The secret is out! I guess you probably know it by the title and the picture from the start of the post. Yes, I have been taking this NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule for the past one month. Now finally I am able to share the whole experience of taking this gel capsule in this post.

About NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule

Use U.S Surgical Technology that enables filling up the fat cells on our breast.

NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule applies FAC, Fat Accelerate Circulation technology, allowing the body's fat cells to the breast area and increasing the fullness of the breast naturally. Combining with the condensed anti-stomach acid liquid gel capsule, the efficiency of cells' absorption is further increased.

High Concentrated Natural Formula which is safe and effective!

Borage oil GLA - Contains rich-linolenic acids which foster the growth of breast fat cells
Avocado oil - Contains rich protein which improves the elasticity of breast skin
Bacteria-free "Black-pig Placenta" - Activates human's telomerase effectively, stimulate the reactivation of breast fat cells and foster breasts enlargement.
Evening primrose oil - A type of fatty acids filling up breast tissues

To summarise their ingredient list of NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule, speed up your breast growth with Large Black Pig Placenta. Borage Oil GLA and Evening Primrose Oil that helps to improve the elastic of your breast. For a fuller look breast, you will need avocado oil!

I do struggle with what I consume every time when I have the chance to try out new supplements. Somehow I do get advise from friends and check out all the reviews online about this NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule, I notice there's quite a lot of positive reviews on this capsule. The results are impressive too! 

Let me tell you something about my "boobs' story! I am not a girl with really big boobs and not a fan of wearing bras all the time. I know people will say, wearing a bra is to support and concentrated your full breast perfectly. Since I am not a fan of bras, my boobs are quite uneven in size and not firm as well. 

After I try out this NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule for like almost 2 weeks, I can see that my breast has grown much fuller and much more even for both sides. I am not sure about you girls out there but for me whenever you tend to sleep on one side more often, your breast size on the side will grow bigger than the other side. But when I try out this capsule, both side of my breast become even and the side that is smaller somehow grown much fuller too! I am so happy that I have an even breast size now! I can also feel my breast has become more elastic and firmer too with the help of NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule.

Overall Target

Targets at females with small breasts and sagging breasts after pregnancy
Stimulates mammary glands and fosters breasts enlargement
Fuller and firmer breasts shape
Natural ingredients with no side effects
No sugar and low calories
Nutrients will be delivered to the breast only, without causing fats to other body parts

How to use? 
I will take 2 capsules each time 30 minutes after meal twice, with a total of 4 capsules every day. 

Last thing, will this affects your body hormones?
The components of Nubreast+ products are Using Natural ingredients with no side effects. The herbal formula allow natural & effective enlargement which stimulates mammary glands. You are safe to consume during periods too!

Where to get this?

NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule

That's all for my review on this NuBreast+ Growth Up Capsule. Hope you guys like it!

*Even though products were sent for review purpose. However, it doesn't affect my own opinion on this product.

Till Then

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  1. Wah. What should I comment ya? Good for you and be proud of what your mama gave you! As long as it is safe, I am all for a little enhancement.

  2. wowww...amazingg..hehee..nice product..if i take this my breast looks husbnd mesti suka..haha

  3. I had always thought that those who take such supplements only want bigger boobs. Now I know that it's not only about the size as there are many other benefits to the breasts as well. Let me go check it out. Hehe!

    1. Oh yes and people who opt for breast augmentation doesn't mean because they have small breast!

  4. Tried this and it definately works. Just a bit too expensive to maintain

  5. Wow double up the cup size?. Fuhhhh this one for those yang kecik2. Myself I prefer natural. Tak nak besar or kecil. I menang takut makan-makan semua ni.

  6. This supplement is very intriguing! I have a 32A cup and hates wearing bra as well. Maybe it could improve with this capsules.