About me

This is me. I am Sharon Lee, a lifestyle blogger that always lives her life to the fullest. I know that finding a niche for my blog is really important. But I basically blog about everything that happen in my life. Because I love to share and blogging is my interest.

Finally wanted to blog about this outfit since January haha! I also not sure why I did not blog about this outfit at that time but it been in my draft for quite some time. Seeing my hair still in brown-black during that time makes me kinda miss this hair color of mine. This outfit is all in black and khaki which kinda match the background of The Hub SS2. With MCO start now, I can just be browsing and looking at all the places I visited before MCO.

Another new cafe in town, since we are not able to travel around the only thing we can do is to just cafe hope or visit shopping mall 🤭 But with MCO 3.0 just announced I wonder what's the next step for all citizen, hopefully, everyone here stays strong and healthy! 

After being overwhelmed by all full white fit, I start to play with more colors in my weekend outfit, with springs coming I always find floral romantic prints, and hence this time I'm wearing this purple floral top that has been in my wardrobe like forever and finally I'm wearing it out.

Ever feel struggling when you go on diet and wanted to slim down but the results are not as you expected? Even though now we are working from home, I feel that my working time increase, and have not much time to working out or even do things that I like. I will need an additional slimming detox supplement to help me to cut down those excess fats and help promote intestinal digestion. In today's blog, I am really glad that QUEENZ Mango XSliim is back in Malaysia & Singapore! It is a botanical beverage mix of Mango Powder with Garcinia Cambogia & Aloe Vera Extract. Read on to check out what I love about this product.

The QUEENZ brand was established in March 2020. The brand concept is to help more people solve the problem of obesity. When there is no time to exercise, you can avoid the torment of dieting and enjoy the thinness of the two brand founders. In order to help more people find happiness, the QUEENZ brand brings the best quality to everyone at the most common price.

Hola another blog post on photography tips! Today I will blog about how to take pretty and aesthetic photos at a bookstore, but first of course you need to find a big book store haha. For today's post, I visited BookXcess at KL East Mall, and have quite a lot of fun taking photos around this bookstore. They also have a lot of fun and interesting corners for me to take photos of too!

Another full white outfit again hahaha! I know I have been wearing a lot of white lately and omg I just realized I wore full white also last weekend 👀 I think that I seriously need to wear some colorful outfits for my outfit nowadays. But then monochrome color also always the best because it never will go wrong when I wear out haha!