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Murad has been my favorite skincare brand I will purchase and use their skincare products. After using their products, I feel my skin feels good and smooth. As I am approaching my 30s, I feel that my skin and body need to start working on anti-aging products. This is my first time visiting their facial center which is located at Sunway Pyramid.

Living in a busy life where we face UV light whenever we are outside or even staying indoors. There are a lot of dark spots hidden inside our skin where it will keep appearing and visible as we age. With my age now reaching 30+ I need to start taking care of the visible dark spots that keep peaking through my skin. I am really happy to try out these two products from Murad which can help me combat skin aging and stubborn dark spots too.

Always suffering from acne scars and dry skin issues? For the blog today I will be blogged about this two COSRX products from Both of the products I have tried out for 7 consecutive days and the experience of using both of the products are pleasing and my skin stays stable throughout the days without any acne or black head popping through my skin. Read on to check out these two amazing COSRX products from

THE FACE SHOP pop-up store held at Setia City Mall on the 26th - 30 the June. Follow me to the pop-up store on that day in this post. If you miss out their pop up store in Setia City Mall, fret not, where THE FACE SHOP will be going to Gurney Penang on this August and Mid Valley, Southkey on this October.

Congrats on new releases for A'bloom which consist of four types of face mask, black head blaster and also super cute beauty puffs! A'bloom is designed with young, fun and bright color packaging which shout out to those youngsters who wish to gain confidence by having a good skin day every day. The price range of the entire collection is super affordable, lowest can be RM2 to RM16 only. Althea Korea is the one-stop k-beauty online shopping platform for everyone, so be sure to check out all A'bloom products from Althea Korea.

Read here to check out ALTHEA exclusives that I've blogged about. 

I received two new skin care products from Althea Korea. Besides always looking for fancy makeup products I also always maintain my day and night skincare routine. Until now Althea Exclusives line skin care products are my favorite skin care products among my skincare stash. In this post, I will blog about these two new products that recently release by Athea Korea.

My first time tries Cosrx Pad after heard about how good their pads are. This time you can check out their new One Step Green Hero Calming Pad. Now you can also get this from

About Wynora

In Wynora, you can check out their passion for real beauty means that we’re always searching for the most innovative products. Some of the brands you might find on their website, Corsx, Some by Mi, Innisfree and other more. They are constantly scouring the globe for the latest beauty breakthroughs that you’ll love to use. Definitely, you can check out all the brands you know and love but also learn from the newest niche and soon-to-be cult brands you’re sure to fall in love at Wynora.

I haven't been blogging for the past one week due to my Korea trip and now I am feeling recharged and time to get back my ass for work. For today post, is another ALTHEA exclusives products that I receive from ALTHEA. ALTHEA has been my favorite shopping websites for all K-Beauty products. All of the products are authentic and genuine products all the way from Korea!! For the past few months, ALTHEA has come out with their own product line. Read here to check out ALTHEA exclusives that I've blogged about.

OMG guys I am so excited to share with you guys about this GOT7 media kit that I got from THE FACE SHOP!! In this media kit, I got to know GOT7 Top 3 favorite products from THE FACE SHOP. I guess you have seen from my blog thumbnail. Now let's read on and check out more details about their TOP 3 favorite products! 

Here to share another beauty product I use from ALTHEA!! Besides some of the skincare that I use daily, like toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. My weekly routine for my skin is detox and clean my pores using a mask. There are so many different kinds of masks that I have to give it a try, and despite being always so busy on schedule I prefer using peel off masks or even face mask that is quick and absorbs to my skin. 

Like others, I use to struggle a lot to find the perfect sunscreen that is suitable for my skin. At the time we don't want to use sunscreen that is too tacky or heavy for our skin. In this post, I am happy to share with you guys about this Petal Velvet Sunaway that is my current favorite. 

Who doesn't want a foundation that feels like a second skin on your skin? Continue to read on about my review about this super powerful formula that so thinks and lightweight on the face when you use it! I really love how the feeling of this foundation sits on my skin! With their long-lasting formula, my makeup base looks perfect the entire day.

Have you guys heard about Ukiyoe x Hinatahina soap? It was my first time know about their product, Lactobacillus Soap by them. We were invited to a brunch at The Ben's Pavilion. Kaylee, the founder of Luxella was kind enough to invite few bloggers to this brunch meeting.

About Luxellaa

Luxella is a platform to introduce high-quality Japanese beauty products to beauty addicts around the world. They're based in Tokyo and have access to the latest products available in Japan.

#TurnUptheGlow with the new face scrubs from St. Ives, America's #1 scrub brand. Made with 100% natural exfoliants, St. Ives face scrubs bring the abundance and joyful energy of nature into skin care to let your skin feel alive, fresh and glowing!

St. Ives feeds your skin with the best from Mother Earth and St. Ives has spent more than 60 years exploring and formulating products that are made from nature. Walnut shell powder is the gentle-yet-effective natural ingredient behind St. Ives face scrubs. So if you are someone who always conscious about the environment and looking for green beauty products. St. Ives scrubs are eco-friendly and microbeads-free too! 

Finally sharing some in-depth review on my recent Clay Mask receive from ID.AZ Derm. It was my first time hearing and exploring their products. In this post, I will share my thoughts about their Clay Mask. 

About ID.AZ Derm

With the concern of their patient who had to turn away due to their psychological burden after consultation, ID Hospital has decided to reach out to them. With their knowledge and skills about helping and solving a lot of concerns of people in regards to beauty, they decide to kick-start a new beauty field called "ID Placosmetic". Encompassing everything from A, the first letter in the alphabet to the last letter Z, that's how their brand ID.AZ form. Their concept of ID Cosmetic expects our skin achieve effects the of cosmetic procedure.

It's been months since I record this look and finally is up on my YOUTUBE channel now! I wanted to do a quick 1-minute video on this look but since it has some extra steps that need to be done therefore I have to upload to youtube instead with that extra few minutes. I will share on my social media channel soon so that you can see how quick and easy I do this eye look. Read on to see how I create this look!

The secret is out! I guess you probably know it by the title and the picture from the start of the post. Yes, I have been taking this NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule for the past one month. Now finally I am able to share the whole experience of taking this gel capsule in this post.

After a long weekend of short staycation finally, I'm back here with my Face of the Month series post on my blog. It was not easy to maintain this series on my blog because of my hectic schedule. I also start to film makeup tutorials whenever I do my makeup too. So in the end, I need to finish editing my video and up on my blog too. 

Editing photo is so much easier where I can always edit on my phone. But the video I will have to spend a long time in front of my laptop and edit it! I feel so lazy and restless too whenever I think of editing a video haha. So with the video of this Face of the Month completed. I will also share here on my blog!

Finally, decide to share this review up on my blog too! I did a youtube video for this collection too, I will also share it on this post. For more live swatches you can always check out my video. They have released 33 colors of their new lux lipstick. It is not matte texture but comes in really rich creamy buttery texture. It was also not the normal lipstick texture I will always opt for. But I always love to try their new products so please read on to see what I like about this Lux Lipstick!

In today post, I will share where I shop for my skincare and makeup products! There's just too many options out there in the market. So for today post, I will shout out to Internation Beauty Expo (IBE) that will gonna kicking off from 5th to 8th May at KL Convention Centre!

To find good and suitable skincare or makeup products for yourself, doesn't need to be super expensive. You can enjoy some good deals from Internation Beauty Expo too. There are so many of choices for you to buy at the expo, bring along your girlfriends to shop till you drop there too! I also will be visiting the expo to stock up some of my favorite skincare product too.