After on some loose restrictions on dine-in and some shops can open for business, hopefully, the economy can improve. But seeing the numbers or covid, 20k daily many people still prefer to stay home. Just for a disclaimer for this photos series, we took precautions and went home immediately after visiting CU Market. Still, I wanna share the photos I took in this small CU market that is located at KlCC.

For this first corner, I will recommend is the drinks fridge. This is the most colorful and fun corner of you want to take photos. But although in the supermarket everywhere is colorful because it is full of snacks etc ๐Ÿ˜‚ but I always have and wanted to take photos near to these drink fridges. But when we try out, is definitely not easy as I thought.

Even for the door open pose, we took quite a few from different angles haha. When I go through some videos and photos inspiration, I’m not quite sure how people take a clear photo from the fridge glass door ๐Ÿ˜‚ Because once you open with the cold air mix with the outside air, the fridge starts to blur out with haze lol. 

Keep ask my husband to adjust to a nicer angle and he got frustrated but just decide to use the front camera to shot. And Yes we manage to take some nice shots with the glass fridge door. The two photos above somehow met my expectation of the photos I want to take with the drinks fridge.

At last when we decide to giveup I just recalled I can also sit in front of the door and take photos with all the colorful drinks. 

If your hand is too awkward to pose, just get a drink from the fridge and pose with it. All the photos I sit in front of the fridge turned out super cute and nice!

I really like my yellow bag just gives a pop of color with the contrast with my muted pastel green outfit. I feel that the handle is definitely in an awkward shape with a huge round handle where you can only hold it. But recently I have been loving all colorful bags for summer, and I have checkout 5 summer bags from Taobao just recently haha!

I also took some wide-angle looks too. Not the best but I still think is a nice shot. 

Another corner to take photos of is the cold food area ๐Ÿ˜‚ and when you use a portrait to take some half-body shots, it will be a nice photo with all the foods as the background. But I feel that my husband still has to learn how to take nice half-body looks because I have been liking that kind of photo that looks more aesthetics and artistic. 

All these photos are front-angle view shots because my husband can't take the correct angle that I want. But ultimately if you can use portrait mode with a bokeh background, the photos will look much nicer! 

I don't really like this top because of the whole elastic area, because it looks quite fat on me. I guess it will be my failed buy but regardless I still like this top though. Next time I will match a better fitting bottom with this top. But I like the details on the ribbon that I can tie over my neck, which makes the top cuter.

Of course snack corner!! I feel that snack corner is the best place to take photos also ๐Ÿคญ so many colorful snacks packaging behind, very easily you can take some nice cute photos with it. And guess what all photos were shot by front view angle, because my husband just couldn’t take nice and aesthetics half-body shots hahaha. Prolly need to open the grids in my camera and share more douyin videos for him.

You probably can see my fats peeping through my top but overall I really like how the photos turn out. It's still kinda cute and fun photos looking at it. Grab a snack and pose with it, super easy haha! Actually can still pose like pretending to grab or choosing snacks, or use one snack and pose with it.

Just want to talk about my skirt. It was not the slimmest looking skirt I ever wear, but from the material to the cutting wise I really like it. Not too long for my height, I like the opening area that you can adjust by zipping up or down. I like the soft pastel green color, too bad it does not have pockets but sort of understand why can’t add. Especially for this type of tight waist loose bottom skirt, the pocket will make it look bulky on your waist area.

Lastly, I'm wearing my new shoes to complete this look. I bought a lot of shoes and bags during this pandemic. I really can't wait to wear them go out now. This shoe is really comfy and I like how it is in a natural tone which doesn't look too awkward but is just nice and comfy to wear.

CU, Rohas Perkasa KLCC
No. 9, Rohas KL, E-G-1 Ground Floor 
East Wing Rohas Purecircle, Jalan P. Ramlee, 
Kuala Lumpur, 50250

Outfit Details

All from Taobao

Till Then.


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