About me

This is me. I am Sharon Lee, a lifestyle blogger that always lives her life to the fullest. I know that finding a niche for my blog is really important. But I basically blog about everything that happen in my life. Because I love to share and blogging is my interest.

Finally my first JB ootd post here in my blog, and thinking that CNY is coming and I haven’t done any CNY outfit post too. So many things to rush out before CNY I really hope that I have 48 hours per day to complete all the tasks that I need to do.

This outfit post has been delayed for the longest time, I really like the top set that I wear and can't wait to share it on my Instagram. But too bad everything caught up and I have no time to blog about it too. I have been also abandoned my youtube channel for almost a month now. Hopefully, I can have 48 hours per day so that I can do all the things I want to do! I can't wait to share more photos that I took in this outfit 😊

Back to another anticipating ootd post that I’m really excited about. Suppose to do it once I’m back from the event, but I’m really lazy and taking slower as well. But I think January has been really productive to me where I have been blogging so much since January. But although there are so much more things I need to do and follow up too. Finger crossed for a better year ahead 💪🏻

It’s been almost a month since my Jb trip with my BFF. After finishing this ootd post, I will plan a JB itinerary post of my 5 days 4 nights JB > Desaru trip. December is definitely such a hectic and busy month for me and not to mention Chinese New Year is coming soon. More pending posts to shoot and blog again.

I’m excited about today's Blue Summer Top which is from FEMME LUXE. When this going out top arrived, I find that it is perfect for my Johor trip and I decide to wear it to the beach. The print is so summery and perfect for the beach.