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Kuala Lumpur – JONETZ by DON DON DONKI is pleased to announce the launch of Azuki Bar, a Japanese halal-certified ice cream that is now available in-store. In addition, JONETZ by DON DON DONKI is the very first retail store to launch this brand worldwide. 

Azuki Bar, a famous traditional Japanese ice cream made with Azuki red beans by the well-known confectioner, Imuraya Group has sold over 292 million pieces worldwide in 2020. This authentic Japanese dessert is now made from halal-certified ingredients, approved by JAKIM, and to be launched as the very first Halal-certified ice cream in Malaysia. Tailor-made to suit Malaysian tastebuds; the Azuki Bar is specially crafted using original Japanese recipes with carefully selected ingredients. It also has a long-lasting texture, allowing customers to enjoy the icy ice cream for a longer time.

How's your Chinese New Year spend? In Hometown or just based in Kuala Lumpur? I guess KL or PJ town will be quite empty and less busier than before. The jam on our way home to kampung is not easy and way super jam during all the festive season.

Although at first we heard about the weather will be cooling during this festive season but to be truth there is no such things!! The weather still as hot as usual, sometimes it just rains during evening time lol. Not worry as 'Sor-bet\ now is available in Kuala Lumpur as they first started at Penang.

Sorbet is a frozen dessert made from sweetened water with flavoring such as fruit juice or fruit puree. 'Sor-bet\ uses only the finest ingredient from the fruits to create this frozen treat. The bottle of the frozen ice cream is really full and enough for 1-2 serving. Since 'Sor-bet\ flavoring is from fruits therefore there are many Children and even Elderly love the sweetness and freshness of this frozen treat.

'Sor-bet\ comes in 2 main flavor and many fruits flavor.

Hi my lovely friend, today will blog about another Ice Cream post! If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I have previously blog about the famous Macaron Ice Cream in town. This time I will be blogging about Nitrogen Ice Cream in town. It was my first attempt of this experience with Nitrogen Ice Cream. 

320 Below is Singapore First Nitrogen Ice Cream in town. They have finally open their first branch store in Malaysia 1 Utama. 

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Today will be doing a short post about ICE CREAM!! I bet it was everyone favorite when it came to Ice Cream. Lately there was this Macaroon Ice Cream that everyone is craving for. It started with a FULL PINK Truck and they start selling Macaron Ice Cream. Negative Celcius start with this super cute and creative Macaron Ice Cream and its seem like it was a HIT till now. I can always see Instagram post with their lovely and cute Macaron Ice Cream when they buy from Negative Celsius.

Negative Celsius - The Most Special Ice Cream (choose to make a difference)