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Can't believe that I have been shopping in Taobao for 3 years and still continue. This is my first time buying makeup from Taobao. Usually, makeup is considered sensitive items to ship back to Malaysia. Therefore I never really explore that area yet until recent. So with my recent Hang Zhou, China trip, I send over the makeup products to my colleagues and to hotel. Therefore the entire haul is how I bought makeup from Taobao. However you still can shop makeup from Taobao when you are in Malaysia, I will share it next round.

对于中国彩妆,或许有些人会有些偏见说中国彩妆能用吗?当然我想说有什么东西现在不是Made in China的吗?虽然我也不会勉强你们一定要买或者尝试什么的,但是有好物当然会想分享咯~ 

When I first do this China Makeup sharing video, I was worried that will someone actually critics me and asking me why I bought their makeup? So yeah I guess is just a matter of choice, if I feel comfortable with it and so do you as a reader, feel free to continue, but if you are not you can always skip this post. 

My intention of sharing this is to let everyone knows that some China brand makeup is really up to par and is not even that bad or poor quality made. And intro some of the nice shop and products for you to shop and understand more!

Can't believe after for so long Althea has finally released their own makeup line, which consists of concealer, eyeshadow, eyes glitter, and lip tint. With only these four products, you can create a simple full makeup look. I enjoy playing this entire collection and creates two different eye look too. In this post, I will go through all of the four products on how I feel about this entire collection.


Althea a digitally native beauty destination providing the latest Korean beauty products, trends, and lifestyles to the world. Inspired by the national flower of Korea, Althea truly represents the beauty of Korea and captures the essence of delivering the best in K-beauty to the world.

Finally, I am here to share some good news for all the Malaysian here! HUDA BEAUTY is finally here in Malaysia. You can shop online at Sephora Malaysia Website and APP for Huda Beauty now. Although some might prefer to actually swatch and tested their product in stores, so far you can try and tested only at Sephora KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, One Utama, and IOI City Mall. I do hope other outlets of Sephora will in stock for Huda Beauty. I am really glad that Sephora welcomes a lot of new brands in stores too. Although I can hear my bank/wallet is crying, to be able to know and test try another brand product is also a fun thing to do.

About Huda Beauty

The Dubai-based Kattan, who has almost 8 million followers, opens up about social media honesty, plastic surgery, and Middle Eastern beauty standards. Huda Kattan, best known as Huda Beauty on Instagram, has made a career out of showing women how to channel their inner Kardashians — at least from a makeup perspective.

Yay to another Face of the Month post! In this post, I will mostly be using Makeup Revolution products to complete my makeup look today. I have been obsessed with Makeup Revolution products and new arrivals simply because their products never fail me and it was really affordable too!