Kickstart my CNY outfit post with this pretty cheongsam top from a new local IG Shop that I recently stumbled upon. Today outfit post we went to One Utama Shopping Mall, we didn’t manage to visit during Christmas but also because the decor for Christmas is not that nice hence also we didn’t plan to go there. Unlike Christmas, Chinese New Year celebrations are much longer compared to Christmas. Also, I will enjoy Christmas more than CNY, hence I will take my time to update CNY outfits in my blog.
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I wonder why when we start to take ootd the photos look not nice. The angle makes my face look fat also. Also, the photo angle that I like compared with my husband is quite different nowadays. But tbh I’m not that whiny person, I’m a very forgiving person as long as there are nice photos one or two will be sufficient for me since we don’t post all the photos that we shoot as well.

Tbh I also gained a lot of weight I think that’s why it is it is also hard to take nice photos. I’m trying to control my weight between 54-56kg by exercise and diet. Definitely not easy as we grow older our body mechanisms are slow as well, hopefully, I can maintain ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Talking about this cheongsam top, it’s been my favorite red cheongsam top. It has this modern design and the material is so soft and pretty. It has a pretty print that is not so obvious but you can see it when you look closer. The material is iron-free as well, definitely my favorite of all ❤️

I bought a lot of tops and didn’t purchase any bottoms to match. I just wore back my old bottom beige PVC leather skirt. I have been wearing a lot of PVC leather during this festive season maybe it just easily matches with all my red outfits.

The decor around One Utama Shopping Mall has a lot of fake plum blossom trees. I use 2 hair clips to tie this cute hairstyle nothing too fancy. I'm wearing this pair of new Chinese New Year earrings that I bought from Mr. DIY, they have so many cute CNY earrings that everyone can shop at!

I really like the old building decor corner of One Utama Shopping Mall. But it was too bad that day due to the Lion Dance performance hence I'm not able to take a proper shot without any obstacles or crowds.

Later we managed to find a more secluded corner to take a more proper Chinese New Year Outfit.

My husband likes to shoot my Chinese New Year shot with this effect with the plum blossom flower tree.

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My favorite photo angle look that we took here. Hope you guys enjoy my Chinese New Year outfit look that I took at One Utama Shopping Mall.

The cheongsam top comes with this pretty pearl button that is across the top which I think is very classy and modern as well. I wear this beige color PVC leather and somehow it matches the pearl button of the top as well. For this time's red outfit, I wear a more neutral white beige color to match the red top since it has the hint of a white pearl button. I also bring a neutral color bag to complete my first Chinese New Year outfit.

Outfit Details
Top | BethnLee
Bottom | Taobao
Bag | Coach Outlet

I wanted to show you guys also the Chinese New Year decor of One Utama Shopping Mall. They put a lot of effort into this Chinese New Year decor. Also when we grow older we start to reminisce old days and here in One Utama Shopping Mall, you can definitely come and take photos with the old theater they have set up.

Not to forget they also have Bruce Li here as well, although is not the best and most similar one but not too bad for the effort they have here.

I will definitely recommend you come to One Utama Shopping Mall to enjoy some CNY vibes and bring back some childhood memories as well. My next Chinese New Year Mall hopping will be at The Gardens Mall! 



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