Back to my favorite ootd post again! This time I'm wearing a new cozy loungewear set, and also I visit a new cafe in town too. Staying home during the pandemic time has made me keep shop for loungewear 🤣 I am also thinking to shop for more loungewear sets soon for myself.

I have been wearing a lot of full white outfits recently. After I start to shop and buy my first loungewear from nineteenn89, I have been wanting to look for another set. I have been seeing a lot of blue color loungewear from other boutique shops but since the one, I got from is also in blue color hence I decide to choose and look for other colors.

This full white one from is introduced by Carinn and I really fall in love when I see this loungewear set. There is a lot of loungewear top design to this kind of zip-top, but usually, they are all in crop design which I do not feel comfortable wearing. But these are in normal cutting and comes in shorts set is definitely caught my eyes.

This set is super comfortable and the fitting is definitely my favorite style! The zip style you can decide to zip up to create a more cool stylo feel, but once you zip down, you can turn to a polo top style which is a kinda cute style. I can't decide which style I like the most, I just like how versatile this loungewear 👀

Comfort food of the day. They have quite an intensive food choice, which is healthy and organic food that is quite different from than normal cafe food style.

Me and the food.

Their interior style comes in a simple nice grey design. I like how simple and classic the design is. They have the curve shape as their window which gives enough lightning to shine through from outside. Their design is not over complicated, although it is all in grey tone it still looks very comfortable and sophisticated.

Hope you like this short and simple post of my favorite loungewear and this new cafe I visit during the weekend.

Check out our short video while visiting Belly & the Chef Dining.

Belly & The Chef Dining
18, Jalan Selera 1, 
Taman Bukit Indah, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

 Till Then.


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