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Macaron Ice Cream @ Negative Celcius

Today will be doing a short post about ICE CREAM!! I bet it was everyone favorite when it came to Ice Cream. Lately there was this Macaroon Ice Cream that everyone is craving for. It started with a FULL PINK Truck and they start selling Macaron Ice Cream. Negative Celcius start with this super cute and creative Macaron Ice Cream and its seem like it was a HIT till now. I can always see Instagram post with their lovely and cute Macaron Ice Cream when they buy from Negative Celsius.

Negative Celsius - The Most Special Ice Cream (choose to make a difference)

Each Macaron Ice Cream RM9.90

Easy 3 Steps to create your own Macaron Ice Cream. 

1. Choose your Macaron. With total of 7 flavor color, from Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Grey, Green and Orange flavor color. How can you not falling in love with the color as it is so Pastel!!

2. Choose your Flavor. With total of 4 flavor, Strawberry, Chocolate, Green Tea and Vanilla Flavor. Green Tea is their best seller! Not forget Strawberry flavor always OUT OF STOCK after few hours.

3. Choose your Topping. With total 8 topping, Popcorn, Almonds, Chocolate, Marsh mallow, Oreo, Love Candy, Canival Mix and White Chocolate.

Self service spoon and Tissue.

My different expression posing with the Macaron Ice Cream.

Don't forget to visit them for their yummy Macaron Ice Cream. Pink Truck that is so eye catching, you will surely notice it!

My own Macaron Ice Cream. With Purple and Blue flavor color (My Favorite color) + Green Tea Flavor Ice cream and Marshmallow as the topping!

Yums! I love this Macaron Ice Cream. The Macaron is not too sweet since I am having Green Tea Flavor Ice Cream which is not too sweet as well. The taste blends it well and the Green Tea taste smooth and good too. Not many Ice Cream Stall that have sell Green Tea Flavor Ice Cream, which Negative Celsius have been selling this flavor.

Not forget although they have little corner selling their Macaron Ice Cream. The design wise is really so cute and pretty! If you are a girl who love pastel, you will easily fall in love with their design and their macarons!!

Their Ice Cream is limited as well as they always sell 300 Macaron Ice Cream per day. They always move around. When I bought this Ice Cream, they are currently at PV128. But they will always update their location on their Instagram, if you wanted to try their Macaron Ice Cream be sure to follow their Instagram to have new updates! As they will be in college or university too!


Be sure to be there early as their Ice Cream sold out real fast too!

Negative Celsius


  1. Hi Saron ^^
    waaa we can create our macararon?
    ahh I want macaraon Ice creammm >3<

  2. Macaron ice-cream? Looks yummy!

  3. I never eated macarons but this looks so yummy!

  4. Looks delicious thanks for sharing I am in love with your blog<3 Can we follow each other’s blog to support each other?:) please let me know if you are interested so I can follow your blog back:)


  5. First time heard about this macaroon ice cream. Gosh!!! look at that sweet pastel colors. It look so pretty to eat. Love to try this.

  6. wow looks yummy, its must try this macaroon ice cream. :D
    gonna tell my frens about this.

  7. It's very tempting.. I feels like trying it!~

  8. Need to chase after their latest location in their instagram. Thanks for sharing ya! Would like to try it if got fate with it, look so cute! :P

  9. Looks really sweet, macaroon itself already super sweet, but this is gonna be a hit with macaroon fans

  10. Your outfit is so adorbs! Also, those macarons look so yum! I love the idea of an ice cream filling! <3 Ice cream is always a good idea after all!

  11. The Macaroons look yummy! I would love to give this a try if they happen to be around PJ area hehe. Now KL & PJ is bustling with food trucks eh? Haha :)

  12. The Macaroons look yummy! I would love to give this a try if they happen to be around PJ area hehe. Now KL & PJ is bustling with food trucks eh? Haha :)

  13. I hope this taste as good as it looks! Great food innovation.

  14. Do you actually bite into it? Cos usually I lick ice-cream since it's so cold but now that it's sandwiched in a macaron I wouldn't really know how to eat it haha

  15. Oh My God! I love these babies!! We have them in Singapore as well and it's really popular all around now huh? Super sinful but super yummy!

  16. I am not a fan of macaroon... haha... BTW, I thought it is a shop? Never know it is actually a truck~ @@

  17. The truck is soo cute! And those macaroons too! >.<

  18. Yumyyyyy ><
    You are so cute <3

  19. wow! those are adorable! macaron ice cream in the US is not the creative and definitely not that cute. LOL

  20. pinky yet cutey :)

  21. OMG!!! It looks so delicious and pastel color some more <3

  22. loooooks temptingly delicious! THE COLOURS ARE SO CUTE!
    and to master the art of macaron making. cant wait to give it a try

    everything magical

  23. It looks so good! The colours are so pretty ;D
    I should try it when I come across someday


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