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Another furry top that I bought for this Christmas outfit. I bought from my favorite local designer shop, and have been supporting her because I really like how creative and fun their design is. I also can’t wait to style some of the new items I bought from them for the upcoming Chinese New Year. 

Hola my first CNY ootd post. Been missing for almost a week because really trying my best to catch up on my life. Time passes too fast and a lot of cleaning to do too, and didn’t visit enough CNY mall decor also 😂 This post is where we go to Sunway Pyramid to do some CNY shopping and our leg sore the next day after almost 5-6 hours of shopping.

Thanks, Butterfly Project for the opportunity to try on this special face treatment with NOVU Aesthetics. It's been a while since I try out any aesthetics treatment, and I am really excited to try out the treatment for my face and my eyes  Because I always suffer from tired and puffy eyes, due to late sleep and late intake of water during the night.

It's the time of the year that school holidays start! So in conjunction with the upcoming school holidays, guests will have the chance to see Sunway Lagoon’s newest and adorable additions: a pair of 4-month old white tiger cubs, Sam and Elsa, the first white tiger cubs born in captivity during the Walk & Hunt in the Wild campaign (17 – 25 March 2018)! 

Cubs to Samson and Asha, the majestic icy blue-eyed white tiger beauties at Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park that were brought into the park in August 2016, the cubs are already showing their distinct characteristics and behavior. I am lucky to have the first preview of the white tiger cubs along with the media as well.

I have been to NYX Store Opening at Sunway Pyramid last few weeks. It was a really happening launching on that day itself. I get to shop for few items from the store itself too. Can't believe I start to love NYX products more and more. I'm impressed on how they have grown and quality of the product has been improved and innovative too! 

Hi, Snowies! Time for a foodie post to kickstart your Monday Blue, finally campaign is over. I always feel work is never ending and never done. I hope I can get more passion and energy to overcome hardship even more!

But how do I even release stress out? I love cafe hopping and pancakes seems like a good option to release stress during the weekend. I am pretty impressed that they not only served pancakes but also some breakfast set would definitely open up your appetite too!  

On the 12th of March, I have attend blogger conferences with Chef Wan at BMS Organics. We get to meet Chef Wan and take photo with him as well. All the while I have heard a lot of good reviews about BMS Organics, which serve healthy, organics and mainly vegetarian food. 

Hello pretties, finally I have time to blog about one my favorite Cartoon Cafe in Town. Hello Kitty will always be my favourite since small and till now too. Although you can't find many Hello Kitty in my wearing but loving the cartoon doesn't mean you have to keep wearing or showing it out. But my house was definitely full with Hello Kitty Collection until my mum keep asking me to give it out.

Yeay since the opening Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe few months ago, finally able to visit the place with Juneci and her boyfriend. The Hello Kitty cartoon for this Gourmet Cafe was definitely looking so adorable. It is advisable to book in advance but if you are walk in customer you can always sit their downstairs area.

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe.
Even the Vase was stick with their Logo.