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Congrats on new releases for A'bloom which consist of four types of face mask, black head blaster and also super cute beauty puffs! A'bloom is designed with young, fun and bright color packaging which shout out to those youngsters who wish to gain confidence by having a good skin day every day. The price range of the entire collection is super affordable, lowest can be RM2 to RM16 only. Althea Korea is the one-stop k-beauty online shopping platform for everyone, so be sure to check out all A'bloom products from Althea Korea.

Read here to check out ALTHEA exclusives that I've blogged about. 

I received two new skin care products from Althea Korea. Besides always looking for fancy makeup products I also always maintain my day and night skincare routine. Until now Althea Exclusives line skin care products are my favorite skin care products among my skincare stash. In this post, I will blog about these two new products that recently release by Athea Korea.

Can't believe after for so long Althea has finally released their own makeup line, which consists of concealer, eyeshadow, eyes glitter, and lip tint. With only these four products, you can create a simple full makeup look. I enjoy playing this entire collection and creates two different eye look too. In this post, I will go through all of the four products on how I feel about this entire collection.


Althea a digitally native beauty destination providing the latest Korean beauty products, trends, and lifestyles to the world. Inspired by the national flower of Korea, Althea truly represents the beauty of Korea and captures the essence of delivering the best in K-beauty to the world.

I haven't been blogging for the past one week due to my Korea trip and now I am feeling recharged and time to get back my ass for work. For today post, is another ALTHEA exclusives products that I receive from ALTHEA. ALTHEA has been my favorite shopping websites for all K-Beauty products. All of the products are authentic and genuine products all the way from Korea!! For the past few months, ALTHEA has come out with their own product line. Read here to check out ALTHEA exclusives that I've blogged about.

Here to share another beauty product I use from ALTHEA!! Besides some of the skincare that I use daily, like toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. My weekly routine for my skin is detox and clean my pores using a mask. There are so many different kinds of masks that I have to give it a try, and despite being always so busy on schedule I prefer using peel off masks or even face mask that is quick and absorbs to my skin. 

Like others, I use to struggle a lot to find the perfect sunscreen that is suitable for my skin. At the time we don't want to use sunscreen that is too tacky or heavy for our skin. In this post, I am happy to share with you guys about this Petal Velvet Sunaway that is my current favorite. 

In collaboration with Althea and Get it Beauty, here's come this two skin detoxer mask that suitable for those lazy girls out there. Why do I say so? Scroll and Read below ⬇️⬇️

About Get It Beauty

It's Korea no.1 beauty TV show, introduces new trends and provides resourceful information relating to beauty! From verification by scientific testing to providing chances for everyone to enjoy the beauty products, Get It Beauty offers various and broad beauty experiences across Korea.

Today will gonna blog one of my recent favorite product from ALTHEA - That is the ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder. ALTHEA is my all time favorite website to shop for all Korean Skincare and Makeup products! Not only that it also offered the most affordable price that every girl like. Do check out their website to see more new updates and products they offer on their website.

Now ALTHEA has released their very own product range, and their first debuting product is this Petal Velvet Powder! I never thought of ALTHEA will release their own product range. As you know ALTHEA is everything about pink and pastel, this Petal Velvet Powder also comes in really sweet pink and white packaging which I really heart on. Hope for more product range can be released from ALTHEA brand itself!

Scroll down for more flat lays I share in this post! Can't decide on the pictures I should share here so I decided to share all here.