Finally, get to visit this cafe I have wanted to visit since last year. This Huckleberry at Damansara Height has the best and most pretty Christmas festive decor I love. We took so many nice photos here at Huckleberry Damansara Heights. Can't wait to share with you guys about all the photos I took here too.
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Huckleberry offers a wide variety of Christmas pastries that guests can order or purchase on the spot. Whenever I see these pastries, it fills me with happiness and excitement for Christmas. You can check out their Instagram page to see their Christmas Catalogue menu, which you can order and enjoy during the festive season.

When I see this on their menu, I just think of ordering it so that I can take photos with it. They have also Christmas toast and pastries to order and dine in. But I prefer to have my carbs during lunchtime, hence I decided to order Christmas drinks instead.

Photos we took with our food together. To be honest, the waiter in Huckleberry is so good at taking photos. When I tried taking photos of my friend, and after I saw the photos that they helped us to take, I really liked how the photos they took of me and my friend together ๐Ÿ’“

We ordered their lunch set, salmon carbonara spaghetti, and mushroom soup with drinks. Additionally, we also ordered one more drink from their Christmas menu.

The cafe's Christmas tree is located near a busy corner with guests seated behind and the entrance to the outdoor seating area nearby, making it difficult to take photos.

This checkered dress that I wore to the cafe, has this really cute and flattering design on me. I have one old checkered dress that I giveaway because of the dress with me for so many years. This year I decided to buy a new checkered dress and this is the dress that I bought! It doesn't have the bright red color as my old dress but I like it is still checkered and it has a bit of vintage fade-off color shade that I quite like!

The LINE FRIENDS bag that I have been bringing around with me so often. I bought so many bags this year, and to be honest light beige color bag is the one that I always use because it can just match with all my outfits. This Christmas I wear a lot of Red outfits, and a beige and black color bag is easier to match.

Another nice corner to take OOTD photos is the side seating of the Huckleberry Cafe. We took a lot of photos here while we were here as well.

Some of the nice Portrait shots that my friend helped me to take! I really love all the photos she took. I also started loving my new iPhone with this Portrait mode, although I still try to explore and play around with the feature, but eventually, my friend who uses 14 Pro was more experienced than me ๐Ÿ‘€

Another nice BFF shot by the same waiter! Is this like a photoshoot done by a professional photographer? I also really like the photo preset I chose from the Lightroom App which also enhances the overall photo lightning and face feature.

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Not sure if you guys noticed this cute earring I wore!! I did not plan to wear this at first because I wanted to wear the new dainty earrings I bought recently. But then I go back to my earrings drawer and I found this cute Christmas tree earring that I bought last year or so? Recently I have been into minimalist gold silver earrings and I forget about all these fun festive earrings that I used to love and wear.

To be honest I think this pair of Christmas earrings really elevate my whole look with a hint of Christmas vibes. I really love it and am happy that I managed to wear this before Christmas ended! The dress I wearing is also quite a cute style hence also matches the cute Christmas tree earrings.

This dress cutting is very cute and comfortable to wear. It has a lace ribbon on the top part across the bra area. I also really like its v-neckline that makes my face look slimmer and It elongates my neckline.

After a whole day at Damansara Heights, our last resort was we go to KLCC to enjoy the Christmas vibes there. Last year we were also here during Christmas and I think it was a nice way to end our outing for the day. I didn't shoot any special reels this time, but just Christmas decor and Christmas fit reels.

Portrait mode wins with a Christmas tree light in the background! 

So much gingerbread at KLCC shopping mall and I really love it because it is so cute!

I have a hard time thinking of what shoes I should wear with this dress. I think this beige color loafer really caught my eye and it matches the color of my bag too. Both of this pairing I have been wearing it a lot recently during this Christmas season. 

Love my new hair color, and I think that I look good in straight hair which makes me want to get a nice hair straightener but I am just afraid that I won't get a lot of use after I bought.

KLCC Christmas decor this year is all about Candyland and Gingerbreadman! Super cute and feels so fun too.

My favorite photo that we took in KLCC!!

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Feeling like wanted to eat up the lollipop here! We have a gingerbread girl here with us as well.

More Christmas tree photos that I really like!

We tried some creative ways of taking photos inside the Candy houses too. Not perfect but I kinda like it too!

Lastly show you guys around how KLCC Christmas Decor looks like! Haha, I know that this post is very long, and I also write until quite tired. But thanks for reading till the end and hope you enjoy this set of photos which I really love so much!

Outfit Details
Dress | Taobao
Bag | LINE FRIENDS official store Taobao
Shoes | Dazy Fashion @ SHEIN

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