Cheers to my first Redang Post on my blog after almost a month since I went to Pulau Redang. Basically is a trip to recharge and stay away from home for a while. However, I do feel exhausted and tired after back from the trip due to a lack of sleep. But overall the trip is super worth it and we both enjoy ourself very much during our 4 days 3 nights trip at Pulau Redang. 

With all MCO thing and we are only allowed to travel locally, island getaway is always the best to start with! Especially in Malaysia, there is so many pretty and relaxing island for you to travel and enjoy yourself by chilling and enjoying the sea and the beach. I do know that not everyone likes to travel to the island due to the hot sun and not many activities to be done there. But for me, I really prefer to go somewhere hot than cold, and most importantly I love the beach and sea a lot too! Before I go to those long-winded itineraries post, I will start to blog about tips and tricks to take some nice and pretty photos at the beach!

1. Posing Inspo

Feeling not very inspired on how to pose for photos or when u at the beach? Don't be lazy! Watch some videos, from Youtube, Tiktok and or any channel you prefer to look for more inspiration for poses to pose when you at the beach. It doesn't matter if you only check during the last minute or so, but I think the effort is what matters the most! 

My idea of inspiration would be mainly from Tiktok where they have those quick and short videos for you to refer to. Since is a short video recording, you can easily find more inspire pose to learn and try!

2. Click and Snap!!

For photographers tips, just snap as many photos as you can! I feel that even though you are not professional or how, first is to have patience! Then next is to take as many photos as you can. You may wear sunglasses for protection under direct sunlight. Because one of the challenges facing during the photo shoot at the beach is the hot sun direct shoot at you. Where you can't basically have a good look at your camera. To simplify, shoot as many as you can, try to hold the camera straight and middle, and change the angle of shooting as you go along. 

The close shots I took as above, is where I have my husband hold the phone and we change to the front camera and he just keeps on press and shoots as I was posing in front of the camera. I can tell you honestly we took like so many hundreds of shots and out of those I only pick those that are really nice ones!

It is very difficult to shoot a nice photo of the sun! Just snap as many as you can so that you can get the photo that you want. Open wide-angle to shot more objects and background in one photo. It will give those long legs effect too.

Even for this photo were to shoot me as I'm lying down, basically, my husband just keeps on click and snap photos on the phone because can't really see a thing on my phone due to direct sunlight at around 11-12pm!! Try to not take a too close shot, so that you can have more space to rotate and crop.

3. Accessorize!!

I do know that sometimes when we go travel we opt to bring lesser items with us. But when my extraness kicks in I can do and bring anything to achieve nicer and pretty photo. As you can see from the start of my post, you will see that I have brought a lot of props with me during this trip. From the straw hat, rattan bag, fake flowers, picnic mat and etc. 

Straw hat and Flower as props. When I take photos, I prefer to have something to hold on to, so that when u pose and take photos your hand can have more different poses and your hand won't feel awkward when you posing.

It is also recommended to bring one thin outer to wear when you are under the sun, who knows it can be a nice prop for you when taking photos.

Sunglasses spot on!

4. Outfits

Plan your outfit well!! I do some last-minute shopping on the outfits that I'm gonna wear and bring for this trip. I didn't shop for a new swimsuit because I didn't wear this out during my last year trip at Danang, might as well just wear it again. But I'm thinking to hunt for some nice swimsuit soon! I bought two swimsuits with me, which one of them is a long sleeve to protect under the sun, and another is for phot purposes.

For the color theme of what to bring and wear to the beach, I always stan for more bright colors like yellow, orange, or red. But nevertheless, I feel that basically all colors match well with the beach, and it all depends on how u match. But if you want to have more contrast color you can always start with bright and pop colors like yellow, orange, or red. 

I feel that my swimsuit color is quite special where it is dark green with a hint of white and blue. I find it very pretty and tone down. It also gives the illusion of a slimmer body line due to its darker tone color.

I never thought of blue can be such a nice and sweet color to wear by the beach. But I don't really recommend since the color kinda blend in with the sea and the sky. That's why you will notice that when I'm wearing this blue dress, I don't directly take any photos near to the beach or the sky. It is still a nice color to wear for a beach vacation!

And oops! I didn't think of including a purple color dress to my trip but my husband does ask me to try it out and turn out the color looks extra gorgeous when I'm with the sea and blue sky. We bought this like 4 days ago when we are in Melaka and visited this gorgeous boutique, and I just fall in love straight with this amazing purple butterfly dress!!

Pose learn from Tik Tok!! It is really a great place to learn how to pose and take photo too.

That day the weather is not as great as the first day so you notice that the weather is very cloudy.

For my last outfit, back to the basic bright colors recommendation, I go for red color! This dress I have been wanted to wear for the longest time but I just don't have a better occasion for this dress. With its full red color dress, it gives the most contrast to the sea and the sky. I am really happy I get to saw this boat at Redang. The guy is kind enough to borrow us to take some photo inside this transparent boat.

But to be frank, I am really scared when I am sitting inside the boat!! Because with just only one side of the weight, it is quite shacky and unbalances. While I'm there scare out hell, my husband keeps asking me to stay calm and keep taking as many photos as he can. He reassures me that he will hold the boat for me so that the boat does not overturn.

5. Be yourself, be confident!

We continue to explore the beach to the other side and found this gorgeous stone area for photo taking. But I guess you can see that since I'm wearing a red dress and the stone color are pretty much in brown or red the color turns out quite tone down. Here's why color outfit planning is important when you go to travel!

To be frank guys I am not a confident girl at all in all the things I did in my life. But one of the things I grow confident about is in posing and taking photos! Even though when you are not confident try to act it out and when you start to get used to the environment the people around you, you will feel your confidence level starts to grow. One of the things is because I am doing things that I like, therefore I can be myself while I am posing for photo. 

Lastly hope these trips can help you during your shoot at the beach. Every tip counts to achieve nice and pretty photos by the beach. Don't afraid to pose ugly or do mistake, because from there you will able to find which angle or which side of your face is the best or which pose suits you more. From there you can start practice and improvise until you get the pose and photograph that you want!

Also find that someone who willing to do this for you! Thanks to my hubby for the patience and hard work for taking all these nice photos for me.

Redang Beach Resorts 4D3N
Pulau Redang, 21090 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

Till then.


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