Now I am still having holiday..
2 weeks till CNY..
Each day..
Boring day..
I just online..
watch drama..
online game..
But still each day seem like ages to pass..
Really cant stand..
Wish for money 55 come too..
So that i can at least go out from this house..

Somehow I also get addicted to pc games..
Because I cant online 24 hours per day..
My online time somehow is limited..
Thats why I play pc games..
I play so many pc games d..
I downloaded at 4shared..
And usually when I started to play the games..
I can't stop..
I will use as fast of time to finish up the game..
I don't know why am I like this..
Sometimes I also feel like just being home whole day..
Infront of laptop or how..
Sleep and infront of the laptop again..
OMG..feeling like I am a 宅女 already..
haiz haiz..
laziness keep on overcome me..

what the heck..
After my work..
Not really I was quite mad when I was having tuition..
And I really don't know how to teach them already..
Their english were so suck~!!!
I given them like practice to write near 20 times..
Until her hand also feel tired already..
Just 3 Question..
Still when I give spelling get ZERO totally!!
I was kinda mad..
And really what should I do to improve their english..
If they don't willing to learn!!
Or should I give them some rewards?
really don't have any idea to deal with them..
As for that i really moody about this..
Somehow I overcome my moodiness with

Hope 2moro will be a better day for me..

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  1. i oso wan money 55 come ~~~
    wait money 55 come wait angpao o ~

    be patient to teach lurh ...
    bring more chocolate wif u XD
    dun scold them...hahaaax....

    chocolate addict ppl...XD