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As a woman to become slimmer and stay healthy is always our dream. But to keep diet and losing weight is definitely not easy. Nadd Empire Sdn Bhd is here to realize the dreams of women and men with Leedee brand products produced by Nadd Empire Sdn Bhd. Leedee is a food supplement product in the form of Sachet Powder (Leedee Pineapple) and Sachet Juice (Leedee Tox Peach) after 3 years on the market since 2018. Leedee is formulated with ingredients like Garcinia Cambodia that are able to control appetite. Apart from that, African Mango is also good for burning fat.

What if collagen has been made to jelly? In this post, I will introduce two types of jelly from LENNOX. One is Fiber Jelly with Probiotics and another is their Collagen Jelly with Ceramide. Both of them are my current favorite nutrients food that I need every day. Read more to know more about what's their benefits and why I love them so much!

Do you know that Qi is very important to us? Not only it matters to our health and wellbeing. It is also the fundamental core of life that allows things to work the way they should. Balanced Qi means a perfectly-functioning body, which also means that if your Qi is unbalanced, you'll start to notice your body start to send a lot of signal of warning to you.

Today will be sharing with you guys a Slimming Pants that I recently got to try! I have never been a sporty or exercise girl. I am quite a typical Zhai Nv, means staying at home in front of the laptop for the whole day. When I first receive this collaboration with Panaz®, I was quite reluctant but also curious to try out this slimming pants.

It is advisable to take the measurement on your waist and hips to have the accurate measurement for your own Panaz® Slimming Pants. I got myself an S size and it was just the right size for me. To be frank, I had gain weight recently due to stress and holidays during the month of September.

Hello lovelies! Today will be my first time ever blogging about Breakfast and Healthy lifestyle post. I don't seem to be a girl who loves sports or healthy balance lifestyle. One main thing is because I was simply lazy and tired. But breakfast to me is one of an important role and meal in my life.

I am glad that I take part in this 7 Days Breakfast Challenge with Dutch Lady to find out that the importance of breakfast and Milk! 

Gonna share some good healthy things for all of you. I have not been a really slim girl in all my life, when you see that I always wear outfit that makes me looks slim that is because I tend to know how to cover the fats on my body. I love snack, chocolate and ice cream. When I'm in stress I always go and look for them. Ever since I have been sick, my taste bud was totally tasteless and I always craving for something sweet and salty after my meal. 

Now I have try Centa Svelte that are available from Guardian and Watson Malaysia. Whats so cool about this Centa Svelte Slender Jelly? It helps to make me feel fuller whole day, keep me away from all the snack that makes me fat. How cool was that, I don't have to worry with the craving of eating snack after meal when I start consumer Centa Svelte.

On the 12th of March, I have attend blogger conferences with Chef Wan at BMS Organics. We get to meet Chef Wan and take photo with him as well. All the while I have heard a lot of good reviews about BMS Organics, which serve healthy, organics and mainly vegetarian food. 

How's your Chinese New Year spend? In Hometown or just based in Kuala Lumpur? I guess KL or PJ town will be quite empty and less busier than before. The jam on our way home to kampung is not easy and way super jam during all the festive season.

Although at first we heard about the weather will be cooling during this festive season but to be truth there is no such things!! The weather still as hot as usual, sometimes it just rains during evening time lol. Not worry as 'Sor-bet\ now is available in Kuala Lumpur as they first started at Penang.

Sorbet is a frozen dessert made from sweetened water with flavoring such as fruit juice or fruit puree. 'Sor-bet\ uses only the finest ingredient from the fruits to create this frozen treat. The bottle of the frozen ice cream is really full and enough for 1-2 serving. Since 'Sor-bet\ flavoring is from fruits therefore there are many Children and even Elderly love the sweetness and freshness of this frozen treat.

'Sor-bet\ comes in 2 main flavor and many fruits flavor.