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I love all the self-shoot photos that I shoot during my birthday in June. I also want to blog about it for a memory keepsake so that I can look at it when time passes. Although this year's birthday theme is quite random I have no idea what to do and expect. I quickly browsed some birthday shoot themes and shopped for some props for this self-shoot. 

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This year I chose to celebrate my birthday at Blackbyrd KL, which I have wanted to go to. This is a lovely restaurant where you can see a nice KLCC view from the restaurant.

            Although this is such a long overdue post to post, I will make sure I record every birthday memory on my blog. I did feel quite sad because this year we didn't celebrate our wedding anni and 10th-year anni like properly due to some incident, but luckily for my birthday this time I get to celebrate a birthday glamping and also get to get some time off on my birthday. And of course, my birthday theme color will be always purple 💜

Finally able to blog about my birthday glamping on my birthday this year. Been really lazy to blog about anything recently due to a hectic lifestyle lately. But this birthday glamping is something that I have been really enjoying and excited about. This is also my first glamping hence I want to share my experience here in my blog.

Finally, I have time to blog about this special 30th Birthday that I celebrated on 28th June. It keeps stuck in my mind that I have been planning to blog about but I just don’t have the time. Recently work has really stressed me out, and this pandemic where we can’t go out house also added to my anxiety level haha! Feeling too exhausted from everything seriously and hope to blog here can calm my mood.

Throwback my birthday post at rêver Restaurant. Rêver Restaurant is a Modern French Restaurant located at Jalan Kuching. Around the area there's a lot of lighting deco for you to take pictures with. However during the day we visit, there raining like cats and dogs where we couldn't take pictures with all the beauty deco. 

At Rêver Restaurant they do not offer spacious dining area,  but I love how it was more to cozy and quiet dining experience here.

Gonna do a quick update on how I spend my Birthday last week. My boyfriend has plan all without my concern. I keep asking since a week before, he keep don't want to answer my question directly. But I always like to keep asking him until he feel annoyed and begging me not to ask him anymore. Nevertheless, we actually celebrated my birthday early since my birthday fall on weekdays. Which I never really care to take leave.

Birthday is just like any normal day to celebrate my birthday and my born date. Feeling grateful to able to born into this world, thanks to my parents. I am still growing healthy and happily everyday. Thank God that I be able to breathe everyday and able to enjoy my life to the fullest with the one I love. 

Finally gonna blog about this super happy and wonderful birthday party that I went. This special party is to celebrating Butterfly Project Malaysia reaches 3 Years Old in 2016 April 30th. I feel that time passes super fast that it has already been 3 years that Butterfly Project Malaysia is born! I feel super glad and grateful that in this blogging journey with Butterfly Project Malaysia, I have learn a lot, making new blogger's friend, learning how to create a good content for blog, have more opportunity to reach out different famous beauty brand in Malaysia.

There is still a long speech to go that I can't be thankful enough to Butterfly Project Malaysia and to the great and inspired founder Tammy Lim which are been the AWESOME supports to all the Butterflies in this community. If its not by Tammy Lim, I don't think this Birthday Party could ever happens. 

Woops, I shall continue my rant in the end of the post. Not forget I have to thanks Althea Korea, Delectable by Su by sponsoring all the goods and venue for this wonderful birthday bash we have for Butterfly Project Malaysia. Let's follow my post to recall back all the wonderful memory we all Butterflies have during the birthday party on the 30th April 2016.
Who doesn't like to eat dessert? Especially CAKES! This time I will share some lovely and yummy cake you can get from ONLINE. I bet normally we will get cakes from pastry shop outside. But sometimes the flavour just didn't turns out to be what we want even it will be too sweet for us too. That's why I don't normally buy cakes from outside pastry. Instead let's look for some delicious handmade cake that are specially handmade from home.

To celebrate my mum lovely 50th Birthday this year. I decided to do something more special. What my mum don't like, she is not much a fan of sweet things or too fancy icing design. What she like will be, healthy handmade cake and flower lover!

So here's when Cake Blast come to my rescue! They totally have the requirement that I want and I can make some really yummy and healthy Birthday Cake for my lovely Mum.

Hi lovely, this week was a hectic for me as I was really busy with my church activities. It was been so long since I really join and help out in events. It was really tiring and fun as well. I am no longer that age that can always stay so late night. Sorry that I will be neglected my blog this weekend. But there's more fun and joy to share my post to all of you guys.

This year was my 24th Birthday and birthday seems not that important to me any more. I only wish to be the together to the one I love and with my little family members. I am not much a party people, but important is you are being loved by people around you. I still feel bless with loved and bless by people around me. 

Shall continue my birthday dinner post at One City, Skypark. We been here the whole day, and there's even have cinema here so if you live nearby you can always come skypark for some movie and chilling place. After lunch, baby prepare a massage session for me to let me rest and relax my body. It was a super relaxing and surprisingly healthy massage about all our body ache. I learnt a lot and the massage is awesome just that the venue is a bit far for me, sigh.

We ended our massage session at 6pm and we decide went for 10th floor for some nice view. The view is very nice and windy. Too bad the sky is fill with hazy weather that day and can't really see the sky clearly. Each view from the corner is different, and you can see everyone there is busy taking photos of the view with friends and lover, lolol. So do we! Here come my photos~weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Is me!

Hi guys, finally I'm able to update my birthday post now. I will be separate my birthday post to 2 part because they are just too many happy things to share. I have write my birthday thoughts on my previous birthday post with church member. This post will be my birthday lunch at this special place. It's my first time here, and this place is amazing. I really can't describe how amazing it is because it is a different view when you see it with your own eyes and from photos. 

I am working on my birthday and have to rush to here at On City, Skypark. I have no idea where my baby will bring me to. But when I saw the signboard and I know! haha! We reach there around 1pm with slight jam and there are always many cars on Saturday. I hate Saturdays cars~~~ haha I quickly get change and do my make up in the toilet lol. I some more bring dress to wear because I never know where he gonna bring me ma. But luckily I got this cute outfit from Twenty3. I will post some of the outfit on the next post.

I never know that my baby decide to bring me have delicious lunch. When I first saw this cafe, it really catch my attention - Charlie Chaplin Cafe. We went straight to upstairs seat because wanted to have some quite time together. But there are construction going on and it was noisy. We decided to have our sweet lunch at downstairs. Before we went downstairs, we take some nice photo there! The interior design here is just too awesome for not to take photo with it xD