This is a long overdue post about this sweet yellow shirt that I wear when hanging out with friends. I have been thinking if I want to blog about this outfit but for memory keepsake I decided to blog about it. It's worth blogging about because I rarely wear yellow.

I wear a pastel yellow tee to match this new cafe at 103 Coffee, Chow Kit KL. The whole cafe environment has quite a natural vibe. I think we're lucky to have gotten this super nice seat from where we can see the KL Tower behind us.

This is also my first time wearing this white big lace hair tie. I like that it is very big and fluffy which helps to create more volume for my hair. My friend says that the big lace hair tie looks suitable for a wedding look too.

My Partner in Crime together for cafe hopping.

Love this random candid photo with the book, food, and background view.

I didn't plan to take any ootd photos but my friend kept insisting on helping me to take them. We chatted and chilled for quite a long in this cafe and a lot of customers also left the restaurant. So we got quite a space to take photos. I like this photo corner because of the window and sun lighting which shines through the window and creates this warm sunny ambiance.

I also bring along my new Coach outlet bag that I just bought recently! I like the monogram printed on the bag, the bag is relatively small but still can fit those basic essentials that I need. The bag features both a chain and a regular strap, providing versatile usage options.

I love how the pastel yellow top makes my skin look brighter and fairer too. I match them with my favorite pair of skorts and New Balance sneakers. My whole look is quite monochrome with just yellow and beige colors.

The food we ordered for lunch! The food all are super delicious and I love the unique twist of the food like unagi pizza which the pizza crust is so crispy and the unagi on top is fresh too! 

This dish Ochazuke is also so nice! The perfect pan-seared salmon and the soup with the rice is so good.

Their coffee tastes normal to me, they are famous for their special mixture of coffee, but maybe I prefer to taste the coffee taste even more. I like coffee which is rich and fragrant!

Highly recommend this cafe for anyone who wants to have a good lunch and chill-out date here at KL.

Outfit Details
Top | GetthelookbyEmma
Skort | Dear19
Sneakers | New Balance
Bag | Coach Outlet

103 Coffee - Chow Kit
9, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, Chow Kit, 
50300 Kuala Lumpur


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