Like others, I use to struggle a lot to find the perfect sunscreen that is suitable for my skin. At the time we don't want to use sunscreen that is too tacky or heavy for our skin. In this post, I am happy to share with you guys about this Petal Velvet Sunaway that is my current favorite. 

Any IndoMie fan here? I love Indomie when in my college life where we always hang out at Mamak and order one bowl of Indomie for supper time. It is so convenient to prepare and cook as well. Indomie has definitely created a lot of memories when we are young. Now if you wish to try out a whole lot different or more flavor of Indomie serving, you must check out IndoBowl at Sg Besi Lake Fields. Check out their in-house signature red chili and green chili sauce pairing with Indomie!!

How's your weekend? I have the busiest week schedule for the entire week, go to Singapore for a week of Work Trip. Later on back home for a full body checkup the next morning. Luckily my report shows that I am healthy with a slight excess of body fat and eye pressure is high due to eye in front of handphone and laptop all the time. Thank God for good health! I surely have to do more exercise and rest my eyes even more too for my next year resolution.

Enjoy an unforgettable celebration with Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Step inside our magnificent hotel and experience the festive season in style. This season the hotel provides a stunning backdrop to host festive get-togethers, evening soirees, and Christmas parties.

The annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is the official commencement of the holiday season. In a traditionally colorful evening of joy and excitement, the hotel marks the authenticity of Christmas with the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the evening of 22 November 2018 with notable guests of the city along with guests residing at the hotel, partaking in the festivities. The lobby ringing with peals of delightful Christmas carols and a Gingerbread House marks a whole different dimension to the festivities.

In the true spirit of giving, which is really the cornerstone of Christmas celebrations, guests are invited to help build the Gingerbread House brick by brick. Guests may purchase a brick, valued at RM50 (bottom tier), RM150 (top tier) and RM300 (middle tier) and have their name or the name of a loved one piped on it and mounted on the house. Proceeds from the sale of these bricks will be donated to the children of Good Samaritan Home in Klang.

Here to share another beauty products that I recently like to use for face detox! Due to the environment and dust that we always encounter, there are always unseen impurities on the surface of our face. We always have to use scrub and clay mask for deep cleanse into our pores as well. In this post, I will be sharing three powerful products that I really love to use to deep cleanse and detox my face.

It's been a while since I share my weekend outfit here on my blog!! This time around I will be sharing this monochrome stripes outfit with my babe, Carinn. We went to the Robinson Store opening the last few weeks and we manage to plan out our outfit on that night too. Not forget that we took a lot of outfit photos together that I want to share it here in my post.

How do you guys deal with acne prone skin all the times? For me, although my skin is not so much of breakout on and off I still have some break out on my face especially when I late sleep or pre-period time too. It's really a pain in the ass whenever there's big acne pop out! 

Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. To prevent this, we have to make sure that we clean our face thoroughly but how can we ensure that our face is clean even though after cleansing??

Do you suffer from oily Hair Shaft and Falling hair often? In today post, I will share you guys the newly Hair Products that I have been trying lately from GlobalStory. GlobalStory hosted its new series of hair solution named "Full Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask" under its in-house brand, LAB11 at the Eco Sky's Business Lounge on the 27th of October 2018.

About LAB11

LAB11 is a creation of team GlobalStory that has been one of the Top hair and beauty industry market leaders. GlobalStory has 18 years of experience with 11 HairStory Saloon branches, 1 HairStory Academy, 2 SugarNails Saloons and 2 FaceStory Outlets across Malaysia.

Last few weeks, I had attended Robinsons Kuala Lumpur flagship store Grand Opening at Shoppes at Four Seasons Place. This official launch kicked off with a special VIP Night today with specially curated shopping and retail experiences, exclusive gifts, special promotions, fun activities, giveaways and more reflecting the unique Robinsons touch. The spirit of celebration also continues with a Robinsons Members Day the day after and throughout the weekend.

During the grand opening, Robinsons Kuala Lumpur was filled with guest and media that are that day to witness the official Grand Launch of Robinsons KL flagship store. 

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ is a Halal Certified Steamboat and BBQ restaurant. With 150 dishes for you to eat till drop here, You can BBQ your own favorite food or eating it in the soup with their food serving. Not only that they serve and prepare cooked dishes for customers who need some filling food first too! I always enjoy myself here with their food serving choices and event the waiter around are really helpful. Food keeps refilling non-stop and our soup too!