My first time tries Cosrx Pad after heard about how good their pads are. This time you can check out their new One Step Green Hero Calming Pad. Now you can also get this from

About Wynora

In Wynora, you can check out their passion for real beauty means that we’re always searching for the most innovative products. Some of the brands you might find on their website, Corsx, Some by Mi, Innisfree and other more. They are constantly scouring the globe for the latest beauty breakthroughs that you’ll love to use. Definitely, you can check out all the brands you know and love but also learn from the newest niche and soon-to-be cult brands you’re sure to fall in love at Wynora.

How do you often deal with puffy eyes or dark eye circles? Today post I will blog about Suddenbe Eye Massager with ION&LED that I have been using day and night. I would admit that I do have really serious dark eyes circles that is due to late sleep and always rub my eyes. Therefore, the skin around my eyes are dry and comes in a really dark brown color.

Read on to see how Suddenbe Eye Massager with ION&LED works and functions!

I would like to share all the fun and cute photos that I take when I visited Our Sanrio Times expo at Sunway Putra Mall. This expo started on 25th of November to 6th January 2019. We got our ticket when it is early bird sales and only got time to go on the first day of 2019. I guess is still not too late and we have a blast throughout the expo too.

My last Bangkok post to conclude my Bangkok 2018 trip with Nicole! Can't believe it has been almost half a year since then, let me just do a quick recap where and what we do during our Bangkok trip. In this post, I will go through some of the places we went, for more details I had previously blogged about some of the places I went on the trip too. I will link everything on every end of the daily itinerary.


I haven't been blogging for the past one week due to my Korea trip and now I am feeling recharged and time to get back my ass for work. For today post, is another ALTHEA exclusives products that I receive from ALTHEA. ALTHEA has been my favorite shopping websites for all K-Beauty products. All of the products are authentic and genuine products all the way from Korea!! For the past few months, ALTHEA has come out with their own product line. Read here to check out ALTHEA exclusives that I've blogged about.

Here my first ever OOTD post with my twin, Carinn to kickstart 2019 outfit post in my blog. Can't believe I actually manage to go Johor Bahru for year-end holiday and we plan our outfit taken together too. For those that both of us inside the photo, some are by some random stranger and we using a tripod as well. I love our outfit match and can't believe we bringing our outfit to another level too. This Red and Checkers matching are so pretty and chic!!

Today post I will share about a new Brand in town. I get to try one of their product which the brightening mask.


GLAMOGENIC products are from Australia made. All of their Doctors have over 30 years’ experience in the skincare and beauty treatment sector. Glamogenic is specially created and formulated with Australia lifestyle. Their products are kind to your skin and the environment
All is curated with natural and the highest quality ingredients.

Can't believe Chinese New Year is coming soon, have you plan your family reunion dinner yet? This Chinese New Year Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel has offered to Welcome the beginning of an auspicious Lunar New Year with exceptional culinary indulgences at Dynasty from 21 January to 19 February 2019. Led by Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin, the restaurant’s MasterChefs have specially crafted 10 decadent dine-in set menus and exclusive à la carte specials that are a perfect blend of old traditions and modern tastes to create unforgettable memories.

Woah My first time writing about my resolution feat the OOTDs photo that I take at JB at SYST 深夜食堂. Since the place here is much more vintage and hipster vibes, I find it is suitable for me to further think and write about my 2019 resolution with the photos I took here. Quite a personal post after for so long, let's just continue to read on. 

Feeling so hungry now as I am blogging this Buffet HotPot that everyone must try!! Since I am highly influenced by my friend with HotPot, I been wanted to go for everything HotPot at least once every month. It was the most addicting serving and flavor that I have ever tried in my life. Now with Fei Fan Hot Pot in town and with everything in buffet style, I can enjoy my Hot Pot craving for a long time and super affordable price too!