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It's been a while since I updated my blog. I feel a break from work or vacation but then I have wanted to take a break from travel and work has been quite hectic for the last few weeks. There was also a lot of dinner and farewell which drained my social energy I only wanted to just rest and chill after I got back from home. My work has also been writing a lot of process improvement which has also been tiring as well. Hopefully, I can be more demotivated to update my social media again. But then I feel like I don't have many posts to post hahaha!

Last week, I slowed down on updating my blog due to my menstrual cycle. Instead, I spent more time resting and reading webtoons online. However, I remained active on my Instagram, XHS, and Facebook accounts. Feel free to follow me on @snowmansharing. This is a short blog about my outfit of the day. I decided to write about it because I wanted to record this memory. After all, this black modern long cheongsam is not something I usually wear.

I have wanted to revisit KEDAI KL for the longest time. By the time I write this, I also plan to revisit don't know how many times, and want to eat this avocado rice again! Super yummy 😍 I also thinking of visiting the local boutique that is also located at KEDAI KL as they have been releasing new clothes pieces that I wanted to try and purchase. 

My last CNY OOTD to update in my blog. Compared to my Christmas OOTD post I have lesser CNY OOTD haha! I have so many more Chinese New Year outfits that I don't have time to update my blog. But I posted most of it on my Instagram account already. I have posted more on my Instagram account for my #cnyootd look because I have a lot of nice outfits for this Chinese New Year. 

This year for Chinese New Year, I tried out many new outfits and styles that I had never worn before. I would really like to blog about it because it is definitely my first time trying ma mian qun for this year's CNY. I didn't plan to photoshoot with my cheongsam this year, but instead, I tried this ma mian qun outfit for this Chinese New Year. Do read more to see all the beautiful photos that I took with this ma mian qun outfit!

The second Chinese New Year outfit post is here! This time I went to one of my favorite malls which is The Gardens Mall. This time their CNY decorations definitely are better than Mid Valley. Generally, the Mid Valley one is nice also but it feels quite messy and hard to maintain the nice Chinese New Year decor. I just prefer The Garden CNY decors compared to Mid Valley. I like to visit these two malls because I can visit two shopping malls in just one visit.

This year our 6th wedding anniversary we decided to book a nice staycation in the KL area to enjoy a short 2 days 1 night together. I have been doing some research on which of the stay has the best view of KLCC. I always liked the KLCC view and it feels astonishing to see the KLCC tower from afar and take photos of this tall building.

This is a long overdue post about this sweet yellow shirt that I wear when hanging out with friends. I have been thinking if I want to blog about this outfit but for memory keepsake I decided to blog about it. It's worth blogging about because I rarely wear yellow.

I love all the self-shoot photos that I shoot during my birthday in June. I also want to blog about it for a memory keepsake so that I can look at it when time passes. Although this year's birthday theme is quite random I have no idea what to do and expect. I quickly browsed some birthday shoot themes and shopped for some props for this self-shoot. 

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This year I chose to celebrate my birthday at Blackbyrd KL, which I have wanted to go to. This is a lovely restaurant where you can see a nice KLCC view from the restaurant.

Finally my last Christmas outfit post on my blog 🎄 this time I’m wearing a classic red and green color outfit. It’s just right that I have this gorgeous green dress that I bought some time. I find it is perfect to wear during this Christmas season. This time I went to One Utama and Desa Park city with this outfit that I wear.

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Finally able to visit this Dior Pop-up since their start launch on 22nd November. Been really busy with work and year-end catch-up with friends as well. I didn't really expect a lot when I first visit here because Dior is such a high-end brand that we don't even dare to go inside. But surprisingly the outside decor is also very pretty and classy.

eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur, eslite’s first store in Southeast Asia, was unveiled today (15th December 2022) to local media. In addition to its renowned bookstore featuring a 60-meter statement wall of red brick arches and a vast book collection, the eslite writing boutique that resembles an urban speakeasy bar offering unique stationery items from 36 countries, and an impressive line-up choice at the gift-wrapping zone, there are also more than a thousand curated Taiwanese-designed goods, as well as world-class gourmet coffee brands and artists’ exhibitions. Book lovers can look forward to a charming late-night bookstore-browsing experience as the store will operate until 1am on its grand opening day on 17th December 2022.  

Another Christmas Post is up, even though I’m busy in my personal and work life. But I also need to catch up with all my social media posting for Christmas. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on schedule but I still need to squeeze my time to complete it. I can’t wait for my long holiday in two weeks' time 😌

 I'm pretty sure everyone is excited about the festive season which is just around the corner. Whenever it is close to year-end I will spend a lot of money on year-end sales and presents for friends and family. I hope you guys are enjoying this festive season together with friends and family as well.

Finally, the 2022 FIFA World Cup kickstarted on the 1st of November. All the football fans have been longing for this.  In conjunction with the 2022 FIFA World Cup hype, Yippi is organizing a viewing party for an entire month from 21 November to 18 December 2022. The viewing party will be held at Koh Tiki, Old Klang Road. The moment of cheering goals with a group of friends when watching the FIFA World Cup is definitely a fun and exciting moment.

I wanted to blog about this outfit even though there are not many photos for me to blog about it. This outfit I bought this purposely for a reel and I really love it. The reels that I do is croissants and this shirt is the perfect fit for the reel audio. Also together I the haul, I bought this pair of orange pants that match perfectly with the top.

Can't believe that it's November now, and I have to start planning my Christmas outfit to shoot at the shopping mall. I still being my usual self who likes to plan ahead. Even though I have been busy and stressed working the last few days, I did try to plan out some outfits for Christmas this year. I still have some of the outfits that I bought last year and have yet to wear out too. I guess I will need to try my best to wear and style those outfits for Christmas this year.

GMBB KL has been open for quite a while and I have wanted to go here but haven't really found a chance to went there. I manage to visit here when my friend is having her food open in the market located at GMBB KL. And to my surprise, this is a really nice place to visit with all the local artists and paintings that you can find when you visit GMBB KL.

After attending the in-control class organized by my company, I came to the realization that self-discipline is so important to become part of our life. I guess I’m too used to living the calm and comfortable life that I have and didn’t have any goals in my life 😂 But I think I’ll start with small by setting small goals like blogging at least once every week and need to sleep before 1am every day. I try to fold my blanket every morning but every time I keep on forgetting to do that too because I don’t usually do it. Fingers crossed for more self-discipline moments in my life.