This is my first official where I first show my short hair look when I cut it. After this short hair, I think I will grow it again longer. If you have known me long you will see that I always like to cut short and grow again. Many people say I look much nicer with short hair, well I agree, but I also like my long hair where I could style more differently compared to short hair.

Swaggers finally meet up after my short hiatus, can't believe our first met up after so long is at RollerWa! It is my first time trying out roller skate, I have never tried anything that requires good balance so in general, I'm quite bad with roller skates, skateboards, and even bicycles. But we have to just try everything that we have never tried before, and here I am my first-time roller skating. 

RollerWa is also a new place for youngsters to come here for a photo. Not only you can enjoy roller skating, but also be here to take some nice vintage photos. The whole place is quite dim but they have a lot of LED lights around. You will definitely need a nicer low-light camera when you are here for photos!

In the photos, I can barely balance myself nicely but thanks to my patient group of friends that hold me along the way during the roller skating.


Love this mirror selca that we took when we are here at RollerWa.

Holding my little lover here.

Can't really imagine there are so many nice spots for photo-taking! I also really like my outfit of the day because is a collab between LEE x H&M. Since I'm also starting with the surname Lee, hence when I saw this collaboration I figure that I need to purchase some of the outfits from this collab.

If you notice my bucket hat and the white top actually comes in Lee print on them. The Lee font on the top is in purple pastel color which is also my favorite color. The white top itself is quite sheer so it is better to wear a corset or outer like how I wear, it is also one of the pieces collab Lee x H&M which both of them look so nice when wearing together.

Disco light feels corner.

I really like this top jeans corset which is something I rarely try and wear. I also have a hard time to think what to wear for my bottom. I just wear them with my favorite biker pair of jeans which is a much lighter wash of jeans color. Voila and there we have this jeans on jeans outfit! Although it looks like my fats are compressed with all the tight jeans I still like this outfit. ๐Ÿ˜†

This is where everyone can play and roll in this area. This area is not quite big but if you just wish to roller and enjoy the songs and ambiance, this place is quite a nice place to do so. 

My Outfit Details
Top + Corset | H&M
Bottom | Taobao
Shoes | JD Sport
Bucket Hat | H&M

If anyone is interested to come and enjoy some roller skating at RollerWa, One Utama can refer to the price list above.

ROLLERWA Petaling Jaya
Lot F603A-F613, First Floor, 1Utama 
 47800 Selangor Petaling Jaya


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