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Hola my first CNY ootd post. Been missing for almost a week because really trying my best to catch up on my life. Time passes too fast and a lot of cleaning to do too, and didn’t visit enough CNY mall decor also 😂 This post is where we go to Sunway Pyramid to do some CNY shopping and our leg sore the next day after almost 5-6 hours of shopping.


Time to take a break from my Langkawi post, here’s a short outfit post from Kwai Chai Hong again this time with Illuminating Shadows theme. I have been here numerous times and each time they repurposed I will definitely come here to enjoy some photo-taking sessions around. It is really happy to see this place revive again and many of us even tourists will drop by here when they are around. Check out my post to see what Kwai Chai Hong bring what surprise to us this time.

Back to my favorite outfit post, today's post was also quite fun with this new top that I bought from the Pomelo x Smiley collaboration. I feel that Smiley has done a lot of nice fashion collaborations with a lot of brands. They even come out with their own brand apparel. Hope to try some out some of their apparels next time.


It's been a while since I blog about my weekend outfit. Now the government has open dine-in and mall shopping for those who have completed 2 doses of vaccine. Since I and my husband register for AZ, the waiting time is slightly late. But is better to be late than never, so I will be sharing more outfit post in my blog since we can go out now. 

But of course, please be mindful that everyone is responsible for your own safety and hygiene. Always wear your mask on and sanitize your hand always! Face Mask only take off during the photo ootd session.

After on some loose restrictions on dine-in and some shops can open for business, hopefully, the economy can improve. But seeing the numbers or covid, 20k daily many people still prefer to stay home. Just for a disclaimer for this photos series, we took precautions and went home immediately after visiting CU Market. Still, I wanna share the photos I took in this small CU market that is located at KlCC.

Back to my outfit post in my blog. I have been going out the last two weeks, been to Japan Mart and also Korea Mart. Since we cannot go overseas, it is quite fun to go to a different country mart and enjoy the ambiance. 

Since we are going out I will also try my best to wear and makeup nicely. We will find a place quiet to take some ootd shots also. I really miss going out and interacting with people. 

Finally able to blog about this outfit after so long 😂 This is when I have not had my short hair cut and we are here during our 4th year wedding anniversary. This is another outfit that I bring over for pots shooting. Not mentioned that this is one of my favorite recent hauls from Taobao as well. 😌 Hope you guys also like this outfit as I am.

YK2 Fashion has been back in trend recently. I created 2 Yk2 fashion lookbooks with some of the fashion tips I got when I do some google research. For this look, although Yk2 is a more colorful look I also loving this minimal Y2k look with this white pleated skirt and purple floral singlet top. Since this whole look is mostly in white, but this shooting place is super colorful and rainbow-ish it creates a very nice photo book with this look!

Another new cafe in town, since we are not able to travel around the only thing we can do is to just cafe hope or visit shopping mall 🤭 But with MCO 3.0 just announced I wonder what's the next step for all citizen, hopefully, everyone here stays strong and healthy! 

After being overwhelmed by all full white fit, I start to play with more colors in my weekend outfit, with springs coming I always find floral romantic prints, and hence this time I'm wearing this purple floral top that has been in my wardrobe like forever and finally I'm wearing it out.

The black and white outfit is never out of trend and this time I have these two sets of Co-Ord Sets from FEMME LUXE. Thanks, FEMME LUXE for sending over these super chill and comfy Co-Ord Sets for me!  Both of this set is different from each other, the fit and even the design too! Been scrolling their site and really love shopping at their site and find a lot of pretty and comfy sets for myself.

What is a co-ord set?
The co-ord trend is a fresh and alternative way of dressing all day long. We used to wear them during the 90s when they were also known as “Deux pieces” or “twin sets”. Matching two pieces in the same fabric, color or pattern will create a stylish and chic outfit.

Can't believe time passes so fast, been really busy the past few weeks. Whenever after work, I would prefer to watch dramas or video to relax. I have been abandoned my social media for the last few weeks. Finally today weekend, I able to rest and complete some of the tasks that I have not done. Today look is taken at Ruma Puteh, Titiwangsa, it is one of the famous cafe hotspots, thankfully this cafe is nearby to my house. After morning church service, we headed there at around 11am. However, by the time we reached, there's have been a queue already. It is our second time due to the first time we are here, the cafe is a full house and there's a need of 40 minutes waiting time.

Can you believe is already March and one quarter of 2021 is going to end soon!? It almost a year since Malaysia we started the whole MCO and now with the vaccine coming in. hopefully we can back to normal life again. Today's post is pretty bright and fun as well, hope you like the outfit post!


Back to my favorite ootd post. In today's post, I will write about the loungewear that I receive from Femme Luxe. During this pandemic, I think the ootd that we have been wearing the most must be loungewear. In this post, I will introduce some of my picks from them. 

Definitely not my last Christmas fit for this year hahaha! But well I hope you guys like all my Christmas OOTD posts in my blog. I'm been loving all the Christmas outfits that I plan for this festive. Today's outfit definitely also one of my favorite Christmas outfits for this year.

Another Christmas Outfit post incoming. Just today I receive another Taobao parcel which includes some of my Christmas outfits to wear for this Christmas haha! Not too sure if I would have the chance to wear it, but if I did manage to wear I will definitely update my blog. You can definitely expect more ootd post coming soon!

It's the time of the year again, Christmas is my favorite season of the whole year. Although with Pandemic hitting us, and not sure what's ahead of us, I wish everyone who reads my post stay safe and healthy. For today's outfit post, I'm wearing my favorite red outfit for this festive season. I know that I will be wearing a lot of red outfits during this festive.

I tried not to post too many outfit posts at a time but this is what can post in my blog hahaha. I need to be more hardworking to take more photos for my beauty product so that I can update my blog too. While taking ootds is definitely much easier because I can take it when I'm outside and it's the current things that I do when so head out. Shopping malls are so crowded and we just prefer to go to cafes with lesser crowds.

Back to my weekend outfit post. Since we can't travel now, I have been visiting some cafes and take some outfit photos when I visit the cafe. Although this outfit is not the perfect fit that I wear in the past months, I still want to share this beautiful cafe that I take my outfit to. Thankfully this cafe is just nearby my house, and I have fun chilling and taking photos in the cafe too.

Finally, style this top for my ootd look. This top is a gifted gift from my BFF during my birthday. It is a neon top but due to the filter, I choose that's why the color is quite muted in this post. Decide to take this look at the staircase at my condo. I have seen a lot of photo shoots in the staircase in Tiktok and it inspired me to take my ootd in the staircase.

Finally got a time blog about this Black Pink inspired outfit in my blog. I have been planning since I saw the poster release about the new song collaboration with Selena Gomez. Here's my take on two of the inspired Black Pink lookbooks.