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This is a long overdue post about this sweet yellow shirt that I wear when hanging out with friends. I have been thinking if I want to blog about this outfit but for memory keepsake I decided to blog about it. It's worth blogging about because I rarely wear yellow.

Overdue updating my blog once again, really busy catching up on work, and taking up 3 roles at a time is kinda challenging and stressful. I also encounter emotional breakdowns due to putting too much pressure on myself. Somehow I need to adjust my mindset in dealing with stuff at work and get back stronger in handling all the work-related matters again.

I hope I can continue to pursue my interests such as blogging, sharing outfit of the day (OOTD) posts, and showcasing beautiful places on my social media accounts.


This outfit has been my pending draft for quite some time. Due to I’m rushing for my Langkawi post so I postponed some of my outfit posts, but here I am wanted to post this outfit to my blog. I have been wanted to try out a lot of different color outfits and this is by far my recent favorite with the purple-red bottom as a pop of color.

Another new cafe in town, since we are not able to travel around the only thing we can do is to just cafe hope or visit shopping mall 🤭 But with MCO 3.0 just announced I wonder what's the next step for all citizen, hopefully, everyone here stays strong and healthy! 

After being overwhelmed by all full white fit, I start to play with more colors in my weekend outfit, with springs coming I always find floral romantic prints, and hence this time I'm wearing this purple floral top that has been in my wardrobe like forever and finally I'm wearing it out.

Back to my favorite ootd post again! This time I'm wearing a new cozy loungewear set, and also I visit a new cafe in town too. Staying home during the pandemic time has made me keep shop for loungewear 🤣 I am also thinking to shop for more loungewear sets soon for myself.

Today I'm gonna blogged about a really pretty and sweet cafe, Whip Up that I visited last month. The cafe itself is up to my liking is because it has the interior of pink and white vibes that I really love. 

Whip Up serve a lot of beautiful serving desserts to the customer. They update and modify their menu once every few months. This could have tricked us to visit their cafes more often. Because by seeing those pretty desserts, definitely makes my ♥ itch!