September also have many post too. Guess I am really a outdoor person =='' 

But staying indoor I most probably will just blogging and edit photo. Not much things I can do since weekdays I will be busy on my work. These 2 weeks will be quite free because UPSR and school holiday is here. I can finish work early and rest. But the time is still not enough for me to use. I have too much things to do, sigh**

Blogging is still one of my favorite things to do. I will continue blogging till I die okay, finger crossed** But sometime blog is not for posting some personal stuff because if you try to scold xxx some really bad words. End up the xxx will come find you and sue you %@$*#//'%_÷/% LOL

Saturday half working day. After meeting and straight came here, we didn't decide where to lunch. Since I end my meeting 3pm, and saw this cafe is just near to our place. So babe just drive here and we just have a relaxing afternoon hi tea at Podgy & The Banker. 

Morning peeps, it's a Sunday today, any plans or going anywhere? I am at Ipoh blogging about this post. We are having alots of fun at Ipoh though. This post is a short post about this cafe. I always wanted to visit thie cafe at D7 since I live near that area. D7 is a nrw building at Sentul and that place is still continue to develop. Three Little Birds is the only cafe at D7 and the atmosphere is really very peace and calm. D7 have other shop that sell designer  furniture.

Simple design and classy design. Three Little Birds was surround by glass and you can always saw car passes by and enjoy the outside view. This place is really very quite and peace since this is the only cafe at D7.

Oasis Square @ Ara Damansara

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Hi guys, another food and fun places post is up! This place is really very pretty especially during the night time with the lights on. We been here after the make over at Empire Damansara. On the evening time, rain is really heavy and I almost fall asleep in the car during the journey. Ara Damansara is still further than Damansara. This new place is very happenning especially during night. There are many new restaurant, cafe and bar. This place have been opened since January and is my first time here, thanks to Amanda!

First time here and really amazed by the beautiful fountain and the light. When the night is here, everything in here seems to be more lively.We are here for dinner with friends, since I have not been eaten Japanese Cuisine. So we decided to eat Rakuzen! Here are some dishes that we order!

My salmon salad and the salad sauce.

[OOTD] Pink Houndstooth x Pearl

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A little outfit about what I wear during the Jack Purcel x The offday collaboration. This outfit is really a simple outfit but the color and pattern that are really striking. I bought it online at Lilac Paris. If you have really saw my outfit post I literally have all the hounds-tooth pattern. I have in black, mint, blue and now is PINK! A little too much right xD But still I still will continue to collect the pattern shirt because is really chic and yet sophisticate pattern to wear!

As you girls know that Girls always feel like not enough clothes to wear out. Beside by the working outfit I wear is always same. We are never too young to try different style of fashion too! I can't really decide what style should I remain yet. I love Taiwan fashion and some mixed style from Korean. I always wanted to wear dress or romper if possible but I always afraid of cold and aircond. Sleeveless some how was not fated for me. I love all the off shoulder and show the back dress, it was really lovely and elegant when you wear these type of clothes.

Hence I am still looking for my own style. But I will still try new style whenever I saw any clothes that I really like.

A portrait photo of me on the Jack Purcell back drop!

Petit Noms @ Empire Damansara

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Hi guys, a short food post to start the beginning month of September. This place is not easy to notice but as we are having small shooting up here. We saw this small cafe in the corner and I just told baby let's just dine here. I totally forget about the korean voucher for the make over xD Is still new around here, if you are looking for a really quiet but nice ambient cafe you can always drop by at Petit Noms.

Yo peeps, gonna write another ootd post before August end. Joined a make over last weekend by The First International Makeover. It was quite fun and exciting. Since I have not been joining make over for quite some time.