Do you know that Qi is very important to us? Not only it matters to our health and wellbeing. It is also the fundamental core of life that allows things to work the way they should. Balanced Qi means a perfectly-functioning body, which also means that if your Qi is unbalanced, you'll start to notice your body start to send a lot of signal of warning to you.

When our skin lack of Qi, you will notice these few signals start showing on your skin. 

1. You will notice your skin starts to age, with patchy skin, fine lines wrinkles around eyes and or mouth area, loss of elasticity and these are telltale signs of skin aging.
2. Your skin tends to become much drier. With the lack of moisture on the skin causes the skin's barrier to collapse, causing issues like dehydration, flaking, and premature wrinkles.
3. Your skin starts to pop up acne, as skin temperature rises, you will notice there's excess sebum production, sensitivity, and swelling around the T-zone area.

Yehwadam First Serum 140ml RM179

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam series was created to address the skin's Qi imbalance, using the age-old know-how of traditional medicine practiced for centuries by Korean women to reveal the secret of their natural beauty. 

Introduce Yehwadam First Serum, the first moisture-enhancing anti-aging serum to touch your skin, the moment you after you complete your cleansing step.


When I apply this on my hand, I know myself will immediately fall in love with this product. It has this super ultra-lightweight water texture felt on my skin, which quickly absorbs to my skin without feeling greasy on my skin. Yehwadam First Serum replenishes Qi (vital energy) to enhance the skin's inner strength, revitalizes skin by delivering intense hydration, and prepares the skin by boosting product absorption for the next skincare steps.

Key Ingredients

Yehwaadam First Serum's key complex: Gyu Hwa Bang
A remedy formulated to revitalize skin and restore its Qi, this complex contains a trio of specially-selected herbs:

Ginseng: Korea's most famous herb, also known as 'Divine Grass'. It boosts the energy of five viscera (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys) replenishes energy, increases moisture levels and relieves fatigue. Brimming with vital energy, Ginseng helps to promote collagen synthesis and cell activation, while its antioxidant action prevents premature aging.

Safflower: Known as one of the ten greatest herbal medicines, this 'od of Plants' is said to cure depression by improving blood circulation and strengthening the mind. Used in the world of beauty, Safflower improves the complexion by promoting collagen synthesis and preventing inflammation.

Goji Berry: This superfood is believed to be the ultimate herbal medicine for eternal youth. It's anti-aging and antioxidant properties help the body feel refreshed and more energized. Packed with amino acids and polysaccharides, these red berries increase skin hydration and promote firmness.

How to use

Apply to skin after cleansing, either directly with your fingertips or using a cotton pad. Follow with toner and other skincare products. Just take note that Yehwadam first serum is to be used as an additional step in your skincare routine and is not meant to replace the serum/essence step.


I have been using the Yehwadam First Serum for almost two weeks for now! I love how it feels on my face, I do feel my face feel more supple with this additional step of Yehwadam First Serum on my face. As I am growing older, my skin tends to be more sensitive, where it gets dry easily, and pop up acne as well, with Yehwadam First Serum apply on my skin, my skin has absorbs and maintain even more moisture on my skin, hence I can feel my skin more glowy and feel more boosted with all the skincare products I apply on my face after Yehwadam First Serum as the first step of my skincare routine

Beauty Tips

Here's how you can make the most out of Yehwadam First Serum to infuse skin with vital energy.

Refreshing & energizing face mist: Just pour First Serum into a small spray bottle and store it in the fridge for a cooling pick-me-up. You can also bring one to the office to refresh the skin after a long day.

Soothing and Glow-enhancing mask: soak cotton pads or a mask tablet with First Serum. Place on your cheeks and other areas prone to dryness and dullness (around the nose and mouth, forehead)

Mix & Match

Specially-formulated to complement the existing THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam skincare lines, First Serum is compatible with all the following: Revitalizing Moisturizing line (hydrating), Revitalizing line (balancing), Pure Brightening line (brightening), Heaven Grade Ginseng line (anti-aging), and Hwanseanggo ultimate Rejuvenating line (radiance & anti-aging).

Where to buy?

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam First Serum will be available at all THE FACE SHOP stores nationwide and available online from October 2019 onwards.

For more info:

Shop here

Till Then.

Disclaimer: Even though product is sent for review purpose. However, it does not affect my own opinion.

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