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Coral Blooming Look with W.Lab - June Face of the Month

Hello welcome to my new post segment call the Face of the Month. Is this post, I will play around with makeup and share with you guys about the look I create. I hope that I can do this monthly to share around my favorite makeup look of the month! 

Makeup is really fun to play with! With only 1 eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow brushes, you can easily create and blend with the makeup look you like. In this post, I use W.Lab Eyeshadow palette and Unicorn Eyeshadow Brushes to re-create the Face of the Month. I would love to thank you W.Lab and The Wanderlustthings for sponsoring these beautiful products to all Butterflies during our 4th Birthday Party! Without further ado let's start this post with all pictorial steps.

I never own a unicorn brushes before and I've been thinking to get when Tarte release their beautiful and colorful Unicorn Brushes in Sephora. But I didn't manage to get it, one is because of their price that is RM 150++ and their limited stock here in Sephora. When I first receive this beautiful unicorn brushes during the party, I was really happy. 

Finally, I own my own unicorn brushes!! Thanks again to Wanderlust Things, not only that they have a lot of magical items that you can get from their website. Do remember to check out their page for more magical unicorn dreams!

Today featured palette will be W Lab Pocket Eyeshadow palette. I have never been that hype on eyeshadow palette until I first got the colorful palette I want thanks to Juneci. In the progress of buying more eyeshadow palette too!

This palette is really compact and it comes with a 2-way brush which is the normal eyeshadow brushes and another is the angle pointy brush.

This eyeshadow palette consists of more coral to nudes color tone. From bling glamor color to the matte base color. The color series is pretty neutral which you can wear it on the casual day out or even go for bling glamorous look. Another thing that I love about this palette is they are super compact where you can easily put into makeup pouch and bring it to travel or on a date.

Check out W.Lab Malaysia Facebook page for more info! 

I first started applying Acasia, a beautiful bling off white color all over my eyelid. I always love to apply white base all over my eyelids, when I first applying this Acasia color I was amazed that the color outcome is so bling and easily spread all over my eyelid.

All of the unicorn brushes are made of synthetic bristles. It gives really smooth and soft application on my eyelid. Also don't ever think that cheap makeup brushes do not give you the soft and fluffy texture like any other brushes, in Wanderlustthings this Unicorn brushes are super soft and fluffy than you ever imagine. With the dreamy pastel color brushes, it definitely deserves us to put and show off in our vanity table too.

Next apply Callen Dula, a matte light coral color on the end of your eye corner and start to create the transition of the entire eye look.

Lastly, I dab on color Freesia, a glamor bling coral color in the middle of the eyelid as a transition. Next just slowly blend the color from the middle of my eyelid to the outer corner of the eyelid. Freesia color is slightly lighter, to pop up even more you can add Kaffir Lily, a bling neon coral color too! 

I continue to use the same color on my under the eye too. Look how pretty this coral transition color of my eye look. I always want to play around with coral eyeshadow color nevertheless, I am happy with the blending color and color application with W.Lab Pocket Eyeshadow palette.

Lastly, I will draw eyeliner to define my eye makeup look.

Here are my details of my full eye makeup, I don't apply mascara this time round just to focus on my eye makeup. Fluorescence indoor light in my room.

How can I miss out lipstick! I am using my recent favorite Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick from Orkid Cosmetics. Read here to check out their new arrivals swatches on my post.

Since the eye look is rather nude and coral, I choose color Mars from the new arrivals Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick to enhance my whole look. Mars is a really bold coral red shade color.

Ta-dang! My complete look of the Face of the Month.

Playing with me new sunglasses from Taobao.

Lovey lovey my hair color too!! Don't you?

Got my Minions Cup Bottles from MBO Cinemas.

W-Lab Pocket Shadow Palette-Blooming

Unicorn Eyeshadow Brush

My overall verdict on the product itself was really good. My experience of using this two combination was really fun too. W-Lab Pocket Shadow Palette-Blooming comes with a really pretty coral shades that can use it for any date out with friends or your loved one. Color wise is easy to blend and pigmented too! The Unicorn brush is so soft and easy to use. The color transfer is so pretty on my eyelid. I love that the outcome that is not powdery and gives a clean color look upon application.

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  1. My favorite is unicorn brush and w lab palette 😍 It look so pretty πŸ’•

  2. Great new series.. Wishing you the best!! :) Cheers!!

  3. I've never heard of Orkid Cosmetics before but their matte lip products looks so pretty. I really like the shade Mars. So pretty!

    1. It was my first time too! I'm glad I am able to know them through The Butterfly Project!

  4. I love the natural shade of the palette. It makes my eye more bigger and glowing .

  5. I am impressed with the look you created with just a few items. The unicorn brush is simply magical. I don't own one yet.

    1. Thanks Emily! Surely will create more style next time =)

  6. i love the colours that you use.. really nice tones.. plus i'm really loving your new shades too!

    1. Thanks babe! I love coral tones so much! Yes right super CHIC!

  7. I fall in love with the unicorn brush when I see it. It was so kawaii!, and the pallet, the color is also nice.

  8. I love playing makeup too! So happy to play with them

  9. I don't own so many brushes. Only have 1 or 2. Hehe...I think I need to start putting on more makeup. Nice Unicorn brushes.

    1. I also don't think I am able to use all of it XD haha

  10. Hi Sharon, i like your new eyeshadow palette. It looks great on you!

  11. Hi babe! I love your makeup...I think I need to learn how to be bold like you..I guess experimenting would help. And just so you know, I am in love with Mars...Even for my skin tone it makes me look vibrant and not make me look like i had a sunburn..hahhaha

    1. Yes dear just go for it!! Being Creative is never wrong!!

  12. I like the makeup brushes very much, feeling like getting it.


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