Yes!! I am back for my face of the month post after stopped for the last few months. It was a busy few months for me before 2017 ends. Now to start fresh again and hopefully I can maintain this post once every month. I need more inspiration too to create different makeup and eye look for my post. In the future, I will like to invest some lightning to show more details of my eye makeup look too.

For today theme is this Spacey Eye look, thinking of names is the most difficult part whenever I blog about my Face of the Month. Surprisingly this eye look color has the same color as my hair too!

Let's start with a bare face with skin care and brow done!

In this look, I didn't apply foundation or bb cushion but instead, I apply this Etude House Any Cushion Color Corrector SPF34 PA++ in Pink on my face. I major love this cushion corrector, it does not only cover my face blemishes but it corrects my skin tone too!




It does look very fair on my face after I first apply on my face. It enhances my skin complexion and brightens up my face too. The color blends to my skin tone after a while too. Their coverage wise will be light to medium coverage. It basically covers up my acne marks and redness on my cheeks. I got this from Global Market when they having sales for Etude House.

Move on to our eye look next. Today eye look I will be using all Colourpop Single Pressed Powder. If you ask me to compare to the formula from their palettes, I would say that the formula is pretty similar. Both formulas are so buttery and pigmented!

As usual, use a light beige color to pat all over your eyelid as a base for my eye look.

Time to blend out my crease, I kinda forget on which color I use to blend on my crease. But I love this two peachy shades from Colourpop. I use the darker orange peachy color all over my crease area. Mix with the lighter shade to balance out the pigment color if you scare the color is too dark and messy for your eyes look.

I finally dare enough to contrast some really fun color on my eyes lid! This shade is so pretty and shimmers too. It has a really funny name that is Tiny Tangerine which I find it was so cute. Recently I am so obsessed with turquoise and blue shades. So I got this on my CP haul last December. 

Use the tapper brush and tap the color in the middle of your eyelid.

I got another darker blue shade to match the turquoise shade! This is Two Piece which is a dark blue shade, both shades come in super pigmented color in a soft pearl finish, easily blendable, and velvety soft texture creates a soft focus effect that’s super long-wearing on your eyes.

Using the same tapper brush, apply the color on the end corner of your eyes and connect to 1 quarter of your under eyes area. Blends out the color with the middle transition color so that both colors connect and look more natural.

To add more dimension for the teal look, I got my SuperNova Eyeshadow in color Mothership! It was a high-impact ultra-glittery shadow that has a metallic base. It is extremely long-wearing, and can be used as a base, alone, or as a topper too! 

For this look, I will wear it as a topper on my eyelid. Be sure to just tap on your eyelid and not swipe through your eyelid. Since it comes in glittery shadow and high pigmented, you can apply it with your hand by gently tap on your eyelid. Gently blend out the glitters after the pigment you want is enough for your eyes look.

Lastly to smudge out the edges, using my blending brush and dab again the peachy shades blend again on my crease. Not forget to also apply the remaining color on my blending brush to apply on my undereye as well.

Using my favorite highlight from CP peachy tone to apply on my inner corner. Lastly, I apply eyeliner and mascara to definite and complete my spacey eye look!

My favorite combo of blusher and highlighter!

Not forget about my lip. Finish my look with my recent purchase from Maybelline color Touch of Nude. I did not expect the color to be so pretty on my lips! When I purchase it, it does not have tester for me to swatch on my hand. But in the end I decided to go for this color and I am so lucky that this color does not fail me at all.

Finish my whole look for this Face of the month. I am so proud and in love with how I apply the shades on my eyes. 

Close up of my entire look. The blusher and highlighter is LOVE too!!

Glad that I found Colourpop which offers such high-quality range at a drugstore price! I guess I will never get tired of their range and new arrivals they up every week. Hope you guys enjoy this pictorial of my Face of the Month. It's been a while since I try some pastel makeup look too, might be working on my next month Face of the Month look.

Check out my to see all my CP haul on last December.

Till Then.

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  1. The glitter on it really makes your eyes pop!I do agree with you that the foundation does make your face look more fair than usual, but you still look good!

  2. You carry the contrasting colours very well! I dare not do so or I'd look like a clown. I need mind blended well! HAHAHA

  3. Oh I can see the big difference from before and after picture! Love how you d your makeup ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Nice try on the color. You are dating to have have such unique color. For me I only can go for the basic and mature one.