Finally, decide to share this review up on my blog too! I did a youtube video for this collection too, I will also share it on this post. For more live swatches you can always check out my video. They have released 33 colors of their new lux lipstick. It is not matte texture but comes in really rich creamy buttery texture. It was also not the normal lipstick texture I will always opt for. But I always love to try their new products so please read on to see what I like about this Lux Lipstick!

I manage to grab 5 colors that I like and wanted to try! From left: Lay Over, Aeronaut, Appy, Getty, and Gallop. They have a total of over 30 colors for you to grab too. I bet you definitely can find colors that you like and suitable for you. 

They are designed with a really pretty rose gold packaging with Colourpop engrave on the case cover and also some stars on the casing too. I really like how elegant their packaging looks like! Rose Gold packaging is love, anyone loves it too?

Not only that they have really pretty rose gold packaging, their lipstick too engrave with stars around it! It was so pretty and cute to see the stars on the lipstick itself. I simply just love every detail of this lux lipstick from their packaging to their formula too!

Swatches on hand! From top to bottom: Appy, Lay Over, Gallop, Getty, Aeronaut. Each of the colors is so pigmented and the exact same color of the lipstick too!

On my lips now is color Appy, the lightest color among my collection. When I first apply, I thought the color will be way too pale for me. But to my surprise, the color does appear and give those pinky beige shade on my lips. This color is also not the normal kind of nude lips color that I will normally try.

The next color is Lay Over, my favorite color among the colors that I bought! This is like my lips but better shade for me. It has this rosy shade that is so pretty. I really love any kind rose shade lip on me because it makes me looks fairer too!

Another bold red lip color, Gallop also make it to my buy list! Love the buttery and pigmented color on my lips. I rarely apply such bright terracotta color on my lips! The reason is that if you get a stain or while you are eating the color faded and it looks really disgusting lol. I don't mind it wear once a while too!

Getty a deep teal color! It was definitely a fun color to try, also there's not much teal color lip color to try too. When I saw this, I know that I need to collect and try out this color.

Here's my last and bold color - Aeronaut, a deep black color lip color. I do explore and find a lot of black lip color to try out! It doesn't mean I like black lip color, it simply because black is such a unique color. But to find the perfect formula you like is hard when Colourpop come out these creme lux lipstick and there's black color too! I was so happy! The texture is so buttery and creamy, does not feel drying out or sticky on my lips at all. 

Do watch the video to see all my live swatch of all the 5 colors! Sorry, but the video is in Mandarin.

Each of the lipstick is 7 Dollars so it's about RM35 which I think is a steal. With the quality that is so creamy and smooth to apply, it definitely worth the penny to invest and buy it! Especially some of their fun colors like the teal and black. Not only that they have really funky pastel lavender too, and now with their NEW matte formula Lux they added more fun colors too. Be sure to check out and follow their page for more new updates and new releases.

Till Then.

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  1. wow. the colors so exciting and too colourful for me. But indeed very nice

  2. 33 colours for lipstick alone, that's really a lot. So bold of you to wear the dark colours. They look more suitable for Halloween. Haha! I would never buy them if it was up to me.

  3. So cute those stars! And the color looks lusciously bold and beautiful on you! Price is affordable too actually!

  4. Wow! the blue and the kind of black.. such a wide variety of colours for lipstick.. interesting!

  5. nice lipstik..selalu i pakai warna merah, pink, and smooth je, tak pernah pakai lagi warna biru and black..looks nice lipstik dia..packaging nampak eksklusif

  6. Whoahh so many lipstickk. I love colourpop because of their nice colors.

  7. The dark color is indeed a charming looking exotic ideal for a daring and different look. But clothing is also suitable.

  8. Wah....sangat cantik all colors, but yang color blue takut nak cuba heee,,nice colours

  9. Wow i like your new lipstock review! The first 3 shades are what i am eyeing for my next purchase.