Today will gonna blog one of my recent favorite product from ALTHEA - That is the ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder. ALTHEA is my all time favorite website to shop for all Korean Skincare and Makeup products! Not only that it also offered the most affordable price that every girl like. Do check out their website to see more new updates and products they offer on their website.

Now ALTHEA has released their very own product range, and their first debuting product is this Petal Velvet Powder! I never thought of ALTHEA will release their own product range. As you know ALTHEA is everything about pink and pastel, this Petal Velvet Powder also comes in really sweet pink and white packaging which I really heart on. Hope for more product range can be released from ALTHEA brand itself!

Scroll down for more flat lays I share in this post! Can't decide on the pictures I should share here so I decided to share all here.

The packaging of this ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder was quite small and comes with only 3g. It was a mini and lightweight powder to bring around and travel too! It was packed with a pastel pink square box and Korean wording behind the packaging.

Ta-Dang! ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder in Pastel Pink!

Seriously in love with every little detail of this powder, the color just gives me the sweet harmony vibes. I am having fun times taking photos of this little sweetie!

If you have been shopping with ALTHEA, ALTHEA was named and inspired by a flower. It was called as the rose of Sharon too, which was identical to my name. 

This product is Inspired by Korean Althea petals. The main ingredients of this Petal Velvet Powder are the extraction from the natural Althea flower seeds and also made in natural ingredients. Althea flower seed extract contains a full of antioxidants that protect the skin's barrier from dehydration and invigorate the skin for a beautiful complexion.

The product is nicely sealed to prevent any powder fall out while you used.

The puff is also super adorable and cute to use it. Not only that it was really soft and fluffy to use too! 

Perfect for only 2 fingers on the puff. This was the best finger position when you are using the puff.

The powder is easy to attach onto the puff itself. You don't have to shake it hard or pour out the powder itself. Just gently dab and shake it, next thing you will saw the powder is on the powder puff itself already.

Gently dab the Petal Velvet Powder on the surface you want to dab on. The application is so soft and smooth!! I can feel my skin become smooth and mattifying without feeling too dry on my skin itself. It was just the perfect velvety texture I like after apply ALTHEA Petal Velvet powder!

Before look, you can see the shiny oil texture on my nose area and under eyes area too. My nose and area around my nose are the oil-prone area which has always troubled me. Is not easy to look for a good setting and matte powder. It was either too dry or not matte at all.

Upon testing and using ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder on my face after apply foundation, concealer, and blusher. The ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder is translucent, it does not leave your skin feel powdery but it gives the lightweight and natural look on your face! 

I always suffer oil, sebum, and whiteheads are around my nose area. To prevent any whiteheads around the area, you will need to apply this ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder to help minimizes your pores and with its microfine particles, and it was able to control the oil excess around your oily T-zone area!

You face will have the smoothest velvety application ever! With just a single touch, your skin will have the perfect air-brushed texture and beautiful complexion on your face.

The Good

Mini and Travel-Friendly
Easy Application
Smooth Texture
Sebum Control
Pore Blurring
Long Wearing
Micro fine particles
Sweet Flower Scent (I love it!)
Thick Puff
Pastel Pink

 The Bad

White Puff get dirty easily

Helpful Tips

This product can be a perfect day setting powder as it gives the natural look after you use this to set your look. During the weekdays, when I am not wearing any makeup I will like to apply powder to help to blur out my pores, to cover up some imperfections on my face. This ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder works really great under no foundation face!

Where to Buy

Get it at only RM16 at ALTHEA.

Link here



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  1. Ah, pink is my favourite colour, so how can I say no to Althea's Petal Velvet Powder? Luckily it is just RM16. LOL

  2. The packaging is so cute! I love that it is lightweight - perfect for our travels. I prefer loose powder when travelling as it gives a natural coverage.

  3. the price is worth to buy.. the packaging looks cute

  4. Love it.. it is next on what I will order from my favourite Althea..

  5. I also have this!!! Super love its smell, but ya the white puff is a troublesome one haha need to wash after using on top of foundation.

    1. Yes I know right! haha But overall I still love it!

  6. I really love mine as well. It really helps to cover up my pores. My new favorite 🙈💕

  7. love their product so much!!! look so natural after used!!

  8. You looks pretty good after using the Althea Petal Velvet Powder. Will order this soon.

  9. The price is seriously affordable and the result is amazing.

  10. Seem like very good to use. If got chance will try it

  11. 包装简单又美,因该会俘虏了不少的少女心吧?

  12. This looks cool but I am not familiar with the brand though. Is this your local brand? I am based in South Korea. I have difficulty buying makeup though because I don't speak Korean. So I am not sure if I can get this here.

    -Analie from Get A Happy Date

    1. No is not! Is from direct Korea =) You should check it out!

  13. 哇!我很喜欢你的照片!看得出你花了很多心思,加油!

  14. Only RM16?? Omg such a great deal for cushion! Somore it is so cute in pink!!!

  15. I'm also using this and loving it very much because it's effective and cheap

  16. Omg! I need this so badly! Looks really good and cheap!