Happy Chap Goh Meh! Can't believe Chinese New Year just pass by like that, hope every one of u has a nice and heartwarming gathering with your loved one at home. I know that this CNY is a bit different but I know that it can't stop us from celebrating CNY together. 

This year 2021 Valentine is fallen on day 3 of the Chinese New Year. It's fall on Sunday and it's the best day to celebrate this love celebration with your loved ones. For the first 2 days of Chinese New Year, I didn't head out as well and only went out on day 3 of CNY due to Valentine's celebration. Since MCO 2.0 start all the restaurant has been close, and it's open back just before CNY, thanks to my husband he manages to book a nice place for this Valentine's celebration.

Happy Chinese New Year 🎉 This year CNY definitely will be very different from previous years. We are unable to travel interstate but I'm lucky to have my both families staying near to me. Hence. this year we still able to have a small gathering at home for a reunion. Although we couldn't head out for this festive, buying new clothes for CNY is like a tradition for me and I would definitely shop for some new outfits for myself too!

Although this year 2021 we do not have a great start but let's not forget to give out your love and wishes to your loved one. This year Chinese New Year and Valentines fall on the same day, I don't hate the idea of this but I am happy that I can have some time off to celebrate this special love moment with my family.

Hey, lovelies today will blog about these two cakes that I receive from Sweet Passion Premium Cake. Perfect for this MCO seasons where we can't meet up and celebrate this festival together. You can order a Chinese New Year or Valentine's cake, deliver it to your house and celebrate with your loved one. Have some sweet desserts in life ❤️

It's been a month since I have been to Johor and travel interstate. Here's our first BFF matching with vintage retro style. I think both of us wear and match this style perfectly. It is my first time wearing this outfit and I'm glad that it turns out nice and vintage-looking too.


Back to my favorite outfit post, in this post, I will show two diverse looks that so comes out with. One outfit is the cute and feminine outfit that I usually wear out, and another one is cooler and swag outfit with my lounge pants.


Back to my favorite ootd post. In today's post, I will write about the loungewear that I receive from Femme Luxe. During this pandemic, I think the ootd that we have been wearing the most must be loungewear. In this post, I will introduce some of my picks from them. 

What if collagen has been made to jelly? In this post, I will introduce two types of jelly from LENNOX. One is Fiber Jelly with Probiotics and another is their Collagen Jelly with Ceramide. Both of them are my current favorite nutrients food that I need every day. Read more to know more about what's their benefits and why I love them so much!

Happy 2021!! Can't believe that 2020 has already passed and here we are welcoming 2021 now. I hope everyone stays blessed and healthy. Even though the pandemic is not yet over, but I really hope that we can back to a normal routine soon. Where everyone works as normal, we can hang out and travel again.
I really miss those times and could have never thought that we have been cope with the current lifestyle for almost a year now. 

I do feel responsible as I still travel across the state, but now we are trying to stay at home as long as we can due to the number does not look good. With the Chinese New Year coming soon, I don't think we can have a normal gathering like we always did. During my leave, I took some time off from work and I went to Johor and Melaka during that week. I have enough rest and somehow leaving my own house just somehow change and uplift my mood.