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Last day of Chinese New Year but still want to post this CNY outfit on my blog. This Chinese New Year is as usual that we travel to Melaka with in-laws and visit their relatives during CNY. Just nice that my grandma's house is also nearby we also visit during day 2 of CNY. My husband's car broke down and we didn't manage to travel to Kluang.

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Can’t believe time passes so fast and CNY gonna end by end of the week. I still have one more CNY ootd post to blog about. For this CNY, I think mine is quite boring because my husband's car broke down and we kinda stuck with in-laws and back to KL quite early. But I am also glad that we back to KL earlier because I manage to do a lot of things during the free time I have when most of the time we stay home and do nothing 😁 Except for day 1 and day 2 of Chinese New Year which are usually just Chinese visitation among the families, the rest of the days I just read a lot of novels and comic which I don't usually do. This is also because when I start to read or watch novels or comics I can't stop and get addicted until I finish it. Since I'm free and on leave, I manage to read and blog a lot too!

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Hola my first CNY ootd post. Been missing for almost a week because really trying my best to catch up on my life. Time passes too fast and a lot of cleaning to do too, and didn’t visit enough CNY mall decor also πŸ˜‚ This post is where we go to Sunway Pyramid to do some CNY shopping and our leg sore the next day after almost 5-6 hours of shopping.

Happy Chinese New Year πŸŽ‰ This year CNY definitely will be very different from previous years. We are unable to travel interstate but I'm lucky to have my both families staying near to me. Hence. this year we still able to have a small gathering at home for a reunion. Although we couldn't head out for this festive, buying new clothes for CNY is like a tradition for me and I would definitely shop for some new outfits for myself too!

Here I am with my Cheongsam look that we took at Kwai Chai Hong on the last day of Chinese New Year. Although Chinese New Year has passed, I still want to share these shots that we take. Thanks to my husband for shooting all these Leng Leng photo of me. I'm still thankful that I can still receive this Cheongsam before the Chinese New Year ended. 

This year Chinese New Year, unlike my usual style I didn't wear a lot of red color outfit. I guess I wear enough during Christmas and time to back to some neutral color. Not much of outfit idea to share in this post, but would like to jot down what I wear for this year Chinese New Year.

Just before CNY end, I would like to update my Chinese New Year outfit post. Here's my Day 2 look with my red top and favorite embroidery jeans when I visit my grandmother house in Malacca. For this year my CNY outfit is lesser compared to last year, but I still manage to pull out 2 outfits during this year CNY. 

My first CNY Outfit post is up! At first, I was thinking of compiling two outfits in one post but since the photos are too much I will blog 1 outfit in 1 Blogspot instead. I know that we always think of red for Chinese New Year, so do me. 

During the festive season, I will be obsessed with getting a red outfit for myself. BTW I am definitely not a red color type of girls, but I guess as we grow our color taste change and eventually I became to love red even more. Red is a color that brightens up your skin tone, you look slimmer and your outfit stands out more too!

Oops, can't believe that Chinese New Year ended and time flew so fast! Without Further ado, I shall continue on my CNY Outfit Post Part 2. Like I had mentioned it earlier this year Chinese New Year I wear a lot of pants outfit. No reason for it, but just feel like wearing pants all the way. Pants can be wear in a different style when you wear a different type of top too. Basically pants are way more fun to style with.

Ohai! As usual, will updates my Chinese New Year outfit every year. I took quite a lot of photos for all my CNY outfit and have to separate to two posts. This time only one outfit is taken by my boyfriend the other outfit is by my mom and my cousin sister.

Compare to last year I didn't wear much red piece during this Chinese New Year. I wear lots of pants outfit too. Only the Cheong Sam 2 piece set comes in skort design, not a skirt design.
Hola people, finally I have compiled the outfits I wear during Chinese New Year. I added 1 outfit that I wore before the week of Chinese New Year. I really like that outfit a lot so I plan to post about it too. As you all know Chinese New Year is all about Red (ANG ANG) meaning the festive and happy color. We will be wearing red to show respect too as the elders would prefer to see RED and BRIGHT color too.

I know that not many people are fan of RED and so do I. But this year I'm so hype up with Red during this Chinese New Year then I do wear Red for almost everyday until Day 5 of CNY. I'm not always a Red kind of girl too, only during festive season. In this post I will share with you guys tips to start wearing RED during any festive season. We shall start from the super light cool tone of Nude Pink to the Chili RED cheongsam.