Can't believe time passes so fast, been really busy the past few weeks. Whenever after work, I would prefer to watch dramas or video to relax. I have been abandoned my social media for the last few weeks. Finally today weekend, I able to rest and complete some of the tasks that I have not done. Today look is taken at Ruma Puteh, Titiwangsa, it is one of the famous cafe hotspots, thankfully this cafe is nearby to my house. After morning church service, we headed there at around 11am. However, by the time we reached, there's have been a queue already. It is our second time due to the first time we are here, the cafe is a full house and there's a need of 40 minutes waiting time.

One of the reasons this cafe gets famous is because of this passage design. Also where so far no cafe has this kinda design and it attracts a lot of people who come to this cafe from far. I can't miss out on this special passage when I am here too.

Please pardon me for so many photos that I take through this passage. It is also the first passage that you will pass through when you enter the cafe. I took quite a lot of photos here because I am still finding the perfect angle and corner to take photos.

As you can see my look today is quite manly hence I decide to tie a cute hairstyle today. To sort of balance out the entire style. I do prefer a softer style of the white shirt but so far keep no fate of looking and buying it. Hopefully, I can do it for my next round of Taobao Haul.

The main concept of the entire cafe is cover with white and you will also find a pop of colors around the cafe.

This zebra vest is very good in quality and comfy to wear. It can be very warm and suitable for indoor wear. Actually, the whole look I wear also quite thick, my inner white shirt also slightly thick but luckily weather that day is quite gloomy and not as sunny as usual day.

This corner also a nice place to take photos. The leather PVC short pants that I wear, at first I figure it looks big on me, but after browsing through all the photos here it looks quite fit and nice on me. I also wearing a pair of military boots that is my recent favorite shoes. It makes the entire look looks extra taller and slimmer.

I tuck in one side of the clothes to create a better look for my layering of this look. So that my look does not look very bulky and fat. The hair clip I use for this look is very cute and fun too. Since my outfit is quite manly, hence this double-half ponytail balances out the look.

If you took the photo from another corner of the passage, the entire photo and angle look much better. I will recommend you to try a different angle and if you take photos from inside, the background looks much better as well. 

Too bad that day is very gloomy hence I need to edit blue sky to complete my blue sky theme for my ig feed.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Bottoms | Taobao
Boots | Taobao
Bag | Taobao

Here are some of the cafe designs at Ruma Puteh. Their food is quite delicious, which I will rank 4/5 for their food. Services are still okay despite the weekend crowds. For the entire cafe ambiance, besides the unique passage area, the other corner of the cafe consider acceptable. I will rank 3.5 for the cafe ambiance.

Ruma Puteh
Close on Monday
60A, Jalan Kuantan, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, 
54200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Till Then.


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  1. I love your fashion sense and style. you are very great and everything looks good on you.
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