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Can't believe that 2023 gonna end soon and here's me still writing my last Christmas OOTD that we took at Pavilion KL. Finally, also some different colors for Christmas that wear to Pavilion KL this time. I went to Pavilion KL on the 23rd of December which is quite late for a Christmas post. But Pavilion KL is the shopping mall that I must visit for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Yay to another Christmas post in my blog. This Mid Valley Christmas decor is my favorite Christmas decor for this year. It has a huge space for the Christmas decor and each of the corners is so festive and pretty. Every year I am also very forward with Mid Valley or The Gardens Christmas decor because they have the most amazing Christmas decor among the Shopping Malls around the KL area.

Another furry top that I bought for this Christmas outfit. I bought from my favorite local designer shop, and have been supporting her because I really like how creative and fun their design is. I also can’t wait to style some of the new items I bought from them for the upcoming Chinese New Year. 

Finally, get to visit this cafe I have wanted to visit since last year. This Huckleberry at Damansara Height has the best and most pretty Christmas festive decor I love. We took so many nice photos here at Huckleberry Damansara Heights. Can't wait to share with you guys about all the photos I took here too.

This year our 6th wedding anniversary we decided to book a nice staycation in the KL area to enjoy a short 2 days 1 night together. I have been doing some research on which of the stay has the best view of KLCC. I always liked the KLCC view and it feels astonishing to see the KLCC tower from afar and take photos of this tall building.

Another Christmas Post is up, even though I’m busy in my personal and work life. But I also need to catch up with all my social media posting for Christmas. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on schedule but I still need to squeeze my time to complete it. I can’t wait for my long holiday in two weeks' time 😌

After on some loose restrictions on dine-in and some shops can open for business, hopefully, the economy can improve. But seeing the numbers or covid, 20k daily many people still prefer to stay home. Just for a disclaimer for this photos series, we took precautions and went home immediately after visiting CU Market. Still, I wanna share the photos I took in this small CU market that is located at KlCC.

Congrats to Matxi Corp on the celebration of their 2nd Anniversary: Glory to Glory, in conjunction with Matxi Corp’s grand launch and Matxi S.G.’s 2nd-anniversary celebration with the presence of 2,000 distributors across 30 nations. I am really excited about this celebration and thanks Matxi Corp for the invite so that we can witness this wonderful celebration and grand launch of Matxi Corp.


In today post, I will share where I shop for my skincare and makeup products! There's just too many options out there in the market. So for today post, I will shout out to Internation Beauty Expo (IBE) that will gonna kicking off from 5th to 8th May at KL Convention Centre!

To find good and suitable skincare or makeup products for yourself, doesn't need to be super expensive. You can enjoy some good deals from Internation Beauty Expo too. There are so many of choices for you to buy at the expo, bring along your girlfriends to shop till you drop there too! I also will be visiting the expo to stock up some of my favorite skincare product too.

On the 9th of April 2018, Chakri Palace held a milestone celebration of its 19th Anniversary. As one of the pioneers in the Thai restaurant sector, the brand has gone from strength to strength with the new refurbishment of its Chakri Palace outlet in Pavilion KL. Hence, the brand now has two landmark locations, the first established with the launch of Suria KLCC in 1999. The newly refurbished Chakri Palace has stayed true to Thai culture with intricate Thai motives on each wall, purple and gold trimmings for a royal touch as well as two upgraded beautiful VIP rooms that can cater for up to 30 guests. 

Guests were entertained with Traditional Thai dance from the service crew and also given goodie bags with exclusive Chakri secret sauces. With the launch of the newly refurbished outlet, guests were introduced to a list of 13 signature dishes created with Royal Celebrity Chef McDang who is from the Chakri Dynasty. These dishes are unique to the brand, have been given the endorsement by the Royal Celebrity Chef and can only be enjoyed at Chakri Palace.

If there is a chance for you to tell me what your favorite childhood game, what will you tell me? For me, definitely, I will say is Final Fantasy. When I first start to play the game, I started from the Gameboy, after then is Playstation 1. I still remember me and my brother used to fight to play the game.

Let me show you some of the pictures from the game, maybe it might bring back your childhood memories too, haha.

This Ramadhan, Chakri Palace is delighted to once again hold a buffet of Thai cuisines and local favorite dishes especially for “Tantalizing Tastes of Thailand” buffet promotion to be held at Imperial Chakri Palace KLCC and Chakri Palace Pavilion KL from 30th May 2017 onwards.  Time to engage your senses and be amazed by our dedicated team of Thai Chefs ever-scrumptious spread of more than 50 modern and authentic Thai & local favorites dishes!

My first ever Ramadhan Buffet here at Chakri, this year Chakri Palace never fail to impress me even more. The food choices have increased and you can enjoy more local favorites here at Chakri Palace.


Direct from London's West End and Broadway the international hit show made its North American debut with an 8 week tour throughout Canada and the U.S during spring of 2015.  The infamous show that has been seen by over 2 million people worldwide is introducing a brand new show for the 2016 touring season! 

Annerin Productions brings you the show that you never got to see The Beatles ever perform.  Relive the past from Ed Sullivan to Abbey Road, with favourite hits including Hard Day's Night, Day Tripper, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Twist and Shout, Get Back, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Strawberry Fields, and imagine the reunion that never was… 

Back to a Ramaan Feast post, this time you can enjoy your Ramadan Feast at Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai that offer quite many range of Ramadan food, from authentic Thailand dessert to main dishes of  Noodle and Dry food station. I would say they serve a lot of food and mouth watering Thailand dessert that are deserve to be enjoy during this Ramadan period.