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This year our 6th wedding anniversary we decided to book a nice staycation in the KL area to enjoy a short 2 days 1 night together. I have been doing some research on which of the stay has the best view of KLCC. I always liked the KLCC view and it feels astonishing to see the KLCC tower from afar and take photos of this tall building.

Finally able to blog about my birthday glamping on my birthday this year. Been really lazy to blog about anything recently due to a hectic lifestyle lately. But this birthday glamping is something that I have been really enjoying and excited about. This is also my first glamping hence I want to share my experience here in my blog.

Back to another staycation post with my favorite gang #CMNS!! This time we will be invading to Melaka and although Carinn and I have been traveling more often to Melaka with our own family. But this time we are here in Melaka with CMNS gang and it's been almost a year ago since we last travel together to Penang and now finally to Melaka. Hopefully, we can also plan another trip soon to JB by the end of the year. 

Before I blog about this shooting and the hotel we shoot and stay at, I want to thanks Swan Garden Hotel Melaka, Tiffany Yong, Hf Photo Studio, and Penang Nyonya Culture for making this post happen! Also want to thanks my twinnie, Carinn for inviting all of us along to this trip to Melaka. Never thought that every one of us is so spontaneous and we immediately arrange our schedule to make this trip happen. Not only I will share with you guys on the shooting photos, but also I will bring you guys through the hotel rooms we shot at!

Finally here to blog about my Penang post in my blog, for my first blog is the staycation we had in Eastern Hotel at Penang Georgetown. It is a hotel in the small city area where you can easily access and go to other places around Penang. It is also our first CMNS first staycation together at Penang and It's been a while since I am here at Penang too! 

Do you want to experience Turtle Watching, Hatchling Release and Egg Planting in just one place? Resorts World Kijal here to satisfied your experience that everyone must at least try once in a lifetime! Visit Resorts World Kijal to learn how important to conserve our earth ecosystem so that in the future our kids and next generation are able to experience how wonderful and precious life can be for our mother earth.

OHAII back to my weekend outfit post again! This is my part two outfit update from our Wedding Anniversary trip at Avilion Port Dickson. 

Click here to know about our pretty water chalet
Click here to check out my Red Summer Dress I wore in the first day.

For day two outfit, I decided to go for a minimal look with a really pretty summer top and a pair of my favorite jeans!

I have a wonderful during my first year anniversary stay at Avilion Port Dickson! Though I have seen a lot of photos about Avilion Port Dickson, but I never been to there before. This time was a real surprise for me because we have been looking through a lot of resorts and hotel around Port Dickson but we couldn't get one that up to our liking except this hotel. In addition, we didn't want to spend too much on our one night stay, so this place has been out of our list. Guess what, my hubby still go with this choice and I was really surprised! Thanks for this small arrangement for our sweet staycation at Avilion Port Dickon.

Before 2017 ends, The Butterfly Project have our first ever staycation with the butterflies at The KL Journal Hotel. Thanks to Traveloka for this wonderful opportunity for us to able to enjoy this short staycation before 2017 ends. This is a really great experience for us butterflies to gathering and has fun together among our communities! I would say this staycation is another level up of our journey with The Butterfly Project.

During our stay, we are staying at the KL Journal Hotel located at the center of KL. Within walking distance, you can walk to Bukit Bintang and Pavilion area, also it was really convenient where there's monorail for you to travel to some tourist spots too!

I believe that everyone feels very excited about the weekend. I mean working 8 hours on weekdays and finally you can rest fully on the weekend is making everyone feel excited about it. With no alarms, no work to do, no busy schedule to follow or catch up. But sometimes we need a getaway too, to relax and refresh our mind. But how do we do that? In Malaysia, there's a lot of places that you can always spend your weekend staycation too.

You can plan a short vacay to nearby states, such as Port Dickson, Malacca, Penang, Ipoh and much more. I haven't explored every part of Malaysia yet but moreover I like to travel to other countries. But since when I start to travel around Malaysia from KL to Pulau Perhentian and now from KL to Port Dickson. Both of these places is near to beach and sea, which totally my kind of a weekend trip. Not only that, online booking makes the weekend staycation easier and excited!