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Finally my first Melaka post in my blog, during my trip to Melaka we explore some new places that we haven’t been to. Although Melaka is not the state that we like to go travel to, it is like our mandatory trip during the festival with our families there. But I always feel like there are always so many new and fun places to visit hence I always wanted to introduce Melaka to my readers via my blog!

It's been a while since I blog about my weekend outfit post, today's post is about this orange dress that I bought recently from Taobao. It's my first time trying out a really bright outfit, and I am also addicted to orange accessories. But I haven't found any orange bags or accessories that I like.

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Finally, I have time to blog about this Chinese Traditional park located at the permanent site of FLORIA Putrajaya, or Anjung Floria in Precinct 4, Putrajaya. This look I shot after CNY and finally got time to blog about this look in my blog. All of the photos are so pretty that I couldn't choose which to post to my blog, hope you guys like all the photos that my husband took for me.

Hola another blog post on photography tips! Today I will blog about how to take pretty and aesthetic photos at a bookstore, but first of course you need to find a big book store haha. For today's post, I visited BookXcess at KL East Mall, and have quite a lot of fun taking photos around this bookstore. They also have a lot of fun and interesting corners for me to take photos of too!

Happy 2021!! Can't believe that 2020 has already passed and here we are welcoming 2021 now. I hope everyone stays blessed and healthy. Even though the pandemic is not yet over, but I really hope that we can back to a normal routine soon. Where everyone works as normal, we can hang out and travel again.
I really miss those times and could have never thought that we have been cope with the current lifestyle for almost a year now. 

I do feel responsible as I still travel across the state, but now we are trying to stay at home as long as we can due to the number does not look good. With the Chinese New Year coming soon, I don't think we can have a normal gathering like we always did. During my leave, I took some time off from work and I went to Johor and Melaka during that week. I have enough rest and somehow leaving my own house just somehow change and uplift my mood. 

I finally plan a visit to this new vintage A&W branch at Seventeen Mall at Petaling Jaya. After I go through the photos that others have taken inside the A&W, next is to plan the outfit that I'm going to wear for the shoot. At first, I did not plan for a Black and White outfit because of my recent outfit also wearing a monochrome outfit. But now I'm glad that I'm actually wearing this black dress as it matches the theme and not really overpowering.

After a successful Chinese New Year installation of the Flying Dragon, Kwai Chai Hong is set to create a positive atmosphere again. This time for Mid-Autumn Festival, which actual day falls on 1st October, Kwai Chai Hong is bringing an exciting project to the community, by the community, for the community.

I have been invited to their open launch on the 17th of September. I'm really inspired by all the stories and spirit that the Kwai Chai Hong Management team does. Follow my post to check out what you can do during this Mid Autumn Festival 2020.

Continue my post on my Cuti-Cuti Malaysia post where let's go travel locally in Malaysia during this time. As my previous post on our lovely Nyonya shoot at Swan Garden Hotel with Nyonya outfit, this time I want to bring you guys around Melaka. Seriously I been to Melaka numerous times, but I rarely go explore what's really nice there. This time since we are going to Melaka to celebrate my birthday and, what are things that I like to do? Yes! Finding and Exploring some nice places to take photos! 

I figure and try to update this post as frequently as I can because I still have few places that I didn't manage to go visit due to COVID and limited time of exploring Melaka! I definitely hope to visit Melaka again to visit those places I miss out on from my list in the future.

Back to another staycation post with my favorite gang #CMNS!! This time we will be invading to Melaka and although Carinn and I have been traveling more often to Melaka with our own family. But this time we are here in Melaka with CMNS gang and it's been almost a year ago since we last travel together to Penang and now finally to Melaka. Hopefully, we can also plan another trip soon to JB by the end of the year. 

