Murad has been my favorite skincare brand I will purchase and use their skincare products. After using their products, I feel my skin feels good and smooth. As I am approaching my 30s, I feel that my skin and body need to start working on anti-aging products. This is my first time visiting their facial center which is located at Sunway Pyramid.

The facial center is located at LG1.92 Sunway Pyramid, it is very huge and spacious.

Here's one of their famous Murad Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum which I have been using for the last few months. If you are interested to check out the results and review of me using this product can refer to my blog link here.

Once I reach there, there's a consultant will have a 1-1 session with you to understand your skin situation. This is to decide which facial session is suitable for you. After the consultation session, we decided to go for Vita-C Quenching Facial session.

Next, they bring us to their facial room, the room is very comfy and equipped with all the facial equipment and Murad's famous skincare.

They also request us to change into their clothes for the facial.

For the process and steps of Vita-C Quenching Facial

Since I'm with makeup, hence they help with cleansing my face and removing my makeup. The whole process is very comfortable and gentle on the skin.

After the cleansing process, it's time to unclog my pores. Since I have not been to any facials during the pandemic, there are a lot of unclogged pores around my forehead and cheek area. Hence those areas can be quite hurt when unclogging. It's important to get your pores to unclog once in a while, to clear out the dirt and oily stuck in the pores.

During this exfoliation process, they applied gel-like glycolic acid for 10 minutes. Glycolic acid is effective to help in exfoliation, the beautician also mentioned that the Murad Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum that I have been using also comes in this acid. Since my face has already gotten used to the acid, hence I did not feel much of a sting when they apply. I also like the after-exfoliation that makes my skin looks healthy and glowy.

In Murad Facial, they also will do a simple head and shoulder massage which makes you more comfortable throughout the session. I really love this short massage session that makes me almost fall asleep.

Ultrasonic Sound Wave

Before we proceed with the ultrasonic sound wave, the final steps of the Vita-C Quenching Facial, they will apply the Vitamin C Quenching Essence on our face and start with the ultrasonic sound wave. The Vitamin C Quenching Essence is an important essence to help lock skin hydration and help reduce pigmentation issues. Then ultrasonic sound wave is to help penetrate the serum into the deep layer of the skin. I really like the whole process which is very relaxing and my skin doesn't feel irritated by the soundwave. The whole session was only for about 20 minutes.

The interior of the Murad Facial Center. Small but overall is very comfortable.

This is the facial machine that Murad uses for the Ultrasonic Sound Wave process for the Vita-C Quenching Facial.

Thanks, Murad for this facial session is very relaxing and comforting throughout the session.

Check out all Murads skincare product that you need to know.

If you are interested to try out any Murad facial session, you can make an appointment with Murad to book your first trial facial session.

This is how my face looks after the session with Murad. I can feel my face is very supple and glowing too.

This is how my face look the next morning. It's really been a while since I have done any facial due to the pandemic years. I was really happy and enjoyed myself throughout the facial session. I can see that my skin feels so much healthier and glowing after the session. Although the effect does not last long, but the whole pampering session with Murad and their professional services really makes me happy and enjoy.

For this whole 75 minutes session, Murad Vita-C Quenching Facial is priced at RM369. You can visit Murad’s exclusive outlets that are available at Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bangsar, Empire Shopping Gallery, and IOI City Mall. 


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