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The second Chinese New Year outfit post is here! This time I went to one of my favorite malls which is The Gardens Mall. This time their CNY decorations definitely are better than Mid Valley. Generally, the Mid Valley one is nice also but it feels quite messy and hard to maintain the nice Chinese New Year decor. I just prefer The Garden CNY decors compared to Mid Valley. I like to visit these two malls because I can visit two shopping malls in just one visit.

Kickstart my CNY outfit post with this pretty cheongsam top from a new local IG Shop that I recently stumbled upon. Today outfit post we went to One Utama Shopping Mall, we didn’t manage to visit during Christmas but also because the decor for Christmas is not that nice hence also we didn’t plan to go there. Unlike Christmas, Chinese New Year celebrations are much longer compared to Christmas. Also, I will enjoy Christmas more than CNY, hence I will take my time to update CNY outfits in my blog.

Can’t believe time passes so fast and CNY gonna end by end of the week. I still have one more CNY ootd post to blog about. For this CNY, I think mine is quite boring because my husband's car broke down and we kinda stuck with in-laws and back to KL quite early. But I am also glad that we back to KL earlier because I manage to do a lot of things during the free time I have when most of the time we stay home and do nothing 😁 Except for day 1 and day 2 of Chinese New Year which are usually just Chinese visitation among the families, the rest of the days I just read a lot of novels and comic which I don't usually do. This is also because when I start to read or watch novels or comics I can't stop and get addicted until I finish it. Since I'm free and on leave, I manage to read and blog a lot too!

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This is my first official where I first show my short hair look when I cut it. After this short hair, I think I will grow it again longer. If you have known me long you will see that I always like to cut short and grow again. Many people say I look much nicer with short hair, well I agree, but I also like my long hair where I could style more differently compared to short hair.

It's Christmas now and finally I can blog about my first Christmas outfit I take at One Utama. During this Christmas, they have a Kaleidoscopes playroom at the center court old wing area. I have been wanted to come here to see their Christmas decor as well. Thanks, Nicole also for hanging out with me the whole day and taking all these pretty photos for me.

Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Caffe Bene, I had enjoyed a wonderful Ultra Violet Party last weekend with all the Butterflies. Although this is a small and cozy party together. I really love it and how we can enjoy and learn more about the concept behind this Ultra Violet Series from Caffe Bene. Since it was an UltraViolet Party, we are all in a purple and it looks so nice when seeing all of wearing my favorite Purple color in an event!

Ohai I guess you must have know that I have been to PABLO Matcha pre-launching with few of my fellow bloggers. When I first heard that PABLO is going to launch their Matcha Cheese tart, I was really happy and excited because I am a matcha lover. This is a great news for me too!

Too bad that this time the mini matcha cheese tart is not launched yet due to shipment issues. But fret not, because there is also few Matcha dessert launch following with matcha drinks too!

Yeay is PABLO time! As of you all know Pablo is having a grand opening on 6th December 2016 at One Utama. Their first branch is open now at One Utama and hopes for more branch to be open in whole Malaysia. PABLO is origin from Japan and they serve really yummy cheese tart. PABLO also very famous from Japan too!

So yeah now you don't need to fly to Japan to enjoy PABLO Cheese Tart already because now at One Utama you can easily taste this famous cheese tart from Japan!
Hi all lovelies, its been a while since I blogged about food here. Went to Nana's Green Tea during the last weekend with Adeline. Guess what we are both Matcha lover that is why here this is perfect Matcha Date together.

I guess everyone heard about Nana's Green Tea before right, but this is the first time I dine in and enjoy their Match Green Tea dessert. There are many franchise around Kl and Selangor area. But at One Utama, The branch here served a lot of varieties of food, including set meal, drink and of cause their signature Matcha dessert.