Gonna do a quick update on how I spend my Birthday last week. My boyfriend has plan all without my concern. I keep asking since a week before, he keep don't want to answer my question directly. But I always like to keep asking him until he feel annoyed and begging me not to ask him anymore. Nevertheless, we actually celebrated my birthday early since my birthday fall on weekdays. Which I never really care to take leave.

Birthday is just like any normal day to celebrate my birthday and my born date. Feeling grateful to able to born into this world, thanks to my parents. I am still growing healthy and happily everyday. Thank God that I be able to breathe everyday and able to enjoy my life to the fullest with the one I love. 

Our 4 selfie photo. The light is super pretty which we can take selfie happily with different angle. Notice that we even got a soft purple hue outfit together too. Totally unplanned.

Bread as appetizer. Normally I don't eat these kind of bread because it was damn crunchy and I am sucks in eating all these crunchy food because the bites will fall all over places which it was kinda mess for me.

Forest of Mushroom Soup RM 22 

My favorite soup whenever I dine in any restaurant. It was quite mild and full with mushroom taste. It was quite dilute but the overall taste is still there, getting salter when I gonna finish this plate of soup.

The Beef Cut - Tenderloin RM51 (200gram)

Its been a while since I enjoy steak and finally here I am eating my favorite well done tenderloin. Since this is the soft part of beef, it was better to have it cooked well done. Although this part was cooked till well done, but the juiciness of the beef is still juicy and fresh.

With my favorite Black Pepper Sauce. Surprisingly their black pepper sauce was so appetizing and yummy. Very rich black pepper sauce which compliment the Tenderloin so well. I can just dip anything with the black pepper sauce. I even told my boy can we came here often just to try their black pepper sauce only, it was the best black pepper sauce I ever tried. It was quite salty if you just eat the sauce like that.

Baked Pasta and Cheese RM 34

Ordered by my boy which I try few bites only. He didn't complain neither compliment on his food. I guess it taste just alright.

You can see that this Baked pasta is super cheesy and comes in quite huge portion.

Photo with the beautiful view of Kuala Lumpur City.

Evening view of our surrounding.

Night view is so damn pretty also! 

Chocolate Paradise - Häagen-Dazs RM32 

This is so nice and sweet! Totally satisfied my craving since I have not eat ice-cream for some time. Häagen-Dazs was like every girl favorite ice-cream, rich with chocolate flavor which satisfied my sweet craving after meal.

Not forget my boy actually plan to give this birthday cake after meal. But it seems like the waiter totally forget about it, until my boy go to the counter to remind them only they remember. He told me he send signal few times already but nobody seems to understand what he want. He was so anxious the whole time, hahaha.

My Outfit of the night, featuring dress from Doublewoot Fashion. I actually trim few inches of the dress because Doublewoot clothes always too long for me which I only just 155-156cm tall.

I have no idea that this was a revolve restaurant after I been seated. And my boy actually hid the restaurant signboard and block me to look at it. So this was actually a revolve restaurant, which they revolve in the center. It takes around 1 hour to actually turn back to the starting point where you sit.

They have this heritage setup in the middle of the restaurant.

Paintings around the wall also.


If you are not fancy in eating in the restaurant, I guess you can always chill in their sofas area too.

We are here at Revolving Bintang Restaurant enjoying my 25th Birthday Celebration in this awesome and cool place. My first time eating at a revolve restaurant and enjoying KL city view also. Never imagine my boy will bring me here, nevertheless it was a really relaxing and enjoying celebration. It was quite fun where you can see the different view of the night view in the restaurant.

Menu of Revolving Bintang Restaurant. They come in set and ala carte as well.

Lastly thanks my babe Adeline come and deliver this pretty flower bouquet as my present. Super touch and heart warming.

I do a short video during the celebration, it a time lapse of the view from Revolving Bintang Restaurant. I didn't really record the 60 minutes of the one turn but still I manage to film some part which I find it quite interesting. Please subscribe and leave a comment below to let me know if you enjoy my video!

Revolving Bintang Restaurant

35, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3-2148 9166

Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday Open 24 hours



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  1. Happy birthday ,babe! Your fiance was so sweet la ! Can't wait to see you guys when you are married ..haha..XD

    1. Ahhhhhh let's see how then XDDD Thanks babe!

  2. Definitely look like a great birthday celebration... nice view, nice food, nice couple... hehehe... happy birthday gorgeous!!!

  3. aww happy belated bday babe :* all the best wishes for you ^^

  4. Happy 25th birthday to you, Sharon. Revolving Bintang Restaurant is such a memorable place to celebrate!

    1. Thanks Emily! I am glad I was there to celebrate my birthday!

  5. Happy to see you had a great and enjoyable celebration with your bf especially he planned everything on it. And pardon me to wish u a superrrr happy belated birthday! All the best yo!

  6. happy 25th birthday sharon.. you're now at your prime, go and conquer the world!

  7. Oh my my! What a nice treat and your outfit is rocking. Happy Birthday!

  8. ohh the price is actually quite okay for a revolving restaurant and such a view!

  9. The food and place really do made me feel have a visit. And, when I saw your outfit for the first time, is like "Wow, she's hot!" 0.0

  10. Happy 25th Birthday! Never dined at the revolving restaurant before! Am actually quite curious to try it out after reading your post!

    1. It was my first try too! Quite interesting I would say =D

  11. happy birthday Sharon! may you be blessed with abundance of health and wealth through out the year. You look truly gorgeous.

  12. ah so nice! Happy couple and nice celebration!

  13. Happy Birthday sweetie. Both of you so sweet. I like your outfit. You look nice on it.

  14. Happy birthday and I pray for more years to come. I know that you have a blast - but here I go again wishing you have the best time of your life celebrating your birthday.

  15. Happy birthday dear! Enjoy ur big big day and wish all ur dream come true, and this place definitely a great and romantic place to hang out :D

  16. Happy 25th dear! It's mid 25s already, wishing you all the best in your life

  17. Happy Birtthday!! It must be feels really good to have a birthday celebration at such lovely place!

  18. wow! So sweet :) You had a lovely birthday celebration :) Happy Belated Birthday, Sharon :) Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  19. An amazing way to celebrate your birthday with a view! :) Happy belated birthday babe!