Almost forget that I need to update my Face of the Month for July. Before July ended, today look will be featuring the eyeshadow palette from The Body Shop - True Romance Eyeshadow Quad. The Body Shop now has featured a lot of makeup products in their store and online too. Never thought of their makeup products are pretty good and high quality too! It was really fun to play around new products whenever I am working on my post on Face of the Month. 

Thanks again to The Butterfly Project and The Body Shop for this amazing product. Checked out my review here on the products I get from The Body Shop.

This True Romance Eyeshadow Quad consists of only 4 colors, that is #2 Attica Marble, #3 Petra Sandstone, #4 Penrhyn Slate and #5 Bengal Granite. The colors from this palette are more to browns, color pays off are really natural and smokey too. The 4 of the colors in this palette are easy to blend and apply on. Not only that, you can easily create a Casual Work Day look to Girls Day Night Out Look too with only one palette! 

Let's kick start with the smokey eye look I create using this beautiful True Romance Eyeshadow Quad palette.

As usual, I alway start off with the white color, Attica Marble as my base color on my eye makeup look.

Next just continue to apply second darkest brown color, Penrhyn Slate on the front corner of my eyelid. I am been obsessed using the Unicorn Brushed from Wanderlust Things - Do remember to check out their Instagram for latest updates.

Lastly, I will apply the darkest brown color, Bengal Granite on the outer corner of my eye. Continue to blend the colors together to create more natural color transition on your eyes.

To add more definite to the overall eye makeup look, I use the most blink color among this palette, Petra Sandstone onto the middle part of my eyelid as a color transition and pat the remaining color on the tear duct area as a highlight. 

I love to pop out bright and bling color on the tear duct area, it just brightens and enhances your eyes after you apply. Since I have serious dark eye circle, this helps to transfer the attraction of people looking at dark eyes circle too!

Some of my favorite shots that I take myself.

Also, the color looks so pretty on my eyes and doesn't make me look too old or mature with smokey eye look I created too.

Since the overall eye look is more smokey brown color look, I use this Midnight Red color from G9Skin Malaysia to complete this look. This super red pigmented color certainly has helped to brighten up my skin and makes my skin looks so fair! 

I also receive few of the color range from G9Skin too, read here to check out how pigmented and pretty the colors of this semi-matte lipstick are.

Here's the palette looks like. 

End my post with my swag pose with my favorite leather jacket and makeup look. Hope you guys like my look, just let me know what kind of look you like to see from me and I will try my best to try and share with you guys!

What's Good?
Easy to Apply
Easy to Carry
Good Transition Color

What's Bad
Limited Color

Where to buy?

The Body Shop



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  1. Indeed the makeup looks.. Well sex. Going to share with my wife..

  2. I have been always using body shop product, but never tried their palette before, after reading it, now I am so tempted to try it out.

  3. Wow so pretty! I want to try this look too! < 3

  4. Love the natural eye shadow. Done it perfectly.

  5. lovr the shades and lately heard about this lipstick. now i feel like buying jor... - racheal

    1. Haha! you should the color is really pretty =)

  6. I love all 4 colours! Definitely will search for this palette soon!

  7. That is such a beautiful eye shadow palette. I love smoky eyes. Thanks for demonstrating such easy steps to achieve the look. Cheers!!

  8. Love the eye shadows.. they look great on you.. will check out if they look great on me too

  9. The shades looks edgy but romantic. I like your last photo, looks alluring!

  10. Always had a thing for brown palettes, the colors looks pigmented.

  11. What a beautiful look you spotted with these colours. Striking but good enough for both work and a night out.