As a woman to become slimmer and stay healthy is always our dream. But to keep diet and losing weight is definitely not easy. Nadd Empire Sdn Bhd is here to realize the dreams of women and men with Leedee brand products produced by Nadd Empire Sdn Bhd. Leedee is a food supplement product in the form of Sachet Powder (Leedee Pineapple) and Sachet Juice (Leedee Tox Peach) after 3 years on the market since 2018. Leedee is formulated with ingredients like Garcinia Cambodia that are able to control appetite. Apart from that, African Mango is also good for burning fat.

As we know, Malaysia is one of the countries with the highest number of overweight and obesity. Most of them have also tried various ways of dieting and dieting but they are not aware that the cause of the difficulty of losing weight is due to high appetite and difficulty to control. Because of that, Leedee is formulated with ingredients like Garcinia Cambodia that are able to control appetite. Apart from that, African Mango is also good for burning fat.

Leedee Pineapple

Leedee Pineapple is a supplement based on Brazilian Pineapple Juice and Mango African as the main ingredient along with a food mixture Raspberry Ketone, Hoodia, Bitter Orange, and fructose is a sugar known as fruit sugar because it is found in many fruits. 

🍍Burn Fat 6x
🍍Beautify the skin
🍍Control Appetite
🍍No strict diet and exercise

With the help of pineapple, which is rich in fiber it helps improves the digestion system, with its rich in vitamin C it helps brighten skins and beautify our skin. Mango Africa helps increases metabolism, and it converts fat to energy. It helps slow down fat formation. Where garcinia gives you more energy, and it helps control your appetite.

The taste is very light and nice with a pineapple taste. I feel it is not overly sweet and heavy, I really like it! The powder is in white powder form. After added water, it becomes transparent color which looks like soda water. 

How to consume

Take 1 sachet with 150ml water after breakfast.
If you have gastric, recommend taking 30 mins after breakfast.
Drink a lot of water to further speed up the process of fat burning.


Leedee Pineapple has become my favorite drink to drink after I wake up. I do not feel stomachache after consuming Leedee Pineapple. I do feel that my appetite has reduced after consuming, I am able to cut down my meal intake during lunch and dinner. By doing this, I can feel that my body feels much light weight and energized throughout the day.

Leedee Tox Peach

Leedee Tox Peach is a food supplement based on Peach, Passion Fruit, and Pear Juice as the main ingredient along with a mixture of Vitamin C known as an antioxidant supplement and for skin beauty.


🍑Helps with constipation
🍑 Reduce toxins in the body
🍑Helps to lose weight
🍑Rejuvenate the tired body
🍑 Contains Vitamin C.

Peach juice contains high fiber which helps in the digestive system. Along with Pear and Passion fruit, it helps prevent constipation, helps clear your colon, and detox. Pear also contains Vitamin C, Passion fruit contains Vitamin A which is high in antioxidants. Overall Leedee Tox Peach contains High Fiber and High in Vitamin C. This not only helps your digestion but also helps to promote healthy and glowing skin.

The packaging of Leedee Tox Peach is so convenient. You just need to open the cap from the sachet and consume straight it away. The taste is filled with all the goodness of Peach, Pear, and Passion Fruit. It is in sweet-sour taste. Which is quite heavy and filling compare to Leedee Pineapple. 

How to consume
1. Take one sachet before bed at night.
2. Store in the refrigerator before consuming if you want the chill taste


Leedee Tox Peach is such a refreshing and unique taste. I really like it which comes in sweet-sour peachy taste. After drinking this at night, I can feel the detox start working when I woke up the next day. It helps detox and clears out all the toxins inside my body.

Laboratory Test Results

Leedee has also received a BKKM letter which is under Food Classification and not under medicines that need to be registered under medicine. Apart from that, Leedee has also received Laboratory Test approval from Singapore, namely ALS, and showed that Leedee is proven to be free from the banned substance Sibutramine.

Inside each box has 10 sachets of Leedee Pinepple and Leedee Tox Peach. Leedee products are suitable for men and women from the early stages of adolescence 15 years and above, and also adults to the elderly who have a healthy body without any chronic diseases. Now you can maintain a healthy lifestyle by just take one sachet of Leedee Pineapple in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast and one sachet of Leedee Tox Peach before bed. 

Leedee has also expanded to all neighboring countries such as Singapore and even Brunei. Feel free to purchase Leedee products through their website and the agents available.

🍍Leedee Pineapple🍍
RM89.00 (sm) 
RM92 (ss)

🍑Leedee Tox Peach🍑
RM79 (sm)
RM82 (ss) 

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