About me

This is me. I am Sharon Lee, a lifestyle blogger that always lives her life to the fullest. I know that finding a niche for my blog is really important. But I basically blog about everything that happen in my life. Because I love to share and blogging is my interest.

When I decided to start blogging again, I had a really rough week and not feeling myself. Although the situation doesn't go well life still has to go on, I am just not good at saying farewell or goodbye to the people I love. I don't know or I just get emo or depressed easily also. 

Anyway back to this blog, which I decided to blog about it because it's my first time joining a K-drama cafe event in Malaysia. This is also because this Lovely Runner drama was so hot and famous when they released. The male lead also becomes renowned due to this drama and I love him too because he is so talented, handsome, and tall!

Upon writing this blog, this is my 3rd time going to DIOR Pop-up. Even now in Pavilion KL, they also have a very summery pink pop-up event at the DIOR store. But I did not go there since I had been to DIOR Pop a few times already. This time the pop-up event was quite big and proper compared to the previous one where they just set up at the mall, most people just took photos of their nice decor. This time they have a cafe setup where guests can register and order drinks and food there. Upon checking we only decided to choose drinks and dessert to enjoy while we were there.

Last year I traveled locally to a few places, one of the places that I miss a lot is Kuantan! Why? It is because it has a beach and seaside that I love the most, the beach there is clean and it feels so good when you stay near the beach. We can always visit the beach when you feel stressed or need a breather and when I am retired I will want to move here. 👀 To that extreme that is how I show my love for Kuantan. I recommend it to those needing a breather or a getaway from the city!

It's been a while since I updated my blog. I feel a break from work or vacation but then I have wanted to take a break from travel and work has been quite hectic for the last few weeks. There was also a lot of dinner and farewell which drained my social energy I only wanted to just rest and chill after I got back from home. My work has also been writing a lot of process improvement which has also been tiring as well. Hopefully, I can be more demotivated to update my social media again. But then I feel like I don't have many posts to post hahaha!

When my friend and I visited Bangkok to attend the Twice Concert last year, I had a dilemma about going to the Ghibli Exhibition. As we arrived near the end of the exhibition, we managed to allocate half a day to visit it. Despite walking around 20,000 steps that day, I still had to stand for a few hours for the Twice concert the next day. I tried to find a massage place, but unfortunately, I couldn't manage to find one. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole experience of visiting the exhibition.