I finally plan a visit to this new vintage A&W branch at Seventeen Mall at Petaling Jaya. After I go through the photos that others have taken inside the A&W, next is to plan the outfit that I'm going to wear for the shoot. At first, I did not plan for a Black and White outfit because of my recent outfit also wearing a monochrome outfit. But now I'm glad that I'm actually wearing this black dress as it matches the theme and not really overpowering.

Black and Orange color is A&W signature colors, even though the decors all very vintage. But they still remain the two signature colors in the decor itself. I find orange can be a very fun and pop color, so when you need to add some color to your outfit, orange can be your choice of color to spice up your outfit.

Although the restaurant is not too big, you can still find some cute vintage corners to take some photos around the restaurant. 

I don't own a lot of black dresses in my wardrobe. This dress is one of my recent hauls from Taobao also. I was planned to wear it during my Redang trip but ended up I didn't because I scare of hot and sweat wearing this black midi dress by the beach. It has a square neckline which adds more classic elegant vibes to the dress. Therefore I'm really happy that I decided to choose this dress for this shooting.

Besides their normal dining area with mainly orange, white, and black color, they have this really huge vintage painting with their burger set serve on the other side of the wall. They have the side seats for you to dine in as well.

The back design of the dress is also very pretty. It has a little cut down on the waist area and ribbon to tie around also. I like how it is plain on the front, but at the back of the dress, there are some extra details that people will catch their eyes on. Also wanted to show the two black ribbon that I tie for the hairstyle I inspired by Ji soo from Black Pink.

For my accessories to complete this outfit, I'm wearing my new Tory Burch bag and New slip-on heels from Taobao. I keep these two the same color tone in black. I'm also wearing a small and simple gold round hook earrings in gold. I guess this is the only color that I wear besides the all-black color.

You can also find this old music jukebox inside the restaurant. I remember I used to see this in the A&W restaurant when I visit A&W as a kid. This jukebox does carry a lot of childhood memories for me and whenever I saw this, I will know how it carries the important evolution of music players throughout the generation. For me, old is always gold and I hope that everyone can remember how we use to play music using this jukebox.

That's all on my outfit shoot around the A&W, the interior basically all in Black and Orange color. With the Black and White diagonal floor tiles, if gives more vintagey vibes to the restaurant.

The overall lighting and the interior definitely lift the atmosphere up. I really like the overall ambiance and design of the restaurant. I definitely have a lot of fun and enjoy my shoot here at A&W, Seventeen Mall PJ.

Outfit Details
Dress | Taobao
Bag | Tory Burch
Heels | Taobao

A&W Seventeen Mall
Lot L1-07 Level 1, Seventeen Mall, 
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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