The Smurfs are coming to Resorts World Genting! Last weekend, I got to enjoy the first live performance show of The Smurfs at Resort World Genting. ‘The Smurfs Live On Stage – The Smurfs Save Spring’ is a 70-minute, two-act musical extravaganza that features live actors singing and dancing in full Smurf costumes. 

Arriving in Malaysia for the first time, the adorable blue creatures of the forest will be taking over the stage at the Genting International Showroom from May 26 to June 24, 2018. Do remember to book your date now and bring along your kids up here to Resort World Genting.

After a long weekend of short staycation finally, I'm back here with my Face of the Month series post on my blog. It was not easy to maintain this series on my blog because of my hectic schedule. I also start to film makeup tutorials whenever I do my makeup too. So in the end, I need to finish editing my video and up on my blog too. 

Editing photo is so much easier where I can always edit on my phone. But the video I will have to spend a long time in front of my laptop and edit it! I feel so lazy and restless too whenever I think of editing a video haha. So with the video of this Face of the Month completed. I will also share here on my blog!

Finally, decide to share this review up on my blog too! I did a youtube video for this collection too, I will also share it on this post. For more live swatches you can always check out my video. They have released 33 colors of their new lux lipstick. It is not matte texture but comes in really rich creamy buttery texture. It was also not the normal lipstick texture I will always opt for. But I always love to try their new products so please read on to see what I like about this Lux Lipstick!

Can't believe time passes so fast that I almost hit my one year anniversary of my marriage! We are gonna celebrate our one year anniversary this coming Sunday. Although I won't be expected anything it was really a nice and sweet memory of that day. Can't believe I actually married for almost a year now, not expecting any babies at the moment. I guess we are both not ready for it!

Back to today weekend outfit post with a really calm nude tone for my entire weekend outfit look.

A Better Florist is a florist that Malaysians love, and although it’s opened its doors just recently, they are bringing something revolutionary to the game and everyone is loving it. They have started off being the best flower delivery Singapore has, afterwards expanding to become the best flower delivery in UAE. Now, A Better Florist has several flower shops around Malaysia, including the best and most talked about flower delivery in Penang, the best flower delivery in Ipoh, and a flower delivery to JB that’s also reaping all the praises of customers who have tried it. The place where they are most known is in Kuala Lumpur, as it turned out to be the best florist in Kuala Lumpur

The first thing that’s bound to catch your attention is their sense for design. From chic little bouquets in mason jars, to elegantly wrapped arrangements in burlap wrapping, where each flower has its own place, and a meaning behind it is what sets the tone of this flower shop and what makes their designs essentially irresistible. Whether it’s their funeral flowers or any other kind of flowers that they have to offer, they put a unique spin on it, and make the most creative and authentic bouquet you have ever seen. It’s impressive how they are able to do it, with every single flower, type of arrangement or even the occasions the flowers are meant for. 

Everything you can order can be tailored to your personal needs, or you can go for something that has already been created, if you’re looking for a faster, floral solution. A Better Florist also has a hamper range, which includes wine and chocolate hampers, beautiful get well soon hamper collection and a new born baby hamper perfect for those baby showers you have to attend. Their fruit basket collection won’t disappoint either, and it’s the ideal gift to grab on the go.

Great benefits just keep coming when it comes to ABF, and here’s another one. They are the most popular Malaysia flower delivery, a UAE flower delivery and Hong Kong flower delivery for a very good reason. The fact that they offer a free same day flower delivery is something no other florist can match, and that customers really appreciate. A Better Florist has adjusted their business approach to the needs of customers, and people are loving it, hence the title of the best flower delivery overall. 

Find out more about A Better Florist, and how this flower delivery works online, as there’s plenty of information about the best florist in Malaysia, and their KL flower delivery, along with a lot of blogs explaining why A Better Florist has become the best florist in HK, but also more than just the best florist in Hong Kong - a florist that everyone trusts. 

Back to some yummy post here! I will share some promotion that you shouldn't miss out at Naughty Nuri's. Naughty Nuri's is originally from Indonesia and they have been famous with their yummy ribs. Now due to our recently GE 14, Naughty Nuri's has created a special platter to represent the seats that were taken part in this GE 14. Wanted to know what's on the platter? Read on!

Another short outfit post to share! So yeah Malaysia has new hopes now, as a Malaysian now I am really excited and proud to see what's our future ahead with new leaders. Since we have a total of 5 days long holiday due to election day and public holidays, I definitely rest a lot these few days and now when it was time to back to work I feel so reluctantly out of sudden! HAHA!

Back to my outfit post, read on

Aussie Bushman's BBQ lover now you can enjoy delicious BBQ dining experience at the Poolside Gazebo Renaissance KL Hotel! Executive Chef Supi Mansor and the team are thrilled to fire up the grill for an Aussie Bushman's Barbeque experience at the Poolside Gazebo every Friday to Sunday from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

Located on Level 4, the Poolside Gazebo is overlooking an Olympic-sized swimming pool and set amidst lush greeneries. It is a great place to revel in the sunset and chill with family and friends while enjoying the Aussie Bushman's BBQ!

Check out the World First Fox World Studio Store now at Resort World Genting! In this post, I will share and show you guys around what's inside Fox World Studio store. I am happy also to be the first few to experience the store opening and overnight outside the store while waiting for the opening.

Last month I attended a really inspiring workshop by Ginnie Lam. I would want to share some of the experience in the workshop and more about ginn skin too!

Yeay I have been posting weekend outfits more often. I realize that even on my Instagram I've posted less #sharonootd too! Hopefully, I can do this weekend post by weekly too. By means, I will have to be really hard working to makeup and wear nicely on weekend too. 

Changing is always hard and I always hate changes. When I first started to stand on stage to sing on stage, I always feel reluctant but each time I just tell myself I can do it. However, the feeling will become devasted and I will feel stress again. I am not sure that whether I totally belong there or do I really have what it takes to be there....

Bananabro is definitely your new favorite banana leaf restaurant that’s modern, authentic and best of all, perfect for get-togethers with your friends and family over fresh and hot meals with flavors that pack a punch! Taking inspiration from India’s streets, arts and cultures, Bananabro elevate all our dining experience giving you're a taste of its authentic southern region through modern and contemporary touches in our decor dishes and drinks. Their first outlet is located at Berjaya Times Square, opened on March 5th 2018 and their second outlet will open at The Gardens, Midvalley soon by year end. 

What is Banana Leaf rice?

The simplest way to say it is you put rice on a banana leaf and of course it goes much deeper than that. First, you will need a rice on a banana leaf, not forget about rasam for appetizer and yogurt that is good for digestion. Adding on with some papadom for more crunchy texture, also with 3 side veggies too. Lastly, in Bananabro they have a total of four type of curry best served together with the rice.