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The second Chinese New Year outfit post is here! This time I went to one of my favorite malls which is The Gardens Mall. This time their CNY decorations definitely are better than Mid Valley. Generally, the Mid Valley one is nice also but it feels quite messy and hard to maintain the nice Chinese New Year decor. I just prefer The Garden CNY decors compared to Mid Valley. I like to visit these two malls because I can visit two shopping malls in just one visit.

Kickstart my CNY outfit post with this pretty cheongsam top from a new local IG Shop that I recently stumbled upon. Today outfit post we went to One Utama Shopping Mall, we didn’t manage to visit during Christmas but also because the decor for Christmas is not that nice hence also we didn’t plan to go there. Unlike Christmas, Chinese New Year celebrations are much longer compared to Christmas. Also, I will enjoy Christmas more than CNY, hence I will take my time to update CNY outfits in my blog.

Can't believe that 2023 gonna end soon and here's me still writing my last Christmas OOTD that we took at Pavilion KL. Finally, also some different colors for Christmas that wear to Pavilion KL this time. I went to Pavilion KL on the 23rd of December which is quite late for a Christmas post. But Pavilion KL is the shopping mall that I must visit for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Yay to another Christmas post in my blog. This Mid Valley Christmas decor is my favorite Christmas decor for this year. It has a huge space for the Christmas decor and each of the corners is so festive and pretty. Every year I am also very forward with Mid Valley or The Gardens Christmas decor because they have the most amazing Christmas decor among the Shopping Malls around the KL area.

Another furry top that I bought for this Christmas outfit. I bought from my favorite local designer shop, and have been supporting her because I really like how creative and fun their design is. I also can’t wait to style some of the new items I bought from them for the upcoming Chinese New Year. 

Finally, get to visit this cafe I have wanted to visit since last year. This Huckleberry at Damansara Height has the best and most pretty Christmas festive decor I love. We took so many nice photos here at Huckleberry Damansara Heights. Can't wait to share with you guys about all the photos I took here too.

Time is running for me to blog about all my Christmas fit. Here’s a short post of my Christmas fit, today look is taken at the highly anticipated new mall open in KL - The Exchange TRX Mall. This mall had been hyped up on social media before it opened and I also joined the trend. I visited the mall the second week it opened after my church service trying to skip the crowds.

Finally, my first Christmas outfit post on my blog has been so procrastinating and busy with work and life. I really can’t wait for a holiday to come and really able to rest and feel recharged. Today's post is my first Christmas outfit at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, all the malls have already set up the Christmas Decor after Deepavali. I didn’t think that the malls could set up the decor so soon, and I definitely can’t wait for Christmas to arrive.

Finally my last Christmas outfit post on my blog ๐ŸŽ„ this time I’m wearing a classic red and green color outfit. It’s just right that I have this gorgeous green dress that I bought some time. I find it is perfect to wear during this Christmas season. This time I went to One Utama and Desa Park city with this outfit that I wear.

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Finally able to visit this Dior Pop-up since their start launch on 22nd November. Been really busy with work and year-end catch-up with friends as well. I didn't really expect a lot when I first visit here because Dior is such a high-end brand that we don't even dare to go inside. But surprisingly the outside decor is also very pretty and classy.

Another Christmas Post is up, even though I’m busy in my personal and work life. But I also need to catch up with all my social media posting for Christmas. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on schedule but I still need to squeeze my time to complete it. I can’t wait for my long holiday in two weeks' time ๐Ÿ˜Œ

 I'm pretty sure everyone is excited about the festive season which is just around the corner. Whenever it is close to year-end I will spend a lot of money on year-end sales and presents for friends and family. I hope you guys are enjoying this festive season together with friends and family as well.