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Yay to another Face of the Month post! In this post, I will mostly be using Makeup Revolution products to complete my makeup look today. I have been obsessed with Makeup Revolution products and new arrivals simply because their products never fail me and it was really affordable too! 

It's been months since I record this look and finally is up on my YOUTUBE channel now! I wanted to do a quick 1-minute video on this look but since it has some extra steps that need to be done therefore I have to upload to youtube instead with that extra few minutes. I will share on my social media channel soon so that you can see how quick and easy I do this eye look. Read on to see how I create this look!

After a long weekend of short staycation finally, I'm back here with my Face of the Month series post on my blog. It was not easy to maintain this series on my blog because of my hectic schedule. I also start to film makeup tutorials whenever I do my makeup too. So in the end, I need to finish editing my video and up on my blog too. 

Editing photo is so much easier where I can always edit on my phone. But the video I will have to spend a long time in front of my laptop and edit it! I feel so lazy and restless too whenever I think of editing a video haha. So with the video of this Face of the Month completed. I will also share here on my blog!

It's been more than a month since I promise to do a monthly Face of the Month post. This will be for March and April I guess. Finger crossed for more makeup video and post coming! Definitely not an easy job for working on Blog, Instagram, and Youtube plus Working FULLTIME too. I will be busy soon in the month of April which is good and bad things. Hopefully, I can manage my time well and not get stress and break down again.

So back to this post, I will be sharing my latest palette I got from Colourpop which is Element of Surprise palette which consists of nudes, purple and pop color in one palette. 

Hi Guys, before February ends here my upgrade version of my Face of the Month post. Why is it? Is because I record a video for my look as well! However is it in mandarin speaking only but I promise I will include English Subtitles next round. Since I do a video for my FOTM, I will cut this post short and simple. 

Do watch my video, like or subscribe to my channel and I will do the same for you guys.

Yes!! I am back for my face of the month post after stopped for the last few months. It was a busy few months for me before 2017 ends. Now to start fresh again and hopefully I can maintain this post once every month. I need more inspiration too to create different makeup and eye look for my post. In the future, I will like to invest some lightning to show more details of my eye makeup look too.

For today theme is this Spacey Eye look, thinking of names is the most difficult part whenever I blog about my Face of the Month. Surprisingly this eye look color has the same color as my hair too!

Time to follow up with my Face of the Month. Due to my busy schedule in October, I didn't manage to try out some Halloween makeup too. I really hope that one day I could actually try out some scary makeup during Halloween. Today look was kinda fancy and suitable for Halloween celebration too!

I have been eyeing this eye look on Instagram from one of my favorite makeup gurus too! Finally, manage to squeeze some time to play with this Rainbow eye makeup look which I really love.

Ohai! Time for my monthly face of the month series. This time my look is more to a cute and pinkish makeup look. Not too fancy, but also perfect for the daily sweet look. I shoot this look during one of the Public Holiday on September. September is the month that I rest the most and can't wait for my busiest month of the year. 

Can't believe that we reach the last 2 months of the year, so what have you achieve for the past 10 months?

Back to my monthly post about Face of the Month, I just realize I miss out August one. So here's my Face of the Month the Not so Gothic Look. Recently got really into a lot of makeup hype and shoot a lot of makeup pictorial in my camera. This look is taken before I change my hair color, red purplish hair with my not so gothic look. The overall look is pretty much black and red tone, hope you guys like my look for the month of August. Also, my last makeup look for my red purplish hair too!

Today I will be sharing another makeup look I created for the month of July. This time the theme will be more casual and inspired look I get from Instagram.

Recently been following a lot of makeup guru on Instagram. Scrolling through their Instagram will just be inspired more by trying on new makeup look and color for myself. Basically, bring my blogging and beauty passion to another new level! Read more to see how I create this makeup look.

Almost forget that I need to update my Face of the Month for July. Before July ended, today look will be featuring the eyeshadow palette from The Body Shop - True Romance Eyeshadow Quad. The Body Shop now has featured a lot of makeup products in their store and online too. Never thought of their makeup products are pretty good and high quality too! It was really fun to play around new products whenever I am working on my post on Face of the Month. 

Thanks again to The Butterfly Project and The Body Shop for this amazing product. Checked out my review here on the products I get from The Body Shop.
Hello welcome to my new post segment call the Face of the Month. Is this post, I will play around with makeup and share with you guys about the look I create. I hope that I can do this monthly to share around my favorite makeup look of the month! 

Makeup is really fun to play with! With only 1 eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow brushes, you can easily create and blend with the makeup look you like. In this post, I use W.Lab Eyeshadow palette and Unicorn Eyeshadow Brushes to re-create the Face of the Month. I would love to thank you W.Lab and The Wanderlustthings for sponsoring these beautiful products to all Butterflies during our 4th Birthday Party! Without further ado let's start this post with all pictorial steps.