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Last week, I slowed down on updating my blog due to my menstrual cycle. Instead, I spent more time resting and reading webtoons online. However, I remained active on my Instagram, XHS, and Facebook accounts. Feel free to follow me on @snowmansharing. This is a short blog about my outfit of the day. I decided to write about it because I wanted to record this memory. After all, this black modern long cheongsam is not something I usually wear.

My last CNY OOTD to update in my blog. Compared to my Christmas OOTD post I have lesser CNY OOTD haha! I have so many more Chinese New Year outfits that I don't have time to update my blog. But I posted most of it on my Instagram account already. I have posted more on my Instagram account for my #cnyootd look because I have a lot of nice outfits for this Chinese New Year. 

This year for Chinese New Year, I tried out many new outfits and styles that I had never worn before. I would really like to blog about it because it is definitely my first time trying ma mian qun for this year's CNY. I didn't plan to photoshoot with my cheongsam this year, but instead, I tried this ma mian qun outfit for this Chinese New Year. Do read more to see all the beautiful photos that I took with this ma mian qun outfit!

The second Chinese New Year outfit post is here! This time I went to one of my favorite malls which is The Gardens Mall. This time their CNY decorations definitely are better than Mid Valley. Generally, the Mid Valley one is nice also but it feels quite messy and hard to maintain the nice Chinese New Year decor. I just prefer The Garden CNY decors compared to Mid Valley. I like to visit these two malls because I can visit two shopping malls in just one visit.

Kickstart my CNY outfit post with this pretty cheongsam top from a new local IG Shop that I recently stumbled upon. Today outfit post we went to One Utama Shopping Mall, we didn’t manage to visit during Christmas but also because the decor for Christmas is not that nice hence also we didn’t plan to go there. Unlike Christmas, Chinese New Year celebrations are much longer compared to Christmas. Also, I will enjoy Christmas more than CNY, hence I will take my time to update CNY outfits in my blog.

For the year 2023, I have been traveling a lot. Besides traveling to Bangkok and Singapore so frequently, I also travel locally to different states in Malaysia. This is my first time visiting Kuching, Sarawak. Although we didn’t get to travel as #CMNS this time, we still had fun traveling the 3 of us. During most of the trip, we ate a lot and visited nice places, I did not take so many pictures but only wanted to share the photos that we took at this really nice place Malaysia-China Friendship Park is where the biggest Chagee in Malaysia is here too. 


It is quite fun to plan and shoot a proper cheongsam shoot every Chinese New Year. But it also depends if we have the place or venue to do so or not. This is the second year that I actually did this, this Bamboo hill is also a new place where they plant a lot of bamboo around this area. I also feel that this whole place is very traditional which is also suitable to take some nice CNY Cheongsam photos. When we were here, the whole place was so crowded, and it was really hard to take proper ootd photos too.

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Finally, I have time to blog about this Chinese Traditional park located at the permanent site of FLORIA Putrajaya, or Anjung Floria in Precinct 4, Putrajaya. This look I shot after CNY and finally got time to blog about this look in my blog. All of the photos are so pretty that I couldn't choose which to post to my blog, hope you guys like all the photos that my husband took for me.

Here I am with my Cheongsam look that we took at Kwai Chai Hong on the last day of Chinese New Year. Although Chinese New Year has passed, I still want to share these shots that we take. Thanks to my husband for shooting all these Leng Leng photo of me. I'm still thankful that I can still receive this Cheongsam before the Chinese New Year ended. 
Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends! This year Chinese New Year sure came early and I can't really get the fact that time flies. This year was a splendid year for me. I can't wait for more travel trip in this 2016, in the mean time you can see more updates from my Facebook or Instagram.

This Chinese New Year I will be back to Malacca where my mum hometown was. This year I think Chinese New Year is the best time to gathering together since my grandfather pass away last year. Although we didn't get to celebrate Chinese New Year as before but still we can gathering as one in Malacca. 

In case you guys ask where's my hometown at, it was actually in Kuala Lumpur. Malacca is my mum hometown, since divorce I always back to Malacca with my mum during festive season.

Photo shooting @ Setiawalk Mall, Puchong