I'm pretty sure everyone is excited about the festive season which is just around the corner. Whenever it is close to year-end I will spend a lot of money on year-end sales and presents for friends and family. I hope you guys are enjoying this festive season together with friends and family as well.

Every time during this time of the year, I won't miss this chance to visit Pavilion KL for their Christmas Decor. This year the decorations are by the Chanel brand which comes in the minimal colors of gold, white, and red. This is also because Chanel beauty just open their new store in Pavilion KL. Besides the decorations, they also have some activities for guests to sign up and redeem some of their beauty sample products.

I have been spending some time thinking of the outfit that I want to wear Pavilion KL. This dress I bought this last year and don't have the chance to wear it until now. Since I'm gaining weight again this time, I'm quite afraid that this dress doesn't fit anymore. But luckily I can still fit in and it looks better than my expectations.

The crowds in Pavilion KL are crowded as usual and especially the front part and I decide to go to the other side of the decorations were not many crowds and able to take some nice outfit photos. This dress comes in black, red, and green plaids. I really like this color combination because it suits Christmas a lot. Christmas is also one of my favorite seasons of the year.

Not really recommend going up here for taking photos because the guards will keep stopping people from coming up here for photos. But I feel that this is the perfect spot for some nice photos. So I did go up quickly for a few ootd shots. I really like the background of Pavilion KL as the background.

For my shoes and bag of the day, I choose a more plain and neutral color since my outfit is in plaid color. I bring a classy bag Gabby bag from Charles and Keith to match this outfit. This is my favorite pair of boots for this season because it is in this very pretty brown-red color and the quality of the boots is really sturdy too.

I'm wearing a red hairband to complete this whole look. During the festive season, I will always wear my hair accessories to match my festive outfit. I guess this is the only chance we can wear a lot of festive accessories during this time of the year.

Back to the front entrance to take some photos. The photos turn out to be a bit darker because of the back lightning.

Inside the mall there is also some Christmas decor, the theme for the indoor Christmas decorations is Disney theme. We only took photos with some of their Disney Christmas photo corners. But if you are a fan of Disney you should also visit here for more picture-taking with the photo corner.

You can't go wrong with a classic Christmas tree with a lot of red and green colors.

Not forget to also take photos at night, when the lights are lit up around the Pavilion KL.

Do not forget to take a photo with this big Chanel mushroom at the main entrance.

Selfie with the decor behind me. Say hello to my big round face. ๐Ÿ˜š Hope you like my first Christmas ootd post here, a simple plaid Christmas dress.

Outfit Details
Dress | Taobao
Earrings and Hairband | Taobao
Boots | Taobao
Bag | Charles and Keith

Till Then.

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