Ohai I guess you must have know that I have been to PABLO Matcha pre-launching with few of my fellow bloggers. When I first heard that PABLO is going to launch their Matcha Cheese tart, I was really happy and excited because I am a matcha lover. This is a great news for me too!

Too bad that this time the mini matcha cheese tart is not launched yet due to shipment issues. But fret not, because there is also few Matcha dessert launch following with matcha drinks too!

Original PABLO Cheese tart is available here too!  Since the mini cheese tart is quite a hit from Pablo, if you want to try it remember to visit PABLO earlier to avoid any disappointment.

Matcha with Shiratama RM15.90

Really love this drink! Although the matcha taste is not too strong but I love how it gives the right aroma. The whip cream on top is the blend of azuki beans. Love the shiratama ball pair with this drink too! 

You basically just drink matcha dessert!

Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama & Azuki 
RM 49.90

Here's come our main character of the day! Omg I am in love with the juicy and smooth texture of both of the cheese tart. This is topping is a normal jelly, this is to secure the big cheese tart formation.

My favorite PABLO Matcha Cheese Tart is going to launch at Pablo on 11th January.

Don't be fool by the outlook! With it super crispy outer that is really addicting, inside you can enjoy azuki bean and mochi balls too. 

I love the texture of the Matcha Cheese Tart, not only that you can enjoy the Cheese Tart but the combination of the filing is really surprising and unique. 

Sabrel Cheese RM 36.90

Go for this dry snack of Matcha flavor! Love the matcha filling with the crispy outer.

Matcha Cheese Soft Serve RM 11.90

The matcha taste is not too strong I guess is because of the cheese. Because I prefer the matcha taste to be much stronger. Overall the texture of the soft serve was really milky and rich with cheese where you barely can taste the matcha taste out.

Adding on, you can enjoy their Chocolate flavor cheese tart too! Although I am a chocolate lover, but this was really too sweet for me. I would prefer the Matcha flavor over this. 

Top Recommended

1. Original Cheese Tart
2. Matcha Cheese Tart
3. Chocolate Cheese Tart

Besides that, PABLO is giving away FREE 1 mini Matcha Cheese Soft Serve ice cream for every purchase of 1 Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart from 11th January 2017 until 28th February 2017. Don't miss your chance to try out the soft serve as well! Mark down your calendar now.

PABLO Matcha will launch on the 11th of January 2017! To all the matcha lover out there, be sure to check PABLO Matcha out. Fret not as the mini matcha cheese tart will be out soon too, stay tuned.

For more yummy details

PABLO Cheesetart Malaysia

1 Utama Shopping Center, 
Level 2 (Old Wing),
 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


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  1. Ah those Pablo in matcha and original flavours look delicious divine! Yummy!

  2. wow so fast got new flavour.
    been busy no time go 1u, wonder whats next new flavour.

  3. I love their dry cheese snacks as well! Their cheesetart look superb as well :D

  4. I tried it out too. love it. Hope they open more branch soon

    1. I know right! So that we no need to travel to PJ for yummy cheese tart!

  5. I've always loved Pablo cheese cakes. Now, with a new flavour, I cannot help but wish that i could get a taste of it right now.

  6. heard so much about this and it makes me so super tempted... i want to sink my teeth in this yummy tarts too

  7. I heard the match is nice. So sad, I miss the good opportunity. I going to try it.

  8. I really like their Matcha series, will definitely go back soon :)

  9. Missed out the chance to try their Matcha Tart! T.T Is the original better or this?

  10. I honestly love the chcocolate frute and the sabrel cheese. The two really makes the perfect combo

  11. I've seen so many of you blog about Pablo. Really wanted to try but then I hate the long queue...

  12. I still prefer their original flavour, overall most of their food taste good.

  13. Have been hearing about Pablo for awhile now, really need to go and give them a go. Heard their original flavor is lovely- so will probably give that one a try first ;)

    1. Yea! Give it a try after you give birth yeay! hehe

  14. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!