Ohai! Time for my monthly face of the month series. This time my look is more to a cute and pinkish makeup look. Not too fancy, but also perfect for the daily sweet look. I shoot this look during one of the Public Holiday on September. September is the month that I rest the most and can't wait for my busiest month of the year. 

Can't believe that we reach the last 2 months of the year, so what have you achieve for the past 10 months?

Start with a bare face and contact lens on my eyes. Contact lens from Barbie Eyesland.my.

My face has been acting weird and acne pops out during the month of September. I guess is because of the new facial cleanser I started to use and due to few nights of staying up late. 

I try to let my face to rest as much as possible whenever I put makeup on. Therefore I only apply concealer to cover up my dark eye circle and some of the redness area on my face. Eye Primer to let the eyeshadow pops out more on my eyelid!


The main character of the post is this eyeshadow palette, Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition - 21 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette from bh cosmetics. Since I am a sucker for packaging, there's time I really love marble texture. I purchased this on Bh cosmetics website and shipped directly to me.

The reviews of the eyeshadow palette are really positive, and the color payoff is really opac and pigmented. Since it was a 2 in 1 palette, it was really convenient to use, I always love products with few function together haha! Please don't ask me just buy single color haha.

As usual, I am picking the beige matte color to swipe all over my eyelid.

For the first layer color, I apply a warm tone brown orange color on my double eyelid area.

As for the first transition layer, I apply the light rose gold shimmer.

Lastly, I apply a light purple brick red color on top of the transition color.

I didn't emphasize much on my eyeshadow. The final transition of my eyeshadow.

Next up, I will gonna use my new purchase of this Etude House Play 101 Purple Liner from Althea Korea to draw my under eyeliner.

Final look with my purple under eyeliner, black eyeliner, and mascara too! The liner pen from Etude House Play 101 pencil eyeliner is super easy to carry. I love pen liner that doesn't require a lot of stroke but also able to let the color really stands out when you use it on your eye. 

A pinch of pink color highlight from the same eyeshadow palette to complete my eye look of the day.

For my lips, I apply a pink color lip gloss to gives the chok chok and glossy lip looks to complete this look.

My final look complete with my half tie ponytail up! My first attempt at this hair, I try the first few times and I couldn't get used to it with my super high forehead. Nearly give up but in the end, I also try to accept my super high forehead look and manage to shot few photos for this entire look. 

Do I look good with this hair? Let me know in the comment box below.

Till then for the next Face of the Month.


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  1. Really appreciating content.. now j have to think of what I did these 10 months ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  2. and they say red is only red... but when you allow a girl to describe red, it surely comes in at least 40 different shades!

  3. That eyeshadown palette!! OMG.
    Btw I love your scarf, so 1950s.


  4. This hair style looks great on you. I like the pinkish tint of your make up. Pink is my favourite colour, after all. Haha! I think this only looks nice on fair people. I am tanned. huhuhu...

    1. Thanks dear! I guess I will have this hair look more in the future hehe!

  5. Seriously, I only apply brown and black.. hahaha!!! This look really nice and really look like cabin crew~~ Consider it lah! XD

  6. definitely the korean or japanese style make up... so light and sweet...suits you

  7. Very simple yet beautiful makeup. Btwi love your scarf its so so to die for.

  8. Like your eye makeup. And make your eye bigger and brighter.

    1. Yes! I will try it again next time, thanks dear =)