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This initiative aims to reach out and provide relief to individuals combatting serious progressive illnesses.

KUALA LUMPUR, 11th October 2021 – Until the pandemic struck, only patients with serious-progressive illnesses often wondered, “What will tomorrow bring?”, while most of the public could take each day for granted. Thus, THE FACE SHOP invites everyone to join us in embarking on the #JourneyofLife with Hospis Malaysia to provide solace this December, giving and spreading joy among people in need. 

THE FACE SHOP is launching its new skincare line which is their Green Natural Seed Antioxidant line. Do you know why antioxidant is important for our skin? In life, everyone facing different kinds of stress. When you are stress you will be facing difficulties of sleep, plagued by frequent headaches and or facing the loss of appetite. And stress doesn't just affect us internally; it also causes external problems like lots of skin issues like dullness, excess shine, acne, roughness, sensitivity, lines and wrinkles, dehydration and more. We can always address our stress to a more healthy lifestyle like yoga, exercise and self pamper with massage, which will help to relax our mind and body. But how about our skin?

Do you know that Qi is very important to us? Not only it matters to our health and wellbeing. It is also the fundamental core of life that allows things to work the way they should. Balanced Qi means a perfectly-functioning body, which also means that if your Qi is unbalanced, you'll start to notice your body start to send a lot of signal of warning to you.

THE FACE SHOP pop-up store held at Setia City Mall on the 26th - 30 the June. Follow me to the pop-up store on that day in this post. If you miss out their pop up store in Setia City Mall, fret not, where THE FACE SHOP will be going to Gurney Penang on this August and Mid Valley, Southkey on this October.


Do you know that now the modern lifestyle habits like late nights, an unhealthy diet and occasional poor life choices, your skin slowly loses its radiance? Not only that, lackluster skin comes with its own set of additional concerns, such as dryness (especially around the nose and mouth) and roughness. If your skin is dehydrated, most of your foundation won't sit well and starts to flake and cake after a few hours

Now THE FACE SHOP proud to introduce its newest extension to the award-winning Ink Lasting Foundation line - Ink Lasting Foundation Glow Fit. Launched in 2018, the Ink Lasting Foundation line is THE FACE SHOP's signature long-lasting base makeup collection.

OMG guys I am so excited to share with you guys about this GOT7 media kit that I got from THE FACE SHOP!! In this media kit, I got to know GOT7 Top 3 favorite products from THE FACE SHOP. I guess you have seen from my blog thumbnail. Now let's read on and check out more details about their TOP 3 favorite products! 

Who doesn't want a foundation that feels like a second skin on your skin? Continue to read on about my review about this super powerful formula that so thinks and lightweight on the face when you use it! I really love how the feeling of this foundation sits on my skin! With their long-lasting formula, my makeup base looks perfect the entire day.

Sunny Dahye is the sweetest influencer I have met during this short meet and greet with by THE FACE SHOP Malaysia. Thanks, The Face Shop for the invite and let us have a close intimate session with Sunny. 

My first visit to Cushion Studio Corner at THE FACE SHOP that recently has relocated to a new shop location at Berjaya Times Square. Not only that it has a new design of the entire shop too! My favorite part of the shop is this Cushion Studio Corner. You can easily spot the Cushion Studio Corner it on the right side of the shop.