About me

This is me. I am Sharon Lee, a lifestyle blogger that always lives her life to the fullest. I know that finding a niche for my blog is really important. But I basically blog about everything that happen in my life. Because I love to share and blogging is my interest.


Finally, the 2022 FIFA World Cup kickstarted on the 1st of November. All the football fans have been longing for this.  In conjunction with the 2022 FIFA World Cup hype, Yippi is organizing a viewing party for an entire month from 21 November to 18 December 2022. The viewing party will be held at Koh Tiki, Old Klang Road. The moment of cheering goals with a group of friends when watching the FIFA World Cup is definitely a fun and exciting moment.

OMG guys this is my ever-longest pending post, I think work has been crazy and eaten up my free time at night. Even on weekends nowadays also I just want to rest at home and do basically nothing. But since Christmas is now near, I need to rush out a lot of my pending posts before the year-end. So here's my post about my one-day tourist date with my twins when I visited Singapore in May. It is also my first ever work traveling after the pandemic too. Kinda exciting when we are able to travel again like this.

I wanted to blog about this outfit even though there are not many photos for me to blog about it. This outfit I bought this purposely for a reel and I really love it. The reels that I do is croissants and this shirt is the perfect fit for the reel audio. Also together I the haul, I bought this pair of orange pants that match perfectly with the top.

Can't believe that it's November now, and I have to start planning my Christmas outfit to shoot at the shopping mall. I still being my usual self who likes to plan ahead. Even though I have been busy and stressed working the last few days, I did try to plan out some outfits for Christmas this year. I still have some of the outfits that I bought last year and have yet to wear out too. I guess I will need to try my best to wear and style those outfits for Christmas this year.

Who doesn't like and enjoy a shower after returning home from a tiring day? Today I want to blog about Parrot Botanicals Shower Care products that will make your shower more enjoyable and smell good. I enjoy a good shower that makes my body smooth and smells good. All these products from Parrot Botanicals are my new favorite shower products.