About me

This is me. I am Sharon Lee, a lifestyle blogger that always lives her life to the fullest. I know that finding a niche for my blog is really important. But I basically blog about everything that happen in my life. Because I love to share and blogging is my interest.

Finally able to blog about this outfit after so long 😂 This is when I have not had my short hair cut and we are here during our 4th year wedding anniversary. This is another outfit that I bring over for pots shooting. Not mentioned that this is one of my favorite recent hauls from Taobao as well. 😌 Hope you guys also like this outfit as I am.

Back to my favorite skincare post again 💓 Today post I will intro this new skincare brand that I have been trying recently. I have been into ampoules lately, I like it is small and effective to use on skin. After trying and testing out these Hydra and Glow Ampoules from [ comfort zone ], I can really feel my skin is drenched with hydration and feel very moisturizing.

Back to my favorite outfit post, 😙 I have been staying at home for the last one month half, the feeling is quite struggling where I am in the house most of the time. Have been missing cafe hopping and taking ootds. Finally done my first vaccine last week, but have to wait for two months for the second one. But time still passes quickly, hopefully, we all can get vaccinated soon. 

As a woman to become slimmer and stay healthy is always our dream. But to keep diet and losing weight is definitely not easy. Nadd Empire Sdn Bhd is here to realize the dreams of women and men with Leedee brand products produced by Nadd Empire Sdn Bhd. Leedee is a food supplement product in the form of Sachet Powder (Leedee Pineapple) and Sachet Juice (Leedee Tox Peach) after 3 years on the market since 2018. Leedee is formulated with ingredients like Garcinia Cambodia that are able to control appetite. Apart from that, African Mango is also good for burning fat.


Try to blog something different here in my blog! I think I have been planning to this segment on and off in my blog but I just stop it after the first update on the Taobao blogshop I shop at hahaha! Today will want to intro this blogshop I have been browsing on. I still remember Novela first started I always wait for their new arrivals on Facebook, and I even follow their owner and feel that the owner is so pretty. I have even been to their store in Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca like every time if I go Malacca. I feel that Novela shop has been on-going for so long as I remember. Seeing them change style and rebranding, I still love them as a Fashion blogshop and I will always think of them if I want to shop for the local boutique shop.