Before I blog about this shooting and the hotel we shoot and stay at, I want to thanks Swan Garden Hotel Melaka, Tiffany Yong, Hf Photo Studio, and Penang Nyonya Culture for making this post happen! Also want to thanks my twinnie, Carinn for inviting all of us along to this trip to Melaka. Never thought that every one of us is so spontaneous and we immediately arrange our schedule to make this trip happen. Not only I will share with you guys on the shooting photos, but also I will bring you guys through the hotel rooms we shot at!

Cheers to my first Redang Post on my blog after almost a month since I went to Pulau Redang. Basically is a trip to recharge and stay away from home for a while. However, I do feel exhausted and tired after back from the trip due to a lack of sleep. But overall the trip is super worth it and we both enjoy ourself very much during our 4 days 3 nights trip at Pulau Redang. 

With all MCO thing and we are only allowed to travel locally, island getaway is always the best to start with! Especially in Malaysia, there is so many pretty and relaxing island for you to travel and enjoy yourself by chilling and enjoying the sea and the beach. I do know that not everyone likes to travel to the island due to the hot sun and not many activities to be done there. But for me, I really prefer to go somewhere hot than cold, and most importantly I love the beach and sea a lot too! Before I go to those long-winded itineraries post, I will start to blog about tips and tricks to take some nice and pretty photos at the beach!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends! This year Chinese New Year sure came early and I can't really get the fact that time flies. This year was a splendid year for me. I can't wait for more travel trip in this 2016, in the mean time you can see more updates from my Facebook or Instagram.

This Chinese New Year I will be back to Malacca where my mum hometown was. This year I think Chinese New Year is the best time to gathering together since my grandfather pass away last year. Although we didn't get to celebrate Chinese New Year as before but still we can gathering as one in Malacca. 

In case you guys ask where's my hometown at, it was actually in Kuala Lumpur. Malacca is my mum hometown, since divorce I always back to Malacca with my mum during festive season.

Photo shooting @ Setiawalk Mall, Puchong

Hi lovelies, if you have been follow me in Instagram you will know that I have a make over just few weeks ago. It happen on the most busy and sad week that I encounter. So I kinda have mix feeling for the day I photo shoot, not sure whether to be happy and sad about it. But the happy things I manage to do it on the Actual Shooting day itself without have to postpone the shooting schedule again just for me.

I will definitely remember that week so well and thanks God for everything that he had plan for me. Another thing that I want to be thankful of is I won the Biotrue® Experience Contest as their 3rd Prize Winner. I did write a post about the event launch and the Contest too previously. 

The day I received the email announced that I have won, I was so excited and feel like I am dreaming. I have win myself 200 Cash Prize + 3 Days 2 Nights Hotel Stay at Alunan Boutique Resort + 2 Months Supply of Biotrue ONEday Lenses worth RM 500 + Aster Spring Facial & Eye Treatement worth RM300.

I am really happy that I was really lucky enough to win all these and specially THANKS to BAUSCH + LOMB once again.

Want to see hows my after make over looks like? Until now we still haven't receive any official photos from BAUSCH + LOMB. But I will just share some of the shooting photos that my boyfriend help me to take.

Hi guys start my second week in October with another shooting post I did in August. How fast the time flies that we left 2 months plus till we end the year of 2015. Last week have been a hectic week for me, as I experience loss of my grandfather, busy schedule with my photo shooting for Bausch & Lombs, my boyfriend's birthday and serving in Church.

I can't imagine how I manage to do all this in just 4 days. Staying night in my grandparents was not easy, not able to rest through out the funeral ceremony, rushing back KL to done all my unfinished things. Plus with my period is starting on the Saturday. Seriously I need rest and more rest after all this. Thank God I some how manage to survive with all these.

Back to my post, just show you guys some of the shooting I done with my boyfriend. I like how we often mingling around the place and shoot according the places we went. We plan to shoot at Merchant Lane but the cafe was close due to Public Holiday. So we choose another cafe to have the shooting.

We are at Einstein Cafe. The interior was really vintage and I love this corner of the place with the wooden furniture and the color as well.